Swing Rides for Sale In Philippines

Swing Rides for Sale In Philippines

Swing rides for sale In Philippines amusement park, also called chair swing ride, swing carousel, spinning swing ride, yoyo ride, wave swinger, flying swing ride, is a kind of amusement ride that the chairs are suspended from a rotating carousel on the top of the equipment, sometimes the carousel can also be lifted or tilted. As one of the most common amusement facilities in amusement parks and squares, the swing ride are loved by both adults and children. Welcome to buy new swing chair rides from Beston Amusement for your park in Philippines.

Fruit Swing Rides
BNSR-A Fruit Swing Rides

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Large Swing Rides
BNSR-B Large Swing Rides for Philippines

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There are many kinds of swing rides for sale in Beston that are different in sizes, colors, appearances, designs and they are suitable for different occasions, such as, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls, squares, communities. So before buying the ride, please pick up carefully according to your needs. If there is something that you don’t know, welcome to consult us. Our professionals will give you the answers carefully and help you choose the most suitable swing rides.

Grand Swing Chair Rides
BNSR-C Grand Swing Rides

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Kids Swing Rides
BNSR-D Kids Swing Rides

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Types of Swing Rides In Amusement Park

  • Kids Swing Rides

The kids swing ride with cute appearance and small size is specially designed for kids who can’t play too thrill rides. Like most fling chairs, it is a kind of spinning ride that can rotate left and right and lift up and down. The different is that the height of swing ride for kids is lower, the chairs swing lowly and the amplitude of the oscillation is small. With the elegant music, children can enjoy the pleasure of spinning in the chairs and won’t want to leave. There are kids swing rides for sale with fruit shaped, candy shaped and forest shaped for you to choose. The chairs are designed for one, two, three, four kids to sit together. Although it is more suitable for children, adults can also accompany kids to ride.

Fairground Swing Rides
BNSR-E Fairground Swing Rides for Philippines

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New Swing Chair Rides
BNSR-F New Swing Chair Rides for Philippines

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  • Giant Swing Rides

In appearance, giant swing ride is like a large umbrella with many beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs suspended from it. When the unique umbrella turns, the chairs rotates and dances undulates in the air which will be a beautiful scenic and attract many tourists to ride it. It spins faster than the swing ride for kids which can make passengers feel the sense of thrilling, but feel romantic at the same time. The giant swing ride target a wide range of people, including children up to the age of eligibility and eligible adults, as long as they like experience the thrilling feeling. So it can bring investors high returns. We can provide our customers with different sizes of swing ride for sale with 12, 16, 24, 32, 36 and 48 seats, you can choose the right one according to the passenger flow of your amusement parks.

Kiddie Swing Rides
BNSR-G Kiddie Swing Rides

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Mickey Mouse Swing Rides
BNSR-H Mickey Mouse Swing Rides

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  • Carnival Swing Ride

Carnival as a ceremonial events, families and friends hang out together at these days. The large passenger traffic volume is a good time for many amusement rides to be highly used. As a thrilling and novel amusement ride, carnival swing ride is indispensable equipment which can attract more passengers and bring high profits. Because there are too many tourists, in order to reduce the waiting time of tourists, more seats available for more passengers to ride at the same time will be more suitable. Of course, you can choose the size and shape here. And if you have the design you want, you can provide us with the drawing and we can customize the carnival swing ride for you.

Beston Swing Rides
BNSR-K Beston Swing Rides

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New Swing Rides
BNSR-M New Swing Rides

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  • Wave Swinger for Sale

Wave swinger can be said the upgrades version of yoyo ride is a kind of swing tower ride that integrates various forms of movement such as rotation, lifting and angle of change. It is mainly composed of three sections, the central column makes the whole ride rotate, the top swivel can go up and down and tilt forth and back, the suspended chairs are for passengers to take. When the umbrella turntable and central column start to rotate, the top carousel raises slowly and the chairs swing in waves which will give passengers the feeling that they are flying in the air. The wave swinger for sale with luxuriant modeling in Beston softens the brilliant lights and the bright pattern design are one of the most beautiful and attractive amusement rides in fairgrounds, as well as one of the first choice of standard theme parks or modern amusement parks. Contact us to purchase the poplar swing ride now, we will reply you quickly.

The Standard configuration of Beston Swing Ride for Sale

  • All the fiberglass decorations are decorated with colorful lights, including the top carousel and center pillar.
  • All the seats are equipped with two kinds of safety protection facilities, safety belts and U-shaped shoulder safety bars.
  • The chairs are suspended from the top rotating carousel by iron chains with colored plastic tubes outside to make it more beautiful and protect the chain from rust at the same time.
  • Each swing ride for sale is equipped with sound system to make passengers enjoy themselves with the nice music.

Tips Need to Pay Attention When Riding the Swing Ride

  • Pay attention to safety inspection marks. Amusement rides which go through the security inspection will be issued safety inspection marks by quality inspect branch and paste in the eye-catching place of the equipment. Please don’t ride the amusement rides without regular inspection of unqualified rides.
  • Pay attention to the ride instructions. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before taking the amusement rides.
  • Children should be accompanied by adults when taking the large amusement rides.
  • Passengers should follow the instructions of service staff. Please pay attention to your head and feet so as not to bump of fall.
  • Fasten your seat belts. The staff help check if the all the passengers’ seat belts are fastened. Don’t unfasten the seat belts halfway through.
  • Don’t deliberately shake the cabin and open the cabin door.
  • Please take care of your own belongings in operation. Don’t scatter or throw them out.

The Package of Swing Ride for Sale in Beston

We strive to achieve the best from the selection of materials, design, production to the final delivery of packaging. A lot of our amusement rides are exported to many foreign countries and regions all over the world, the transportation is far away. So we must pay special attention to the packaging to avoid the ride damage. When package the parts of flying chair, we use bubble film, non-woven multilayer air parcel swivel chair equipment. The rides also use straw mattress isolation at the time of loading, multiple protection measures can reduce the knock against damage in transit.

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