Successful Completion of Russia Leisure Park Project

Successful Completion of Russia Leisure Park Project
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Congratulations! The Tambov Outdoor Park project in Russia has been successfully installed and is now in operation, receiving warm acclaim from the local community. Located in Tambov, Russia, the project, from the initial customer inquiry to official operation, took approximately 1 year and 4 months. The primary aim of this project is to provide a recreational and entertainment space for the local residents, with a focus on family and children. Now, let’s take a look back at the entire process of this project.

Received Inquiry and Order Confirmation

At the end of May last year, we received an inquiry from a Russian client on our website. Shortly thereafter, our project manager for the Russian market established contact with the client and began providing solutions based on their requirements, including equipment selection, layout, and site design, among other aspects. After approximately half a year of discussions, the project proposal was finalized in December, and both parties signed a contract. Following the receipt of the client’s advance payment, we commenced the organization of all equipment production at our factory.

Production, Delivery, and Installation

This March, all the equipment required for Tanpov Park was completed in production and underwent comprehensive testing. After meeting the shipping standards, the equipment was shipped to Russia. By July, all the equipment had arrived at the customer’s park site, and we began dispatching installation engineers to Russia for on-site guidance. All the equipment for the project has been successfully installed.

packing details of amusement rides to Russia

Installation of kiddie roller coaster ride in Russia amusement park

Installation of kiddie excavators

Customer Project Operation Feedback from Russia

With the dedicated efforts of our customer installation team and our installation engineers, all amusement equipment at Tanpov Park has been successfully installed, debugged, and is now operational. In September, all the equipment was put into trial operation. The customer at Tanpov Park is highly satisfied with our equipment and installation services. Here are some operational photos sent by the customer:

Kiddie bumper cars in Tanpov Park

Wild mouse roller coaster ride Tanpov Park

Rainbow slide in Tanpov Park

Kiddie cup ride in Tanpov Park

Kiddie cup ride in Tanpov Park

Kids excavator ride in Tanpov Park

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