Roller Coaster for Sale In the Philippines

Roller Coaster for Sale In the Philippines

Roller coaster is a kind of very common amusement parks in theme parks and entertainment parks. Because of its level of stimulation, it is usually classified as thrill rides. Although the roller coaster ride is very exciting and scary to drive, its safety is very high at the same time and is loved by a lot of young tourists. If you are planning to build a fairground and are looking for the suitable roller coaster manufacturer, Beston can supply different kinds of roller coasters with high quality and cheap price. Then you can wait for it to make more money for your for-profit amusement park.

Four Loop Roller Coaster
BNF-03 Four Loop Roller Coaster

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Four Loop Roller Coaster Rides
BNF-03 Four Loop Roller Coaster Rides

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Roller Coaster for Philippines

A roller coaster is actually a kind of motor amusement park thrill ride which contains the basic structures such as climbing, slipping and reversing. Its track design isn’t necessarily a complete loop, it can also be designed to move the trains back and forth on the track. Each carriage of a roller coaster is connected to each other by hooks, just like a train. Then the connected carriages are driven along the wind track by the force of gravity and inertia. The steel dragon 2000 roller coaster in Long Island, Japan is the longest roller coaster among the steel roller coasters which is 2497 meters in length and give you an unforgettable experience.

Spinning Roller Coaster
BNF-01 Spinning Roller Coaster

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Cobra Roller Coaster
BNC-05 Cobra Roller Coaster

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Different Types of Roller Coasters for Philippines Park

  • Suspended Roller Coaster for Sale

Suspended roller coaster is one of the most thrill kind of roller coaster for sale in Beston, the carriage of which hangs from the bottom of the track by a hing assembly or a pivoting fulcrum. The most exciting is that the riders will swing from side to side with the train while the roller coaster carriages go along the track. Since the suspended roller coaster was designed in mid 1910s, the structure and technology have been improved and applied continuously , and now it has becomes a symbol ride of many amusement parks.

Suspended Roller Coaster for Philippines
BPZ-GSCX Suspended Roller Coaster

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Suspended Roller Coaster from Beston
BPZ-GSCX Suspended Roller Coaster

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  • Vertical Roller Coaster for Sale

The vertical roller coaster can give you a nearly 90-degree vertical dive and surfing experience which will be a memory you will never forget. The design inspiration and concept of vertical roller coaster come from the initial fling dream of human, it simulates various flying skills of the eagles. It will take you on an altitude of 80 meters high sky, when you are still marveling at the spectacular view from the high air, you will suddenly fall vertically in an instant. The speed is also very high, but it can absolutely guarantee the safety of passengers.

Three Loop Roller Coaster
BNTT-06 Three Loop Roller Coaster

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Suspended Roller Coaster
BNS-04 Suspended Roller Coaster

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  • Roller Coaster Loop

The loops of roller coaster are its most exciting place, the more rings it have, the more exciting it is. When the roller coaster pass the ring, passengers on it will go through a roll. The number of loops is also the important consideration when building a roller coaster. The small roller coaster with 3 rings consists of a 360-degree vertical loop and two 360-degree spiral loops are very common in amusement parks. Then some large and more thrilling roller coasters need more rings which can make passengers crazy.

  • Small Roller Coaster for Sale

Small roller coaster for sale in Beston is specially designed to meet the needs of children which usually has a unique shape and attractive carriage. Because some children need parents to accompany them when they take the ride, it is also suitable for adults. Compared with the thrill amusement park roller coaster, the small roller coaster doesn’t have so many twisters and turns, they are also low in the height and always run smoothly. It’s very safe for children to enjoy themselves on it. With its small size, it can be placed both in the theme parks and the backyard. So sometimes we call it backyard roller coaster. Please let us know the size of the venue you choose before ordering, then we can customize the most suitable small roller coaster for you.

New Roller Coaster
BNTM-02 New Roller Coaster

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Magic-ring Roller Coaster Ride
BNTM-02 Magic-ring Roller Coaster

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How Do Roller Coaster Work?

There are many physics principles involved in the motion of the roller coaster which can make you understand the forces on a roller coaster. At the beginning of the operation, the train on the track climb to the highest point with the help of a catapult or chain. But after the first descent, there is no any device powered it. In fact, from that moment, the only engine that drive it along the track is the gravitational potential energy. It is a constant conversion process of potentiaal energy to kinetic energy, and the kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy. However, in the process of energy conversion, the friction between the wheels of roller coaster and track produces heat which results in a small loss of mechanical energy. That’s why the subsequent hills in the design are slightly lower than the original hills.

The vertical ring of roller coaster for sale is a kind of centrifuge device, when the train approaching loopback, the inertia speed of passengers straight to the front but the train has been marching along the track that passengers’ body can’t move in a straight line. Thus, the gravity pushes the riders away from the floor and the inertia pushes them in the direction of the floor. The outward inertia passengers own creates inertia which allows them to stay firmly at the bottom of the carriages even when they facing down. Of course, riders need some kinds of safe guard to keep them absolutely safe, but in most loops, no matter there is no safety guard, passengers will stay in the train.

As the train moves along the loop, the forces acting on the passengers are constantly changing. At the bottom of the loop, the supporting force of the track on the tourists is greater than that of the gravity because of the acceleration is upward. At this point, passengers can feel the phenomenon of overweight which means they will feel particularly heavy. As the roller coaster go up the loops, gravity pushes passengers toward the floor, so the passengers will feel the force of gravity pushes them toward the seats.

At the top of the loop, passengers are completely reversed, the gravity pointing to the ground and the force of the track’s downward support felt like pulling riders out of the seats, but the supporting force and the balance between gravity and centrifugal force can provide the centripetal force needed for motion. At this time, if the roller coaster speed is low that the centrifugal force is less than gravity, the flying train will be in danger of falling down. Therefore, a certain speed is required at the top of the loop to ensure safety. It’s also due to the existence of the centrifugal force which can offset part of the force of gravity. Passengers will feel weightless and the body becomes very light. Until the train pulls out of the loop and travels horizontally can the riders return to the original gravity. Once the roller coaster has completed its whole way, the braking device will be very safe to stop the ride and the speed of deceleration is controlled by the pressure of the gas in the brake cylinder.

How to Build a Roller Coaster?

There are so many types of roller coaster in the world, such as, steel roller coasters, metal roller coaster, suspended roller coaster, wooden roller coasters, water roller coasters, vertical roller coaster, corkscrew roller coaster and some other kinds of roller coaster for sale. So if you want to build a roller coaster, you must choose the suitable amusement park roller coaster at first.
The orbit of the wooden roller coaster in very similar to the traditional train track. In most wooden roller coasters, the wheels of the carriage is designed with the same flange as that of the train, that is, a concave structure is formed inside the wheels so that the carriage doesn’t roll out of the track. There is also another set of wheels, some kinds have only safety lever. They roll under the tracks to prevent the carriage from flying into the air.

In a steel roller coaster, the train can either stay in the tracks like the tradition wooden roller coaster or hang from the top of the tracks like a ski lift. Unlike the track of wooden roller coaster, the track of metal roller coaster isn’t made of individual components, but is prefabricated by large curved modules. The smooth curved track produced by the steel manufacturing process make the steel roller coaster move in all directions along the slope of the track. Compared with the wooden roller coaster, the biggest advantage is that the parts of the track are perfectly welded together which make the train run smoothly.

How much Does A Roller Coaster Cost In Philippines?

Building an amusement park is a big investment and it costs a lot to buy the amusement rides. It can be said that many tourists go to amusement parks mainly for the purpose of experiencing roller coaster ride, an amusement park without a roller coaster isn’t a perfect attraction park.  But if the right amusement ride supplier, it can help you save a lot of money. As one of the largest amusement equipment ride manufacture, Beston will be your best choice. We have a dedicated design team to customize the entire layout of your whole fairgrounds and pick the most popular amusement rides for you according to your site size and requirements. We absolutely guarantee that you won’t spend an extra penny. Of course, roller coasters for sale of different types and sizes can also be sold at different prices, you can pick up carefully depends on your needs. Contact us now to get the quotation and price list.

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