Swing Tower Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Swing Tower Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Swing tower ride for sale in the Philippines is a new kind of swing ride for amusement parks and fairgrounds which is also known as the name, vertical swing and sky flyer ride. The vertical swing can attract more tourists of all ages and can bring your for-profit amusement parks great benefits. So swing tower ride is an amusement ride that every amusement park and theme park needs to install. If you have the idea, there are a variety of swing tower rides with different colors, sizes and shapes in Beston for you to choose.
Thrill swing tower rides for sale you can buy from Beston Rides

3 Types of Swing Tower Rides Available

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston Rides has 3 types of swing tower rides for sale now. But we continue to engage in ongoing research for producing new equipment, including customization according to the market demands in the Philippines. Our high-altitude flying amusement devices are customizable in terms of colors, themes, configurations, and more.

31.8m Swing Tower Ride

31.8 meters swing tower ride for sale in the Philippines
The 31.8-meter Swing Tower Ride stands tall with a running height of 17 meters. It is lower than other swing tower ride in our factory. With a capacity to accommodate 32 passengers, it operates on a voltage of 380V, boasting a power of 67 KW. Spanning an area of 22 square meters.

43.8m Swing Tower Ride

43 meters swing tower ride for sale in the Philippines
The 43.8-meter Swing Tower Ride commands attention with its impressive 29-meter running height. Designed to thrill, it can accommodate 32 passengers at a time. Operating on 380V, it harnesses 67 KW of power to deliver excitement. Spanning an area of 24 square meters.

55.8m Swing Tower Ride

55m swing tower ride for the Philippines market
Standing at an awe-inspiring height of 55.8 meters, the Swing Tower Ride offers an exhilarating experience with a towering running height of 36.8 meters. With a capacity for 36 passengers, it operates efficiently on 380V, powered by 82 KW. Spanning an area of 30 square meters.

Application of Swing Tower Rides In the Philippines

Swing Tower Rides have various applications in the Philippines, particularly in the amusement and entertainment industry. Also, swing Tower Rides can play a significant role in enhancing the entertainment and leisure options available in the Philippines, catering to both locals and tourists seeking thrilling experiences and memorable adventures. Here are some potential applications:

Amusement Park in the Philippines
Amusement Park
Theme Park in the Philippines
Theme Park
Carnivals in the Philippines
Scenic Spot in the Philippines
Scenic Spot
City Park In the Philippines
City Park
Kiddie Park In the Philippines
Kiddie Park

Video Dispaly of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Welcome to experience the exhilarating thrills of Beston Swing Tower Rides in the Philippines! Our video display showcases the dynamic motion and excitement of these towering attractions. Witness the breathtaking views from atop as riders soar to new heights. Feel the rush of adrenaline as the swings reach full momentum. With state-of-the-art design and safety features, Beston Swing Tower Rides offer an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers of all ages. Now let’s see working videos of our swing tower ride.

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Manufacturing Process of Beston Swing Tower Rides for the Philippines

Material Selection

Material selection for swing tower ride for the Philippines park

The steel materials are sourced from first-tier suppliers, meeting national standards. They possess excellent welding properties, good plasticity, and formability, ensuring long-lasting safety and guaranteeing the quality of the equipment.


Manufacturing details of swing tower ride for the Philippines

Produced by a leading manufacturer with years of experience in manufacturing this equipment, with over 90 cases both domestically and internationally. The wealth of experience ensures quality and timely delivery.


Painting process of swing tower ride
After 4-5 layers of fine paint spraying, the surface is smooth and glossy. Fading is slow, with the paint effect guaranteed to last at least 8 years, ensuring the equipment remains aesthetically pleasing.


Running test of swing tower ride
After production of the swing tower amusement ride, the equipment undergoes trial operation, including no-load, partial load, and full-load tests, to ensure it is ready for operation.


Swing tower ride packing and shipping to the Philippines
Standard export packaging ensures the safety of the equipment, minimizing unnecessary wear and tear during transportation, and ensuring the equipment reaches the customer intact.

Successful Installation

Successful installation of swing tower ride in the Philippines
After successful installation, customers provided feedback, indicating smooth operation of the equipment with captivating lighting, remaining vibrant even at night, attracting crowds.

Price of Swing Tower Rides for the Philippines Market

The price of swing tower rides for the Philippines market can vary depending on several factors such as size, capacity, manufacturer, features, and additional customization. Generally, swing tower rides can range from $100,000 to $500,000 or more. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, Welcome to contact Beston Rides to get specific pricing tailored to your requirements and current market conditions.

Profit Analysis of Swing Tower Rides

(For reference only, specific analysis based on local conditions.)
Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent1400$/month
Cost of the Ride390000$
Site Area710
Maximum Capacity36Operating cost2800$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow1500p/dayStaff salary1200$/month
Ticket Price(4$)
5 days on weekdays300 people × 4$ × 5 days = 6000$
Weekend 2days500 people x 4$ x 2 days = 4000$
Weekly profit6,000$+4,000$=10,000$
Monthly net profit10000$×4 weeks-1400$-2800$-1200$=34600$/month
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 9 months of the year)34,600$×9month=311,400$

Top 6 Features of Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Attractive appearance

We have designed and manufactured many different kinds of vertical swingsfor customers to choose. Each ride is very beautiful and can be a attractive scenery.

Bright colors

Color is an important part of amusement rides. Bright colors are more attractive to tourists. In addition, the color can be customized depends on your preferences.

Excellent materials

We use commercial grade production materials,such asstrong steels and fiberglass reinforced plastics to ensure the high quality of our amusement rides.

Colorful LED lights

The colorful lights brighten your fairgrounds and amusement parks at night and makes it more beautiful than the day.

High capacity

The swing tower ride for sale can accommodate 30-60 passengers at a time, it is a large capacity amusement ride.


We also accept customized order about swing tower ride on color, theme, led lights, etc, according to your requirement.

Swing Tower Ride Manufacturer In the Philippines

All of our amusement rides have been inspected many times, and they are absolutely meet the safety standards before leaving the factory. The swing tower ride for sale in Beston is of high quality, attractive appearance, bright color and reasonable price and has been exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Korean, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil, Vienna, Spanish, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa and many other countries around the world. All our clients have a high opinion of our amusement rides. So if you want to install a swing tower ride to attract more tourists, please feel free to contact us for more details.


How Does Swing Tower Ride Work?

It has a lot common to the swing chair ride, but it is more interesting and attractive than the flying swing ride. Its biggest feature is that it is the combination of swing ride and drop tower ride which has the main functions of the two rides, so the swing tower ride is more thrilling. Then maybe most people will attribute it as a kind of thrill ride, of course it is, but it is also suitable for parents to take their children to take the ride, because the chair is double.  The swing tower ride is mainly consisted of a center tower, a disk around the central tower and a ring of chairs suspended from the rotating disk. These three parts cooperate with each other under the action of control system and give passengers an unforgettable experience.

When passengers are seated in the chairs and fasten seats belts and other kinds of seat safety protection. Then the operator starts the device with the running program scheduled. The circular disk spins up around the large pillar with the chairs suspended from the gondola, rotates itself around the central axis. In this process, the seats spins more slowly until the disk reach to the top of the tower, it will be suspended for a while and the chairs start to rotate at a higher speed. Then it starts to spin down until the chairs reach to the bottom of the tower. Under the action of high linear speed and centrifugal force, passengers can experience a variety of amusement experiences, such as rotating on the horizontal plane, spiraling upward and downward, which can make riders fell more thrilling and exciting.

The Composition of Swing Tower Ride for Philippines

The ride adopts a segmented structure considering transportation, installation and other aspects. Sky flyer ride consists of infrastructure, central pillar, lifting power system, suspension, rotary system, transmission system, electric control system. All these parts ensure the normal operation of the whole equipment. The infrastructure is the horizontal load bearing part of the ride, with the bottom column flange fixed to the foundation embedded parts. The pillar is divided into upper and lower pillar with the lower pillar fixed with anchor bolt by flange plate and upper pillar fixed with guide pulley component and top decoration component and also acts as lightning rod.

The lifting power system consists of hydraulic station, jacking, up and down pulley block, guide column, traction wire rope, weight distribution mechanism and other parts. The suspension and rotary system is consisted of a double seat, a hanging chain and an auxiliary suspension, its function is to drive the rotary support through the reducer and then drive the turntable, truss and seats rotating. The drive system consists of decelerating motor, transmission gear, rotary support which can drive the disk raising. Electrical control system is the control hub of all parts of machinery, which can control the operation and stop of the whole device.

3 Reasons to Choose Beston Rides

There are many things that we need to take into consideration when choose a swing tower ride for sale, such as, quality, safety, price, appearance, warranty period, height, service, installation and some other factors. That’s why we always shop around. What I can tell you is that as a professional amusement equipment manufacturer with many years of production experience, Beston is your reliable cooperation partner.

First, we have the most advanced production technology and equipment which can ensure the accuracy of all parts of our rides and improve our production efficiency.
Second, our designers keep learning, injecting fresh designs to our equipment and innovating in appearance and structure. So you can find many different styles of the same type of rides in Beston and customers can choose the shape they like.
Third, our production workers are all experienced. They are all professionally trained and have been doing this job for many years.

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