Tea Cup Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Tea Cup Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Tea cup rides for sale in the Philippines, a spinning ride that is popular used in the amusement park. Its unique operation mode is fascinating and stimulating. Tea cup amusement ride can not only rotate, but also rotate interactively, run cross each other, and can also change its own direction. As the large disk revolves, the small disk is reversed in the large disk, and you can rotate it arbitrarily in the cup and feel the fun brought by the rotation. This increases the fun and excitement of the tea cup rides.
Tea Cup Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Category of Beston Tea Cup Rides for the Philippines

Currently, we offer a variety of tea cup ride devices for customers to choose from, including 10-seater, 16-seater, 18-seater, 20-seater, and 24-seater tea cups, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in different settings. We are continuously updating our tea cup ride equipment to meet the project requirements of diverse clients. Additionally, we welcome customizations from customers in terms of design, colors, logos, and more.

24 Seaters Tea Cup Ride

24 seats classic tea cup ride for sale

24 Seaters Spanish Bull

24 Seats Spanish bull tea cup ride for the Philippines

10 Seaters Tea Cup Ride

10 Seats Kiddie Mini Tea Cup Ride for Sale In the Philippines

20 Seaters Tea Cup Ride

20 Seats New Design Tea Cup Ride

16 Seaters Tea Cup Ride

16 Seats Kiddie Tea Cup Ride for the Philippines

18 Seaters Tea Cup Ride

18 Seaters Kiddie Tea Cup Ride for the Philippines

Application of Beston Tea Cup Rides

The tea cup ride is a widely used family-oriented amusement device that finds applications in various settings. Due to its diverse array of designs and different seating capacities, the tea cup ride is suitable not only for parks and theme parks but also for investment in squares, indoor amusement centers, and other venues. Different settings call for tea cup ride equipment with different designs to cater to their specific needs.

Theme Park
Dragon roller coaster for resort

Working Videos of Tea Cup Ride

Main Features of Beston Tea Cup Rides for the Philippines

Fiber glass reinforced plastics all used automobile paint baking process for the tea cup rides.
Four layers of painting processing (primer, white painting, colorful painting, varnish).
The body of the tea cup rides is provided with a plurality of LED lamps.
The maximum thickness of fiber glass reinforced plastics are six layers, to ensure the safety and life length of the tea cup amusement ride in your amusement park.
There is MP3 function in the control cabinet supporting U disk and SD card player. It is equipped with remote control unit which makes the operation is more convenient.

The tea cup amusement equipment in the square in the Philippines which is very popular in amusement parks, playgrounds and other places. The color of the tea cup ride from our factory is different to meet the requirements of different customers. When the riot of the colorful music cup rotates on the turntable floor, the tea cup will rotate in the opposite direction. Players can freely rotate the device in rhythm, which is a very interesting amusement device. Especially for kids and teenagers. The color is bright and beautiful and never fades. We can freely adjust the rotation speed of the coffee cup and will feel great fun. People sit in the various cups and feel the warmth, listening to the beautiful music and enjoying the joy brought by the rotation. With this unique feature, it has won the love of tourists and is a play equipment for all ages.

Installation Cases of Beston Tea Cup Rides

Our tea cup ride, with its diverse designs and multiple models for customers to choose from, has gained popularity among both new and existing clients. Currently, we have exported it to many countries, including Moldova, Ethiopia, Algeria, Russia, Kazakhstan, and others, excluding the Philippines.

24 Seats Tea Cup Ride in Moldova Park

Classic Tea Cup Ride In Moldova Park
This 24-seat tea cup ride is one of the amusement park attractions we exported to Moldova. It’s part of a large-scale park project in Moldova that includes more than 10 different rides, such as self-controlled airplanes, bumper cars, children’s observation cars, and watermelon swing chairs.

6 Cups Tea Cup Ride In Ethiopia

Tea Cup Ride In Ethiopia Indoor Park
We supplied our Ethiopian customer with a 24-seat tea cup ride for their indoor mechanical amusement park. Apart from the tea cup ride, the customer also purchased other equipment from our company, including a joyous flying car, carousel, bumper cars, and more.

3 Reasons to Invest In the Tea Cup Ride for Your Project

Investing in the Tea Cup Ride for your project in the Philippines can offer numerous benefits. Making it an attractive option to consider as part of your entertainment offerings. Here are three compelling reasons why it could be a wise decision:

Appeal to a Wide Audience

The Tea Cup Ride is a classic and beloved amusement park attraction that has stood the test of time. Its charming design and gentle, spinning motion make it appealing to a broad demographic, including families with young children, teenagers, and even adults seeking a nostalgic experience. By including the Tea Cup Ride in your project, whether it’s an amusement park, a carnival, or an entertainment venue, you can attract a diverse range of visitors and increase foot traffic.

High Revenue Potential

Amusement park rides, like the Tea Cup Ride, have a proven track record of generating revenue. As a popular and accessible attraction, the Tea Cup Ride can attract long lines of eager visitors willing to pay for the experience. Additionally, it has a relatively short ride cycle, allowing for a higher throughput of riders, which can further boost revenue potential. When combined with a well-designed ticketing and pricing strategy, the Tea Cup Ride can be a significant contributor to your project’s financial success.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

Compared to more elaborate and mechanically complex rides, the Tea Cup Ride is relatively simple in design, which often translates to lower maintenance and operating costs. Its uncomplicated mechanics and durable construction can result in reduced downtime for repairs and a longer lifespan for the ride itself. Lower maintenance costs mean a higher return on investment over time, making the Tea Cup Ride a cost-effective choice for your project.

Beston Rides – Whole Playground Designer

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston Rides not only provides customers with different models of turning cup amusement equipment, but also provides customers with overall project solutions, including project design, equipment selection, production, delivery, installation, project operations and a series of services. We are committed to providing customers with one -stop project solutions. If you plan to purchase new equipment or invest in new amusement projects, please contact us.

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