Author: philippineride

Author: philippineride

Service Process of Chilean Outdoor Park Project
Image 2023-11-18 Cases philippineride

Congratulations on the successful opening of the comprehensive outdoor project in Chile! Wishing the client a prosperous business. From receiving the customer’s inquiry in March of this year to the successful installation and operation of the equipment in September, the entire process lasted for six months. The project proceeded smoothly, and the client is highly

Successful Completion of Russia Leisure Park Project
Image 2023-11-11 Cases philippineride

Congratulations! The Tambov Outdoor Park project in Russia has been successfully installed and is now in operation, receiving warm acclaim from the local community. Located in Tambov, Russia, the project, from the initial customer inquiry to official operation, took approximately 1 year and 4 months. The primary aim of this project is to provide a

Indoor Playground Project In Qatar Airport
Image 2023-10-10 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

This is a Qatar customer’s investment in indoor amusement equipment at two airports in Qatar, primarily to welcome the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar. The entire project mainly includes two sets of indoor soft-play amusement equipment and interactive projection. Installed at both the new and old airports in Qatar, the project has been

16-seater Carousel Feedback Video from El Salvador
Image 2023-09-26 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Not long ago, Salvadoran customers received 16 carousels and began installing them online. After multiple test runs, these 16 carousels were put into operation. After running for a while, the customer sent us operational feedback in the form of a video. The Salvadoran customer is very satisfied with the appearance and quality of our carousels.

Successful Installation of Eagle Amusement Park In Nigeria
Image 2023-09-12 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Latest news, the Eagle Amusement Park in Nigeria has been in operation for some time now. From installation to opening, it has been approximately a year. Currently, the project is running smoothly, and Eagle Amusement Park has gained the love of many visitors in the surrounding area, bringing in a good income for the clients.

50m Ferris Wheel Installation Feedback from Mexico
Image 2023-08-08 Cases,Industry & News philippineride

Great news! The customized 50-meter Ferris wheel for the Mexican client has been successfully installed. Recently, we received feedback from the customer in Mexico. After multiple rounds of operational testing, the customer expressed high satisfaction with the quality of the equipment, its performance, and the level of service provided by our company. Customer’s Requirement About

Installation Case of Indoor Playground In Indonesia
Image 2023-07-13 Cases philippineride

Exciting news! The space-themed indoor playground project for our Indonesian customer has been completed and is now open for use. Covering a spacious area of 153 square meters, this project boasts an array of captivating features, including soft play equipment, a trampoline park, playground slides, building blocks, and a ball pit, among others. Our customer

68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia
Image 2023-06-02 Cases philippineride

Congratulations! The 68-seat double-decker European-style carousel, customized for our Russian client, is now in operation. We have upgraded the carousel according to the client’s requirements, including the design of the eaves and lighting, among other features. Since the installation of the carousel, it has attracted numerous visitors who come to experience and capture memories. The

Turkey Indoor Playground Project Business Site
Image 2023-05-12 Industry & News,News philippineride

A few days ago, a customer of our Turkey indoor comprehensive project sent us a video of the indoor playground in operation. The video showed that there were many people at that time, and children were playing happily with their parents. According to the customer’s feedback, their business has been booming every day since the

1189 ㎡ Indoor Project In Vietnam
Image 2023-04-18 Cases philippineride

Latest news! Our company’s indoor park project in Vietnam has been delivered and completed. The project covers an area of about 1189 square meters and is located in a famous apartment building in Hanoi, Vietnam. It took 5 months to receive inquiries from customers on September 24, 2022. At the end of February 2023, the