Two Sets of Trains Customized By American Customer

Two Sets of Trains Customized By American Customer
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Latest update: The two trackless trains recently ordered by our American customer have completed various stages, including exterior design, production, trial runs, and packaging. Currently, they have been shipped to the United States. We eagerly anticipate our customer receiving the trains and putting them into operation soon. We look forward to receiving operational feedback from the customer and wish them prosperity in their business. If you are interested in amusement trains, feel free to send us an inquiry. Our business manager will promptly get in touch with you.
Two sets of customized trackless train ride to the USA

Design for the Trackless Train

After receiving the inquiry from the customer, our business manager promptly contacted them to discuss their requirements. It was revealed that the customer is interested in purchasing 2 trackless trains for their amusement park. However, they wish to customize the appearance of the trains based on our existing models. In response to their specifications, we, Beston Rides, made several modifications to the current train configuration, including changes in colour and the addition of wheelchair-accessible pathways. Our design team, working collaboratively with the business manager, presented the customer with a perfect paint scheme solution.

Red and green trackless train design

purple and white trackless train design

Production Details of the Two Sets of Trackless Train

After finalizing the spray-painting scheme with the customer, we initiate the manufacturing process in accordance with the contract for the production of two customized trains. Ultimately, the coating and manufacturing processes for the two trains strictly adhere to the specified painting scheme, with meticulous attention to detail. We maintain strict control throughout the entire process. The customer is highly satisfied with the actual performance of the trackless train ride.

Production of trackless train for American customer

Trackless train ride production details

Trackless train production details for American customer

Test Running and Packing of the Train Ride

After the completion of train production, the equipment undergoes assembly and trial operation in the factory to ensure that customers receive the equipment with all accessories intact, without causing any disruption to their schedule. Then we will arrange the shipping process. Trackless train structures will be packed with bubble film and back cotton, and the fragile parts will be packed in bags or cartons. At the same time, we will prepare trackless train ride installation and operating instructions, and we will give away 3 Tires (1 front + 2 compartments), 30 replaceable LED lights, 1 rearview mirror, 4 connecting wires and 3 bottles of e-liquid. We will also provide more service for our customer.

Beston Rides – Trackless Train and Amusement Rides Manufacturer

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides not only sell amusement rides in the Philippines, we also have amusement park customers from all over the world. Our trackless trains and other amusement rides has been exported to more than 80 countries. If you want to buy trackless trains, other amusement rides or build a new park in the Philippines and other countries, welcome to contact Beston Rides!

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