Tea Cup Rides for Sale In Philippines

Tea Cup Rides for Sale In Philippines

Tea cup rides for sale in Philippines, a spinning ride that is popular used in the amusement park. Its unique operation mode is extremely interesting and stimulating. Tea cup amusement ride can not only rotate, but also rotate interactively, run cross each other, and can also change its own direction. As the large disk revolves, the small disk is reversed in the large disk, and you can rotate it arbitrarily in the cup and feel the fun brought by the rotation. This increases the fun and excitement of the tea cup rides.

Normal Tea Cup Rides for Philippines
BNCC-A Normal Tea Cup Rides

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Kiddie Tea Cup Rides for Philippines
BNCC-B Kiddie Tea Cup Rides

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Main Features of Beston Tea Cup Rides for Philippines

  • Fiber glass reinforced plastics all used automobile paint baking process for the tea cup rides.
  • Four layers of painting processing(primer, white painting, colorful painting,varnish)
  • The maximum thickness of fiber glass reinforced plastics are six layers,to ensure the safety and life length of the tea cup amusement ride.
  • There is MP3 function in the control cabinet supporting U disk and SD card player. It is equipped with remote control unit which makes the operation is more convenient.
  • The body of the tea cup rides is provided with a plurality of LED lamps.

Two Different Types of Beston Tea Cup Rides

  • Bear Tea Cup Rides

Bear Tea Cup Rides
BNCC-E Bear Tea Cup Rides

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Kids Bear Tea Cup Rides
BNCC-F Kids Bear Tea Cup Rides

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Bear tea cup ride is a classic rotating amusement equipment, which is characterized by a cup-type rotating vehicle with a rotary floor, which is becoming increasingly popular. Bear tea cup rides are low to medium speeds with expected elevation and speed changes. The design is new and attractive. Popular among children and seniors. In general, bear tea cup ride is composed of 6 cups and can seat 24 people at the same time. The entire bear tea cup ride can be rotated by the whole machine. At the same time, bear-infested tea cup ride can handle the central steering wheel. The speed at which the bear appears to roam the music cup can be maximized, so players can get the most fun, joy and happiness.

The tea cup amusement equipment in the square in Philippines is a play facility in the form of a bear haunt and a go cup, which is very popular in amusement parks, playgrounds and other places. The color of the bear tea cup ride is different to meet the requirements of different customers. When the riot of the colorful bear haunting music cup rotates on the turntable floor, the bear haunting music cup will rotate in the opposite direction. Players can freely rotate the device rhythm, which is a very interesting amusement device. Especially for kids and teenagers. The color is bright and beautiful and never fades. We can freely adjust the rotation speed of the coffee cup and will feel great fun. People sit in the various cups and feel the warmth, listening to the beautiful music and enjoying the joy brought by the rotation. With this unique feature, it has won the love of tourists and is a play equipment for all ages.

  • Bee and Flower Tea Cup Rides

Flower Tea Cup Rides for Philippines
BNCC-C Flower Tea Cup Rides

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Flower Tea Cup Rides for Philippines
BNCC-D Flower Tea Cup Rides

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The bee and flower tea cup amusement equipment is divided into three specifications of 6 cups, 9 cups and 12 cups. The cockpit is rotated around the equipment and revolves. The bee rotating cup can be customized according to customer’s requirements. The bee-to-cup children’s play equipment is a new type of cost-effective amusement machine, which is not expensive. There are 6 and 4 cups. In addition to the function of 6 cups, it can also rotate interactively and cross each other. Fun and irritating.

The cockpit of flower tea cup ride is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic. Each playhouse-shaped cup has two naughty and cute bees collecting honey. The overall shape has a fantastic cartoon effect. The novel flower and bee shape is loved by children. Contact us for price of these new tea cup rides and other amusement park rides.

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