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Author: philippineride

Turkey Indoor Playground Project Business Site
Image 2023-05-12 Industry & News,News philippineride

A few days ago, a customer of our Turkey indoor comprehensive project sent us a video of the indoor playground in operation. The video showed that there were many people at that time, and children were playing happily with their parents. According to the customer’s feedback, their business has been booming every day since the

1189 ㎡ Indoor Project In Vietnam
Image 2023-04-18 Cases philippineride

Latest news! Our company’s indoor park project in Vietnam has been delivered and completed. The project covers an area of about 1189 square meters and is located in a famous apartment building in Hanoi, Vietnam. It took 5 months to receive inquiries from customers on September 24, 2022. At the end of February 2023, the

Classic Trackless Train to the Philippines
Image 2023-03-06 Cases philippineride

Good news! The classic model trackless train ride has been shipped to Manila, Philippines. It is a trackless train that combine with 1 locomotive and 4 coaches. The customer want to use it in amusement park. At present, the customer has received the trackless train ride. After the customer feedbacks the running video, we will

Customized Indoor Playground Equipment to Manila
Image 2023-03-01 Cases philippineride

Latest news, the indoor playground equipment has been installed in the Philippines. It is a 200㎡ indoor playground that customized by our customer from Manila. The main theme of this indoor playground is “experience room”. The customer feel satisfied with the quality and appearance of our equipment. If you are planning to build indoor playground

Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines
Image 2023-02-23 Cases philippineride

Good news! After a month of production work, the 46-seat ocean theme double-decker carousel ride order has been produced and is ready to be shipped to Manila, Philippines. We will also add more feedback pictures and videos in this page after received the feedback from our customer. Here, Beston Amusement will show you more about

Installation of 24 Seater Carousel In the Philippines
Image 2023-02-14 Cases philippineride

Congratulations to the successful installation of the Philippine customer’s 24-seat carousel ride! It is installed at one of the leisure resorts in the Philippines. We had got positive feedbacks from our customer, the customer is very satisfied with the quality and appearance of our carousel ride, and is also very satisfied with the working attitude

Amusement Park Project In the Philippines
Image 2023-02-01 Cases philippineride

From June 2022, our Philippines customer has purchased 5 times from our company. The product mainly includes 24 seat carousel ride, track train ride, indoor playground equipment, water slide, and some electric games. Now all equipment has been installed and will be put into operation soon. Here is the feedback video: Get a Free Quote

Feedback of Beston Water Bikes to Philippines
Image 2021-03-19 Cases philippineride

Here is the details of Beston water bikes that has been exported to Philippines. We recevied the feedback of our customer from Philippines that they had bought several set of water bikes several months ago. These are several one person water bikes. You can also find two person water bikes and three person water bikes.

How to Install Carousel Rides In Philippines
Image 2020-03-11 Industry & News philippineride

Carousel ride is popular used in many places in the amusement parks and shopping mall in Philippines, so what should be paid attention to during installation of different types of carousel rides? What are the installation procedures? Beston Group will give you some instructions here. First of all, we should understand the structure of the

How to Choose the Right Kiddie Rides for Philippines
Image 2020-03-02 Industry & News philippineride

Now the popular market of children’s market has made many investors see the long-term development prospects of children’s playgrounds, and they want to join the investment of children’s playgrounds. Children’s play equipment is the core of a children’s playground. Selecting suitable children’s play equipment can make Your playground saves a lot of trouble and takes