Kiddie Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Kiddie Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Different types of new kiddie rides for sale in the Philippines you can buy from Beston Amusement. Kiddie carousel rides, kiddie trackless and track train rides, kiddie bumper cars and many other kiddie rides with attractive appearances and cheap prices. Want to get price list of Beston kiddie rides? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement Rides.

Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Kiddie Bumper Car Rides for Sale in the Philippines

Different Types of Kiddie Rides for Sale in Beston

There are many different types of kiddie rides for sale in our factory that are suitable for amusement parks, kiddie parks etc. Some popular kiddie rides in Beston mainly including kiddie bumper cars, swing rides, kiddie carousels, kiddie trackless and track trains, kiddie indoor playground equipment, kiddie water parks etc. You can choose or customized kiddie rides from Beston factory.

Self Control Rotary Rides for Kids

Kiddie self-control plane rides
Self-control rotary rides which including self-control plane ride, self-control bee rides, self-control fling elephant is a very popular family ride and kiddie ride in Beston. It is a type of amusement ride that the swing arms rotate around the vertical axis, while the gondolas can be freely lifted and lowered controlled by riders. Because that it allow children to take control the cabin lifting which can give them more fun.

Mini Ferris Wheel for Kids

Kiddie mini ferris wheel ride
Mini Ferris Wheels are popular kiddie rides that provide a gentle and enjoyable experience for children. They are smaller compared to traditional Ferris Wheels, making them suitable for younger riders. Mini Ferris Wheels typically feature colourful cabins or seats that go around in a circular motion, providing a delightful view for the kids. The slow and controlled rotation makes it a safe and exciting ride for children.

Amusement Train Rides for Kids

Kiddie Trackless Train Rides
The train rides can simply be divided into two types, one is the trackless train and the other is the track train. Trackless trains are usually used as a means of locomotion in shopping malls, theme parks and tourist attractions and are suitable for people of all ages to take. The track train can only operate above the rails that go with them. The track can be either a straight line or a circle. The operation track of the mini train can be either on a horizontal or upward or downward. The interesting designs and cartoon appearances always attract many children’s attention.

Small Roller Coasters for Kids

Kiddie track roller coaster ride
Small Roller Coasters designed for kids offer a thrilling but age-appropriate experience. These roller coasters are often characterized by smaller drops, slower speeds, and smoother tracks, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of younger riders. The design of small roller coasters for kids usually incorporates colorful themes, interesting shapes, and sometimes even mild twists and turns. This type of ride is a great introduction to the excitement of roller coasters for children.

Videos of Beston Kiddie Rides for the Philippines

Welcome to get to know more about our captivating videos showcasing Beston Kiddie Rides in the Philippines! These thoughtfully designed Kiddie Amusement Rides bring laughter and endless joy to children. From adorable animal motifs to dreamy themes, each ride prioritizes safety and entertainment. Let your kids create cherished memories in Beston’s Kiddie Rides, ensuring unforgettable moments of fun, here are parts of videos of Beston kids rides:

Successful Installation Cases of Beston Kiddie Rides

Beston Amusement Rides takes pride in its remarkable achievements in providing joy and excitement to children worldwide. With a commitment to quality and safety, Beston Kiddie Rides have found homes in numerous amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and recreational venues. Each installation represents not only a fun-filled experience for children, but also a testament to Beston’s dedication to crafting innovative and durable play equipment. From whimsical carousel rides to thrilling mini roller coasters, these successful installations showcase Beston’s ability to create memorable moments for children everywhere. Here shows a part of Beston kiddie rides project cases:

Eagle Amusement park design

Successful Installation of Eagle Amusement Park In Nigeria

Latest news, the Eagle Amusement Park in Nigeria has been in operation for some time now. From installation to opening, ...
Beston 50 meter ferris wheel ride for sale

50m Ferris Wheel Installation Feedback from Mexico

Great news! The customized 50-meter Ferris wheel for the Mexican client has been successfully installed. Recently, we received feedback from ...
Double decker carousel ride in the amusement park

68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia

Congratulations! The 68-seat double-decker European-style carousel, customized for our Russian client, is now in operation. We have upgraded the carousel ...

Application of Kiddie Rides in the Philippines

Kiddie rides play a significant role in enhancing the entertainment and leisure experience in various settings, including amusement parks, theme parks, and shopping malls. In the Philippines, where family-oriented activities are highly valued, the application of kiddie rides is widespread and contributes to the overall enjoyment of visitors. Here are some ways kiddie rides are utilized in these different settings:

Indoor playground can be used in the shopping mall
Shopping mall
Indoor playground can be used in the indoor playground
Indoor playground can be used in large communities
Large Communities

6 Features of Children’s Amusement Rides for the Philippines

Designing kiddie amusement park rides for the Philippines requires consideration of various factors to ensure safety, enjoyment, and cultural relevance. Here are six features that could be incorporated into such rides:

Weather Resistance

The Philippines has a tropical climate with frequent rain and storms. Designing rides with weather-resistant materials and features such as waterproof seating, covered areas, and easily collapsible structures can ensure that the rides remain operational and safe during varying weather conditions.

Cultural Themes

Incorporating elements of Filipino culture, folklore, and traditions into the ride designs can enhance the overall experience for children. Themes such as local festivals, folklore characters, or historical events can add a unique touch and resonate with the local audience.

Accessibility and Safety Measures

Ensuring that the rides are accessible to children of different ages and physical abilities is crucial. Implementing safety features such as secure seat belts, height restrictions, and clear safety guidelines in both English and Filipino languages can contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience.

Interactive Learning

Integrating educational elements into the rides can make them both entertaining and informative. Features like quiz games, educational audio guides, or interactive displays can engage children while providing a learning experience on topics relevant to the Philippines.


Given the importance of sustainability, designing rides with energy-efficient technologies, such as LED lighting, solar panels, and energy-saving mechanisms, can contribute to environmental conservation. This aligns with the global trend towards eco-friendly practices.

Local Materials and Artisans

Supporting local industries by using materials sourced within the Philippines and involving local artisans in the design and construction process can have economic and cultural benefits. This approach not only supports the community but also ensures that the rides blend seamlessly with the local environment.

How Much Does Beston Kiddie Rides Cost?

No matter where will you start the business with amusement rides, price will be the most important things you should consider. The cost of kiddie rides can vary depending on factors such as the type of ride, its features, brand, and where you purchase it. Each type of amusement rides cost different and each model of the amusement rides also cost different. If you want to know price of these kiddie rides and want to get a rough budget for your business, welcome to contact Beston Rides for details!
Kiddie self-control plane rides for sale in the Philippines

Beston Rides – Professional Amusement Rides Manufacturer

As a professional and top manufacturer of amusement rides in China and Philippines, Beston Group can supply various cheap and high quality kiddie rides for sale. If you also want to find some other types of amusement rides, such as thrill rides, family rides, spinning rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, Beston can meet your various needs for amusement equipment. Even we can accept your customization according to your requirements. So don’t hesitate to pick up the rides you want here. Interested in our products? Want to know more details and price list? Contact us now, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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