68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia

68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia
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Congratulations! The 68-seat double-decker European-style carousel, customized for our Russian client, is now in operation. We have upgraded the carousel according to the client’s requirements, including the design of the eaves and lighting, among other features. Since the installation of the carousel, it has attracted numerous visitors who come to experience and capture memories. The overall feedback has been excellent.

Communication and Design

In October 2022, we received a purchase request from our client, indicating their interest in acquiring a large-capacity carousel for Baku Friendship Park in Volgograd, Russia. After providing our recommendations, the client ultimately chose our company’s 68-seat European-style carousel but requested some modifications to its appearance. Our designers made changes to the eaves and lighting of the carousel based on the client’s requirements. The installation of the carousel was completed in March of this year. Below is the design draft of the carousel:
Double Decker Carousel Ride Design for Russia

Overall Schedule

Based on the client’s requirements, we have implemented strict control over the production process to ensure timely delivery and installation of the equipment. Our goal is to ensure that the client’s installation is successful within the planned timeline and can be promptly opened to the public.

In October 2022 We received the inquiry from Russia customer.
In January 2023 The double-deck carousel completed the delivery items.
In March 2023 Installation of the double-deck carousel has been completed.

Customer Feedback from the Park

During the whole process, our business manager responds to the client in a particularly timely manner and efficiently resolves any issues that may arise. They provide professional advice to the client during the equipment selection process. Additionally, the client is highly satisfied with the appearance design of our company’s products. The overall design and production of the equipment align well with the local client’s aesthetic preferences, making them highly popular in the area. So, The client has placed a high level of trust in our company.

Double decker carousel ride in the amusement park

Beston double decker carousel ride

Double decker carousel in Russia

Double decker carousel in Russia park

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