Pirate Ship Amusement Rides for Sale In Philippines

Pirate Ship Amusement Rides for Sale In Philippines

The pirate ship amusement rides for sale in Philippines is the classic originating amusement equipment in the amusement park. Pirate ship ride, carousel and the roller coaster rides has become the golden triangle of the amusement park. So that;s the reason why new and old amusement parks need to install a set of pirate ship amusement equipment. Interested in our rides? Contact us now!

New Pirate Ship Rides for Sale In Philippines
BNPS-24A New Pirate Ship Rides

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Kiddie Pirate Ship Rides for Sale
BNPS-14A Kiddie Pirate Ship Rides

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Features of Beston Pirate Ship Rides

The features of pirate ship amusement rides is that the pirate ship rides hull swings back and forth around the horizontal axis, and the tourists do not roll. The coverage principle is covered by the number of bearers. Single-side swing angle is greater than or equal to 90° or passengers greater than or equal to 40 people are Class A pirate ship rides, single-sided swing angle is less than 90° and greater than or equal to 45° and passengers are less than 40 people belongs to Class B pirate ship rides, and single-sided swing angle is less than 45° belongs to Class C pirate ship rides. The pirate ship amusement rides mainly including large pirate ship rides, mini pirate ship rides, festive swing rides, and small pendulum rides. You can customize or choose some available models from Beston Amusement.

Pirate Ship Rides
BNPS-24C Pirate Ship Rides

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Pirate Ship Rides for Sale
BNPS-24G Pirate Ship Rides

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Technical Parameter of 24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides

Height 9meter
Running Speed 8.2m/s
Radius 7.5m
Passengers 24 passengers
Cover Area 12M*8M
Power 18KW
Voltage 380V/220V
 Ice Pirate Ship Rides
BNPS-8A Ice Pirate Ship For Philippines

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Dragon Pirate Ship Rides for Sale In Philippines
BNPS-24E Dragon Pirate Ship Rides

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Generally speaking, the common pirate ship amusement ride mainly include conventional round-headed pirate ships and leading pirate ship rides. Recently,the leading pirate ship rides with unique Chinese culture have been popular in the amusement park market, especially in Chinese New Year, temple fairs, etc. Bursting, and very in line with the local traditional culture, asking for a unique atmosphere in the New Year, is also a great tool to attract tourists for the park.

The pirate ship’s operation is moderately stimulating, and children and the elderly are generally acceptable. After the pirate ship rides starts, it slowly swings from a slow swing, and the passenger rides on the pirate ship. As the swaying and rushing, it is like coming to the sea. Sometimes it rushes to the peaks, sometimes falls into the bottom of the valley, and the front and rear swings are placed at the highest and lowest points.

Most of the play equipment is for children and teenagers to play, because love is a child’s nature. Nowadays, many amusement equipments are carefully designed according to children’s preferences. Each has its own unique meaning. Now the humanized design is more prominent. Because young people like to take risks and like excitement, they are very popular for large equipment with a slightly higher risk factor.

The pirate ship rides for Philippines is a long-term recreation project for children and young people in the amusement park. From the traditional large pirate ship to today, many amusement equipment manufacturers have designed small pirate ships, and are also suitable for teenagers and children to play, fully adapt to the needs of different groups of tourists.

Choosing a good pirate ship amusement equipment requires not only a reasonable price, but also whether the manufacturer of the pirate ship ride equipment has a qualified production and installation certificate, whether the pirate ship has professional production techniques, and whether the design and the pirate ship are novel in shape and can attract tourists. Whether the equipment manufacturer can provide complete installation and after-sales service can be used to complete the regular inspection of the pirate ship.

The ice and snow pirate ship is a kind of amusement project that reciprocates around the horizontal axis. The equipment adopts blue and white as the main color, and decorates the large pieces of snow to create the feeling of falling snow in winter. It is very beautiful on the pirate ship, especially in the summer. The tourists are a bit cool. After the pirate ship started, it slowly swayed slowly from the slow swing. The passengers were riding on the pirate ship rides. As the swaying and slamming, it was like being in the sea of stormy waves. Sometimes it rushed to the peak and sometimes fell into the bottom, thrilling. Stimulate and challenge your psychological endurance.

Beston is a professional manufacturer of pirate ship amusement rides. The normal pirate ship rides manufacturer should attach the inspection report of the pirate ship rides, the instructions for  using the pirate ship, the qualification certificate of the pirate ship, the inspection and application materials of the pirate ship, and the safety notice of the pirate. Technical information about installing a pirate ship. There may also be a formal installation confirmation acceptance certificate. When the installer completes the installation, testing and on-duty training of the pirate ship, the customer confirms the installation of the qualified signature in writing and sends it to the pirate ship. If you are planning to build a new pirate ship ride for Philippines, just choose Beston Amusement.

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