Service Process of Chilean Outdoor Park Project

Service Process of Chilean Outdoor Park Project
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Congratulations on the successful opening of the comprehensive outdoor project in Chile! Wishing the client a prosperous business. From receiving the customer’s inquiry in March of this year to the successful installation and operation of the equipment in September, the entire process lasted for six months. The project proceeded smoothly, and the client is highly satisfied with both our services and products. We are committed to providing ongoing support for the operational aspects of the project and look forward to future collaboration. Now, let’s have a look at the service process of the entire project together.

Chile Park Project Schedule

March 2023 Received customer inquiry
End of March 2023 Advance payment received
May 2023 Complete production and arrange shipment
September 2023 Complete equipment installation and open the park

The above table clearly illustrates the timeline of the entire project. Due to the tight schedule of the client’s project, we rigorously managed each step to ensure that the client’s timelines were not compromised. Now, let’s have a closer look at the specific details of the project:

Customer Requirements and Project Details

In March 2023, we received an inquiry from a client in Chile who was interested in obtaining a price list for outdoor park equipment. Our project manager promptly reached out to the customer to gather details about their project. The client’s entire site spans 6,000 square meters, with a desire to allocate the remaining 3,000 square meters for amusement equipment. Once our team had a comprehensive understanding of the specific requirements, we initiated the process of tailoring a competitive equipment procurement proposal for the client, taking into account an analysis of local competitors.

Received the inquiry from Chile

Communication with the customer

Project Confirmed and Equipment Production

At the end of March 2023, after communication with the client, both parties signed a procurement contract. Upon receipt of the customer’s advance payment, we promptly arranged for the factory to initiate equipment production. After a period of over a month, by May 2023, all amusement equipment was successfully produced, and shipping arrangements commenced.

Materials for amusement park rides in Chile

Carousel rides production for Chile

Amusement rides production for Chile outdoor park project

Shipping and Installation

After the completion of all equipment production, we initiated the packaging process. Following the agreed-upon schedule in the contract, we arranged for the shipment of the equipment. Upon the safe arrival of the equipment at the customer’s site, we promptly provided installation services to ensure the smooth setup of all project equipment.

Amusement rides shipping to Chile

Amusement rides installation in Chile outdoor park

Successful Installation and Project Operation

Until September, all devices were installed, and multiple operational tests were completed to meet the conditions for official operation. On the opening day of the customer’s project, it attracted numerous visitors, making a significant impact on the local community. Local residents especially enjoyed the amusement devices, and the customer provided positive feedback on our equipment and services. Below are some photos showcasing the operation of the devices.

Customer feedback from Chile outdoor park

Customer feedback from Chile park project

Customer feedback from Chile park

Customer feedback from Chile

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As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we also have our own project design team to provide customers with one-stop project design and planning services. Beston Rides have offices and even showrooms in the Philippines and six other countries worldwide. Our indoor and outdoor amusement park projects are currently spread across more than 80 countries, excluding the Philippines. If you are interested in investing in amusement projects, feel free to contact Beston Rides.

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