Trackless Train for Sale In the Philippines

Trackless Train for Sale In the Philippines

Trackless train for sale In Philippines with different shapes in Beston is suitable for people of all ages and can be used in many places, such as, amusement parks, shopping malls, tourist attractions, communities, schools, carnivals and even the backyard. As the name implies, the trackless train is one that can travel on a road without track, so it can also be called road train. Welcome to buy your new trackless train rides from Beston Amusement for the Philippines!

Trackless Train for Sale
BHJ-GHC06 Trackless Train

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Beston Trackless Train for Philippines
BHJ-GHC02 Beston Trackless Train

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New Trackless Train
BHJ-GHC05 New Trackless Train

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 Kids Trackless Train for Sale
BHJ-GHC04 Kids Trackless Train

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Kids Trackless Train Rides
BNTT-01 Kids Trackless Train

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Clown Trackless Train for Sale In Philippines
BNTT-02 Clown Trackless Train

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Mall Use Trackless Train for Philippines

The mall train is designed specially for the site of shopping malls. For that, shopping malls are usually crowed, but roads are narrow, the traditional trackless trains may have been limited. Therefore, the length, width and height of this mall trackless train are reduced, which makes it more flexible and convenient to travel in the mall. The train is now a beautiful sight in the malls and is very popular by many tourists, especially by kids. When people are tired from walking, it can give them a short rest and take you to your destination more quickly. In addition, its lovely appearance is also a beautiful scene in the shopping malls that always attract the attention of people around. Children always stop moving and want to ride on it when they see the novel electric mall train ride.

Large Trackless Train for Sale In Philippines
BNTT-03 Large Trackless Train

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Large Sized Trackless Train for Sale In Philippines
BNTT-04 Large Sized Trackless Train

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Tourist Train Rides for Philippines

Tourist train ride, also known as the name, sightseeing train is usually used as a means of manned transportation in tourist attractions and parks which is becoming more and more popular. We also know that travelling is a pleasant but tiring thing, especially visit some places with large areas. At this time, tourists will be eager to have the means of transportation to show them around. Compared with other types of transportation, the tourist train rides are more convenient to reach various places of the scenic spots. Size, color, shape and number of train cars can all be customized in Beston.

Kiddie Trackless Train for Sale In Philippines
BNTT-05 Kiddie Trackless Train

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Beston Trackless Train for Philippines
BNTT-06 Beston Trackless Train

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The Features of Tourist Train Rides for Sale

  • It can not only be used as a transportation to pick up tourists, but also become a tourist attraction with its unique shape.
  • The sightseeing train can integrate many scenic spots in the scenic area, especially for large scale spots. It can be said that the tourist train rides are an effective tool to improve the accessibility of all scenic spots.
  • The tourism landscape design along the trackless train is usually rich and varied, which can bring better sightseeing experience for tourists.
  • The tourist train rides can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation, effectively organize the transportation system of the tourist attractions and realize the seamless connection between the scenic spots.
Large Trackless Train for Philippines
BNTT-07 Large Trackless Train

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New Design Trackless Train for Philippines
BNTT-08 New Design Trackless Train

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Electric Trackless Train from Philippines

Electric trackless train are now the most popular type of trackless train for sale in themes parks, it is different from track trains. Tourist attractions and shopping malls which is safe, fun, environment-friendly, resource-saving and easy to operate. The speed of electric trackless train is low and is kept within safe limits, which is suitable for the features of parking at any time and large passenger flow in amusement parks. When it runs, it won’t make any noise and emit any exhaust that is beneficial to environmental protection. It’s very economical that can save costs. The size of the battery can be determined according to your needs, of course, it also should meet the overall standard of the electric trackless train. The things should be noted is that, like battery cars, the larger the battery capacity, the farther it can run.

 New Trackless Train for Philippines
BNTT-09 New Trackless Train

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Vintage Trackless Train for Sale In Philippines
BNTT-10 Vintage Trackless Train

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Parts Detail for Beston Trackless Trains

  • There are two kinds of trackless train for sale in Beston according to the material of the train body. One is made of wooden, and the other is made of steel frame and fiberglass shell. Both the two kinds are good quality.
  • Seats. The branding seat is also known as the air suspension seat, which can adjust the appropriate and bring passengers a very comfortable ride experience.
  • Meter. It can display battery power steering, steering display, speed and kilometer.
  • The rearview mirror can manual adjustment depends on the needs of drivers.
  • Lightning and signal lamp. The whole trains are decorated with LED colorful light which make it more beautiful at night. The LED lightning lamp and turn light conforms to international standard.
  • Siren warning device can give drivers warning timely when the vehicle power is insufficient or there is something wrong with the ride.
  • Sound box. Each trackless train for sale in Beston is equipped with car audio that can plug cards, USB, and each train car has speakers to make every passenger hear clearly.
  • Switches. There are all kinds of switches on the train, such as, start switch, various light switch, all the switches can be controlled easily.
  • Shifter to go forward, go back and stop.
  • The fully automatic intelligent charger that the power can be cut off automatically when it is full of electricity.
  • The intelligent electric control system of new energy automobile makes the train start smoothly without impact.
  • The advanced pressure button towing to connect each train that is easy to install and looks beautiful.
  • The senior disc brake to keep the trackless train for sale much safer.
  • Vehicle recorder and liquid crystal display can be customized if customers need.

Advantages of Beston Trackless Train Ride for Sale

1. Various trackless trains for sale with different shapes for you to choose. We can also accept your customization in size, color, appearance depends on your details requirements.
2. Advanced technology and high quality meets international safety, environmental protection and quality standards.
3. Competitive price. We sell our rides directly, with no third party to raise the price in the middle.
4. Our trackless trains have been exported to many countries around the world and have been highly praised by our clients.
5. The most suitable mode of transportation are chosen according to your area.
6. Stand exporting packages. Different rides in different containers can protect the equipment from damage.
7. Timely response. 24 hours phone and mail services.

Why Trackless Train is Necessary for Your Project?

A trackless train can be a valuable addition to many types of amusement projects for several reasons:

Flexibility: A trackless train is a versatile mode of transportation that can operate on any flat surface. It can be used for a wide range of projects, including transporting people around a park or campus, providing sightseeing tours, or serving as a mobile advertising platform.

Accessibility: Trackless trains are designed to be accessible to all, including the elderly and those with disabilities. They are equipped with low step heights, handrails, and wheelchair ramps, making them a convenient and inclusive transportation option.

Increased Capacity: Trackless trains can transport many people at once, allowing you to move large groups of people efficiently and effectively. This can be especially useful for events or projects that require the movement of many people.

Attractiveness: A trackless train can add a unique and eye-catching element to your project, attracting attention and generating interest. This can be especially useful for marketing and promotional activities.

Safety: Trackless trains are designed with safety in mind, with features such as automatic brakes, emergency stop buttons, and speed governors. This makes them a safe transportation option for passengers and operators alike.

Professional Trackless Train Rides Manufacturer In the Philippines

As a characteristic transportation tool of scenic area, shopping malls and theme parks, the tourist trackless train rides is an important attractive ride while carrying the function of passenger transportation which can bring great convenience to tourists. Different places have different requirements for trackless trains, so Beston Amusement has manufactured many kinds of train rides which also including track train rides with different sizes and beautiful appearance. No matter what you need for the trackless train rides, please feel free to contact us to choose the one you like or customize the suitable one right now. Beston trackless trains has been delivered to the Philippines for many times.

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