How to Install Carousel Rides In the Philippines

How to Install Carousel Rides In the Philippines
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Carousel rides are a popular attraction in amusement parks and shopping malls in the Philippines. If you’re planning to install different types of carousel rides, it’s essential to pay attention to some crucial details. Beston Group has provided some instructions to help you with the installation process.

How to Install Large Carousel

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How to Install Carousel Ride

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First, it’s necessary to understand the structure of a simple horse ride equipment. The ride mainly consists of a track, drive, chassis, horse, center pillar, umbrella stand, and umbrella cloth.

The track has six parts, and the manufacturer marks the top and end of each track with a label to facilitate installation. By connecting the labels, you can put the track into a circular shape, fix it with screws, nuts, and spring pads. There are 12 screw positions on the track, and tightening and fixing the screws completes the track installation.
Next, you’ll need to install the big disk and the drive. The big disk is made up of eight fan-shaped plates, each labeled for easy assembly. Fix the eight big disks with screws and place the driving part into the middle of the track and the big disk. Then, insert the iron shaft on which the horse is placed into the round opening reserved on the big disk. After this step, you can install the center pillar and the carousel of the simple merry-go-round.

Installing the carousel FRP sculpture is easier. Place the horse heads of the 16 carousels in a clockwise direction, located the round tube under the carousel into the iron shaft that is driven, and then fix them with screws. The middle post is better installed, placed in the center of the big plate, and the screw eyes are aligned before fixing the screws.
Lastly, install the umbrella stand and umbrella cloth. The umbrella stand has eight groups, and you can quickly complete the installation by aligning the center column screw eyes. Remember to
fix the pull rod with screws and support it. Cover the umbrella cloth from top to bottom and tie it to the umbrella stand.

The final step is to switch on the power between the control cabinet and the carousel.

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