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Category: Cases

Zoo Park Solution for Indonesia Client
Image 2024-05-27 Cases philippineride

Good news! The zoo park project for Indonesia client has been finished. We offer a one-stop solution for our client from Indonesia. We provide 5 amusement rides for the whole project including carousel ride, tea cup ride, chicken coaster ride, VR rides, etc. Want to get more about this project or want to start business

Successful Installation of 1850㎡ Indoor Playground In Indonesia
Image 2024-05-13 Cases philippineride

Recent news! After over a month of installation, another 1850 square meters indoor playground project in Indonesia has been completed. It is located in the city of Cilegon in Indonesia. The overall result closely matches our design renderings, and the client is highly satisfied with the final outcome. Want to get more about this project

500 Square Meter Indoor Playground In Malaysia
Image 2024-04-09 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Congratulations! The indoor playground project in Malaysia has been officially open for some time now and has been well received locally. The project is located within a shopping mall in the city of Teluk Intan, Malaysia. Below is a feedback video showcasing the grand opening details indoor playground project. Want to get more about Beston

“Kids Ocean” Indoor Playground Project In Malaysia
Image 2024-03-06 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Good news! Another indoor playground project, called”Kids Ocean”, has been finished and opened in Malaysia. It is an ocean theme kids indoor playground that covers an area of 170 square meters and located one of the shopping mall in Brinchang, Malaysia. Once opened for business, Kids ocean has attracted lots of kids around the mall.

40 Seats Tourist Train Shipped to America
Image 2024-02-06 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Great news! The 40 seats trackless tourist train that customized by our Beston Rides for our U.S. client have been in operation for some time now, and the customer is highly satisfied with the quality and appearance of our trackless trains. On July 29, 2022, we received an inquiry from the customer, who runs a

1320㎡ Indoor Playground Installation Details in Saudi Arabia
Image 2024-01-05 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

“Great News! The indoor playground project located at Central Park Hotel in Bisha Shopping Center, Saudi Arabia, is now open for business. This indoor project is part of a larger shopping center development aimed at attracting more foot traffic and boosting the hotel’s customer business. The investment in the indoor playground equipment provides children with

Two Sets of Trains Customized By American Customer
Image 2023-12-09 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Latest update: The two trackless trains recently ordered by our American customer have completed various stages, including exterior design, production, trial runs, and packaging. Currently, they have been shipped to the United States. We eagerly anticipate our customer receiving the trains and putting them into operation soon. We look forward to receiving operational feedback from

Service Process of Chilean Outdoor Park Project
Image 2023-11-18 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Congratulations on the successful opening of the comprehensive outdoor project in Chile! Wishing the client a prosperous business. From receiving the customer’s inquiry in March of this year to the successful installation and operation of the equipment in September, the entire process lasted for six months. The project proceeded smoothly, and the client is highly

Successful Completion of Russia Leisure Park Project
Image 2023-11-11 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Congratulations! The Tambov Outdoor Park project in Russia has been successfully installed and is now in operation, receiving warm acclaim from the local community. Located in Tambov, Russia, the project, from the initial customer inquiry to official operation, took approximately 1 year and 4 months. The primary aim of this project is to provide a

Indoor Playground Project In Qatar Airport
Image 2023-10-10 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

This is a Qatar customer’s investment in indoor amusement equipment at two airports in Qatar, primarily to welcome the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar. The entire project mainly includes two sets of indoor soft-play amusement equipment and interactive projection. Installed at both the new and old airports in Qatar, the project has been