Log Flume Rides for Sale for Philippines

Log Flume Rides for Sale for Philippines

Log flume rides for sale for Philippines amusement park, a new water park rides that is hot sale in our company. We also call it the water roller coaster, water coaster rides. Really interesting and attractive to kids and adults in the park. Welcome to buy the log flume rides from Beston Amusement now!

Water Log Flume Rides
BLF-A Log Flume Rides

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Boat of Log Flume Rides for Sale
Boat of Log Flume Rides

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The log flume rides is a large amusement equipment that is both fun and thrilling. The cruise ship carries tourists under the action of the current, slowly starting from the berth, after the first section of the waterway, it is lifted by the first hoist to a height of 5 meters from the ground, and then slides freely along the sliding trough to enter the second section of the waterway. After five corners, the cruise ship was lifted by the second hoist to a height of 11 meters from the ground, and then freely slid down the taxiway, into the third channel and back to the platform.

Among the log flume rides projects, the exciting part was dropped. Usually, the boat is lifted by a chain to a steep slope of a certain height, and then the boat slides down from a height, rushing into the water, splashing water. Visitors can experience a certain degree of weightlessness, and the water splashed by themselves in the pool on the slopes is irritating and interesting. The water flow in the waterway is generally powered by a water pump. In general, a waterway with a large sprint facility allows multiple cruise ships to operate simultaneously.

Technical Parameters of Log Flume Rides

Rated Voltage 380V 50HZ
Boats 8pcs
Max Height 9m
Max Running Speed 14.5m/s
Rated Power 45KW
Loading Capacity 4 person/boat
Min Height 4m
Flow Velocity Less than 0.2m/s

More About the Log Flume Rides

The water log flume rides is a large water slide type ride. The rolling and undulating, the sliding channel is patchy, the modeling gas field is magnificent, the adult cruise ship slowly drifts along the channel under the action of water, and is lifted to the peak of the 15-meter-high slide. Visitors can see the scenery in the sky at high altitude. In the half-moon-shaped wheel and track, the large-scale cyclone slid down, and then immediately swooped in the rapids along the lower channel, swaying and smashing into the water curtain, quite spectacular. Passengers can enjoy the rafting and enjoy the speed of the blast, and experience the weight of physical and mental weight loss and sprint trip. It is a playground that is popular among tourists.

The log flume ride is an open-air entertainment facility, which can be designed and installed according to the topography and landform. It highlights the harmony between nature and people and the machine. It can not only pay attention to the beauty of landscape garden landscape, but also add the theme of artificial water mist and rain, which is more interesting and interesting.

Log flume amusement park rides is a popular water park rides that is suitable for water parks in Philiipines. Planning to build a new park or refresh your rides? Try this log flume ride now! If you are planning to buy new rides for water park business. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement or check more water park rides on our website. Our sales manager will contact you soon.

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