Swing Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Swing Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Swing rides for sale In the Philippines amusement park, also called chair swing ride, swing carousel, spinning swing ride, yoyo ride, wave swinger, flying swing ride, is a kind of amusement ride that the chairs are suspended from a rotating carousel on the top of the equipment, sometimes the carousel can also be lifted or tilted. As one of the most common amusement facilities in amusement parks and squares, the swing ride is loved by both adults and children. Welcome to buy new swing chair rides from Beston Amusement for your park in the Philippines.
Beston Chair Swing Rides for Sale In the Philippines

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Types of Swing Rides to Choose

There are many kinds of swing rides for sale in Beston that are different in sizes, colours, appearances, designs, and they are suitable for different occasions, such as, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls, squares, communities. So before buying the ride, please pick up carefully according to your needs. If there is something that you don’t know, welcome to consult us. Our professionals will give you the answers carefully and help you choose the most suitable swing rides.

Carnival Swing Ride

Carnival swing ride for sale in the Philippines
Carnival has a large traffic volume, is a good time for many amusement rides to be highly used. As a thrilling and novel amusement ride, carnival swing ride is indispensable equipment which can attract more passengers and bring high profits. Because there are too many tourists, in order to reduce the waiting time of tourists, more seats available for more passengers to ride at the same time will be more suitable. Of course, you can choose the size and shape.

Giant Swing Rides

Giant swing ride for sale in the Philippines
Carnival has a large traffic volume, is a good time for many amusement rides to be highly used. As a thrilling and novel amusement ride, carnival swing ride is an indispensable equipment which can attract more passengers and bring high profits. So large capacity swing ride will be suitable for more passengers to ride at the same time. If you have the design you want, you can provide us with the drawing, and we can customize the carnival swing ride for you.

Kids Swing Rides

Kids watermelon swing chair ride for sale in the Philippines
The kids swing ride with cute appearance and small size is specially designed for kids who can’t play thrill rides. Like most fling chairs ride, it is a kind of spinning ride that can rotate left and right and lift up and down. But the height of wave swinger ride for kids is lower, the chairs on the kiddie swing ride will swing lowly and the amplitude of the oscillation is small. With the elegant music, children can enjoy the pleasure of spinning in the chairs and won’t want to leave.

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Working Videos of Beston Swing Rides

Successful Cases of Swing Rides in the Philippines

Flying chair ride is one of the most popular amusement ride in our factory, it has many models that suitable for different usage and age group. They are atrractive to kids and adults at the same time. So whether it’s clients looking at the overall project or those wanting to purchase amusement rides, the swing ride is generally considered. Our flying chair equipment has already been exported to many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Russia, and more, apart from the Philippines.

Swing Ride In Tajikistan

36 seats swing ride installed in Tajikistan

Swing Ride In Moldova

Kiddie chair swing ride with 16 seats in Moldova

Swing Ride In Kazakhstan

36 seat swing ride in Kazakhstan

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Features of the Configuration of Beston Swing Ride

The configuration of the chair swing ride for the Philippines market involves various features that contribute to the overall design, functionality, and safety of the amusement attraction. Here are some common features associated with the configuration of a chair swing ride:


All the fibreglass decorations are decorated with colourful lights, including the top carousel and centre pillar.


All the seats are equipped with two kinds of safety protection facilities, safety belts and U-shaped shoulder safety bars.


The chairs with coloured plastic tubes outside to make it more beautiful and protect the chain from rust.

Sound System

Each swing ride is equipped with sound system to make passengers enjoy themselves with the nice music.

Chair swing ride for sale in the Philippines

Production and Shipping of Chair Swing Rides

The production and shipping process of chair swing rides to the Philippines involves several stages to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality equipment and its safe transportation. Not only does it involve the selection of equipment materials, standard packaging, and the shipping process, but it also encompasses detailed control during the production process and the standardization of shipments, and so on.


Fiberglass for swing chair ride's chair
In the production of swing ride equipment, we strictly control the quality of fiberglass raw materials, including the seats and the materials used for the canopies. This ensures the production of smooth, flat, durable, and deformation-resistant swing ride equipment for our customers.

Trial Operation

Running test of swing ride for the Philippines
After the production of chair swing ride is complete, all swing ride equipment undergoes multiple load tests, allowing the swing ride amusement facilities to bear an 80-hour static load. This ensures the quality of the carnival swing equipment and smooth delivery.

Packaging and Shipping

Packing and shipping of swing rides to the Philippines
Following the trial operation, we proceed with packaging and loading based on the agreement with the customer who bought the swing ride. We strictly adhere to packaging and delivery standards, ensuring that the swing chair amusement ride is not damaged during transportation.

6 Tips for Choosing Swing Rides for the Philippines Amusement Park

Swing rides are a timeless and exhilarating addition to any amusement park, captivating visitors with their soaring heights and thrilling swings. When choosing swing rides for your Philippines amusement park, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure a fantastic and safe experience for your guests. Here are six tips to guide you in selecting the perfect swing rides for your amusement park project in the Philippines:

Size and Scale

The first aspect to consider when choosing swing rides is their size and scale. Swing rides come in various shapes and sizes, from compact and intimate swings for younger riders to towering swings that provide a panoramic view of the park. Consider the preferences and comfort level of your group when selecting a swing ride. Families with young children may opt for smaller, slower swings, while thrill-seekers might be drawn to larger swings with more height and speed.

Swing Motion Variation

Swing rides offer a range of motion variations, from traditional back-and-forth swings to circular or pendulum-style movements. Consider the type of swinging motion that appeals to you and your fellow riders. Some swings gently sway back and forth, providing a relaxing experience, while others offer a more dynamic swinging sensation with circular or pendulum movements. Understanding the type of motion each swing ride offers will help you.

Theming and Aesthetics

The visual appeal of swing rides plays a significant role in the overall amusement park experience. Consider the theming and aesthetics of the swing ride and how well it integrates with the park’s overall design. Some swing rides are designed to blend seamlessly with themed areas. Others may feature unique lighting effects during evening hours. A swing ride can provides a thrilling experience and overall visual charm of the park.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting swing rides. Before hopping on, take a moment to observe the safety features of the ride, such as secure restraints, emergency stop mechanisms, and routine maintenance. Check for any height or health restrictions for the flying chair ride. Amusement parks prioritize the well-being of their visitors, and choosing swing rides with robust safety features adds an extra layer of assurance.

Duration and Throughput

The duration of the swing ride experience and its throughput capacity are essential factors to consider, especially on busy days. Some swing rides offer a brief but intense experience, while others provide a more extended and leisurely ride. Additionally, assess the ride’s throughput capacity—the number of riders it can accommodate in a given time frame. This information is crucial for planning your day efficiently and minimizing wait times.


Before making your final decision about which type of chair swing ride to choose, consider checking online reviews of the amusement rides manufacturer and seeking recommendations from fellow park visitors. Reviews can provide insights into the overall experience, ride smoothness, and any specific features that stand out. Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family who have visited the park can help you make an informed choice.

How Much Does the Chair Swing Rides Cost?

The cost of chair swing amusement facilities can vary significantly due to various factors such as the size of the ride, manufacturer, materials used, customization of appearance, and more. If you need specific pricing for equipment, you can contact Beston Rides. Please let us know your intended use, the park’s visitor capacity, and any other relevant details. We will assist you in recommending the appropriate seating capacity for the swing ride and provide you with the most suitable pricing. Here is the ROI for a 36 seaters swing ride:

Profit Analysis of 36 Seaters Swing Ride

Charging modelOne vote systemEstimated operating life8 years
36 Seaters Swing Ride ROISite overviewCover areaVenue rentalEffective operating hours(one year)Average daily operating hoursAverage ticket price
155㎡10000¥/month150 days7hours/day20¥
Equipment overviewRide capacityMax capacityPlay timeTotal power consumptionElectricity bill
36365 minutes13.52¥/kWh
Customer flow analysis5 days on weekdays2 days on weekendsAverage daily passenger flowNumber of employeesSalary
200 p/day500 p/day285 p/day23000*2
Operating costsEquipment costSalaryElectricity billPromotional expensesMaintenance cost
Total project revenue855000Total fixed costs390000Total operating costs70000
Theoretical valueMaximum passenger capacity during peak periods2880Highest revenue in a single day57600
Revenue analysisAverage monthly net income150000Average annual net income750000Estimated payback time2 months
First year net income470000

Flying Chair Ride Manufacturer in the Philippines – Beston Rides

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, our flying chair rides not only come in various designs but have also earned praise from numerous customers for their high-quality product and reasonable prices. We have offices in the Philippines and other 5 countries in the world, allowing us to provide timely after-sales services to our clients. In addition to flying chairs, we also manufacture a variety of amusement equipment, including carousels, trains, Ferris wheels, self-controlled planes, tea cup rides, pirate ships, pendulum rides, and more. We offer customers a one-stop service, including park design and planning, installation, operational advice, after-sales services, and more. If you are interested in purchasing flying chairs or other amusement park equipment, feel free to contact us! Click our factory’s video to get more information.

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