Grand Carousel for Sale In the Philippines

Grand Carousel for Sale In the Philippines

Looking for new grand carousel for sale for your business in the Philippines? The grand carousel rides, luxuriously decorated carousel which embodying a decorative style that pursues childishness, dreaminess and innocence. Its ceiling, inner and outer panels are inlaid with colorful reliefs, and equipped with multicolored lanterns, the shape is spectacular and gorgeous. We have grand carousel for sale with different specifications and themes, medium grand carousels with 16 to 36 seats and double-decker carousels with 36, 48 horses and 68 seaters. Which types of grand carousel rides are you going to buy? Contact us for price list now!

Grand carousel ride for the Philippines
Grand double-decker carousel ride for sale in the Philippines

Different Types of Grand Carousel for the Philippines

Being a grand carousel rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has the ability to produce and design different types of carousel rides with grand size. Grand carousel rides in our factory can be divided into single decked carousel ride and double-decker carousel ride, top-drive grand carousel and under-drive grand carousel rides, ocean theme carousel and European style carousel ride. We also accept customized order about our carousel rides. Here are some of our existing carousels:

Single Decker Carousel and Double Decker Carousel

Single Decker Carousel Ride

Single decker carousel ride
The single-decker carousel, also known as a traditional carousel or merry-go-round, consists of a rotating platform with a circular arrangement of stationary seats. The platform typically moves in a clockwise direction, driven by a motor or manual operation. The seats are often shaped like horses or other animals and are fixed at the same level on the platform. Riders can enjoy a gentle spinning motion as the carousel rotates.

Double Decker Carousel Ride

Two layer carousel ride with grand size
The double-decker carousel, features two layers or decks of rotating seats. This type of carousel offers an additional level of excitement and increased capacity for riders. The lower deck is similar to a single-decker carousel, with stationary seats arranged in a circle. The upper deck is positioned above the lower deck and rotates independently, typically in the opposite direction. The upper deck may have different seating options, such as chariots or different animal designs.

Upper-drive and Under-drive Carousel

Upper-drive Carousel Ride

Upper-drive carousel ride
In terms of the structure of the grand carousel, as the name suggests, the grand type carousel is a transmission type. Its transmission position is located on the top of the equipment. The gear transmission is adopted. The rotation of multiple gears drives the lower Trojan to rotate up and down. The advantage is that tourists will ride very comfortable on the carousel, as if they are floating in the air, flying up and down.

Under-drive Carousel Ride

Under-drive grand carousel ride
For under drive carousel, they are driven by tire. The transmission position is at the bottom of the equipment. There is a track for the device to rotate on the ground, and the driving tires rotate on the top to drive the rotating float of the grand carousel. The price of under drive grand carousel rides are much lower than the upper drive carousel ride. But the driving experience of the upper drive carousel ride are more interesting.

Ocean Theme and European Style Carousel Ride

European Style Carousel Ride

Grand European Style Carousel
A European-style carousel ride typically refers to a specific design and aesthetic that is commonly found in European countries. These carousels are known for their ornate and detailed craftsmanship, often featuring intricate wood carvings, hand-painted panels, and elaborate decorations. It is popular used in the amusement parks and funfairs.

Grand Ocean Carousel

Grand ocean theme carousel ride
For ocean carousel, we mainly produce 24 seat carousels and 48 seater double-decker carousel rides. The 24-seat ocean carousel is a new type of amusement equipment that is produced and designed by the Beston Rides. The carousel is composed of 24 various marine animals, such as seals, seahorses, ponies, dolphins.

Working Videos of Grand Carousel Rides In the Philippines

Successful Case In the World

Our carousel rides have been exported to different countries in the world, except the Philippines, we had also exported to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Botswana, Australia, etc. Some of them are used in the amusement park, carnival, theme park, while others are used in the shopping centers, squares, etc. Let’s see more:

68 Seater Carousel In Russia

Double decker carousel ride in Russia
2022,10, the customized double-decker carousel ride with 68 seaters has been exported to Russia.

24-seat Carousel-Philippines

24 seater grand carousel ride in the Philippines
2022,06, the 24 seater carousel ride has been installed in the Philippines outdoor amusement park.

Carousel for the Nigeria Park

Carousel ride in Nigeria park project
It is a 16 seater carousel ride that is installed in the Nigeria amusement park. We conduct the whole park project.

Features of Beston Grand Carousel Rides

The horses and decoration of carousel are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, and can be customized according to the site.

Specifications of Beston grand carousel rides mainly include the 16 seater, 24 seaters, 36 seaters, 48 seaters, 60 seaters and 68 seaters grand carousel rides, We also accept customized order on the numbers of horses for the carousel ride.

Because of its wide audience, safe operation, long life-span, and no season restrictions, it has been ho-sale for many years. Whether it is mobile or stationary, indoor or outdoor, you can see a luxurious carousel there.


Although the grand carousel is famous for its gorgeous appearance. It is also mainly attracted by its beautiful appearance. However, the sturdy main structure and good performance motor are the basic quality guarantee.

Our grand-shape carousel rides can be rotated around the vertical main axis, and it can also be used for ups and downs. New all-gear drive, safe frequency conversion start, novel design, unique mechanism and beautiful appearance.

After the carousel was started, when passengers were sitting in a luxury turnaround, colorful diamond lights shone and gold and silver glowed to each other. Horses and thrones of various colors ran in a race, like a warm scene of galloping horses.

Manufacturing Process of Beston Grand Carousel Rides

Our carousel ride is crafted with the finest quality fiberglass materials, and we meticulously oversee every detail during the manufacturing process to ensure the highest standards of quality.

FRP for Double Decker Carousel Ride
Rust removal process for double decker carousel ride
Rust Removal Process
Wooden Chassis for Carousel Ride
Wooden Chassis
Exquisite spray paint - ocean theme carousel ride
Exquisite Spray Paint
Lifelike fiberglass horse for double decker carousel ride
Fiberglass horse
High-end atmospheric stairs

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Grand Carousel Ride

The cost of buying a grand carousel ride can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size, design, quality, features, and the manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, transportation, installation, and any additional customization or special requirements can also affect the overall cost. Usually, the price range for a new grand carousel ride in the Philippines can start from tens of thousands of dollars and go up to several hundred thousand dollars or more. For detailed price of these grand carousel rides, welcome to consult with Beston Rides, tell us your requirement, we will send price quotation soon.

Profit Analysis of 24 Seats Grand Carousel Rides

Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent1000$/month
Cost of the Ride55000$Site Area81
Maximum Capacity24pOperating cost50$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow225p/dayStaff salary300$/month
Ticket Price2$
10:00 am - 6:00 pm5 days on weekdays150 people × 2$ × 5 days = 1500$
Weekend 2days300 people x 2$ x 2 days = 1200$
Weekly profit1500$+1200$=2700$
Monthly profit2700$*4-300$-50$-1000$=9450$
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 8 months of the year)9450$*8=75600$

Beston Grand Carousels for the Philippines

There are many shapes of horses and carriages on the turntable. These amusements equipment is actually an entertainment item selected by a wide range of amusement parks, playgrounds, cultural palaces and other entertainment venues. You can also customize according to your requirement and usage. Henan Beston Rides has specialized in designing and producing luxury and grand carousels for 20 years. The upper-drive grand carousel has a high-end atmosphere and low maintenance rate. Beston’s carousel rides and other amusement park rides has been exported to the Philippines and many other countries. Want to buy these carousel rides and other rides for your amusement parks and funfairs? Welcome new and old customers to Beston factory.

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