40 Seats Tourist Train Shipped to America

40 Seats Tourist Train Shipped to America
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Great news! The 40 seats trackless tourist train that customized by our Beston Rides for our U.S. client have been in operation for some time now, and the customer is highly satisfied with the quality and appearance of our trackless trains. On July 29, 2022, we received an inquiry from the customer, who runs a resort, seeking information about our trains. The primary purpose of this train is to transport passengers and provide them with views of the resort’s scenic beauty. The equipment was completed and shipped in December 2022, and in May of this year, the customer’s train commenced operations. Let’s delve into the entire order process together.

Customer Order Confirmation

Upon receiving the customer’s inquiry, our business manager promptly contacted the customer and learned that they operate a desert resort in the United States. The customer expressed interest in adding a train to the resort as one of the leisure activities. This train would not only provide convenient transportation for guests to enjoy the scenic views of the resort but also contribute to revenue generation. After thorough communication, we finalized the order for a trackless train with 40 seats. However, there were modifications to the exterior design and specifications of our existing trains. These modifications include the addition of a wheelchair-accessible pathway, specific slope requirements, effective payload capacity, battery runtime, and other features. The order was officially confirmed in August.

Trackless train in the resort

Beston trackless train design

Production and Delivery of Trackless Train Order

Once the customer confirmed the final exterior design, we scheduled the factory to commence equipment production. The 40-seat trackless train was successfully manufactured in October 2022. Following coordination with the customer to determine the shipping schedule as per the contract requirements, the train was dispatched to the United States in December. The customer promptly received the goods.

production of 40 seats trackless train ride

Trackless train is producing

Shipping details of trackless train to the USA

Customer Feedback from the USA

Due to the project’s circumstances, the train was officially put into operation and began accepting passengers in May of this year. After a period of operation, our customer service department has gathered feedback from customers, and we are pleased to report that customers are highly satisfied with the design and quality of our products.
Tourist train open for business

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