Installation of 24 Seater Carousel In the Philippines

Installation of 24 Seater Carousel In the Philippines
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Congratulations to the successful installation of the Philippine customer’s 24-seat carousel ride! It is installed at one of the leisure resorts in the Philippines. We had got positive feedbacks from our customer, the customer is very satisfied with the quality and appearance of our carousel ride, and is also very satisfied with the working attitude of our sales manager. The following is the feedback picture of the carousel equipment from Philippine customer. If you are interested in purchasing a new carousel ride or other amusement rides for amusement parks, funfair, welcome to contact Beston Amusement!

Beston 24 seats carousel ride installed in the Philippines

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Production and Delivery Details of the 24-seat Carousel

Beston manufacturing carousel rides with high quality steel and FRP. After the production of the carousel equipment is completed, we strictly control the packaging process of the equipment to avoid wear and tear of the goods during transportation.

Horses for 24 seater carousel ride

parts for 24 seats carousel ride

flberglass for the 24 seats carousel ride

24 carousel production completed

Packing details of Beston carousel ride

24 seat carousel ride is ready for shipping

Installation Feedback from the Philippines

After received the goods, the customer decides to install the carousel ride by themselves (Although we provide installation services). Therefore, in addition to the installation manual, installation videos and other materials that we provided to the customers before delivery, we also provide customers with online guidance in a timely manner, so the entire installation process is very smooth. The following is the installation picture of the carousel provided by the customer

Beston Carousel Ride is Installing In the Philippines

Installation Pictures of Carousel Rides in the Philippines

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Why You Need to Invest the Carousel for the Philippines?

The carousel is an enduring amusement equipment, and it is a must-have item for every playground; on the other hand, the production process of the carousel equipment is very mature, and the manufacturers of the amusement equipment have produced a variety of different shapes. The carousel equipment, the size, shape, shape, color, etc. of the carousel can be customized according to the needs of customers. Carousel horses of different shapes are more attractive to tourists. Therefore, whether it is a large amusement park or a small playground, the carousel is must-have equipment.

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As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement has a variety of carousel rides for sale, including 16 seater carousel rides, 24 seater carousel rides, 36 seater carousel rides, 48 seater carousel rides and 68 seater carousel rides. You can find single decker carousel ride and double-decker carousel in our factory. In addition to the existing carousel ride shape, our carousel rides also accept customization on color, size, logo, LED lights, etc. Welcome to contact us to purchase the most suitable carousel for your amusement park!

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