Carnival Rides for Sale Philippines

Carnival Rides for Sale Philippines

Looking for carnival rides for sale for Philippines? Beston amusement will offer you a list of new rides, thrill rides for carnivals, kiddie rides, water park rides, track rides and etc. There are many different type of rides that is suitable for carnivals. Contact Beston for price list.

Kiddie Swing Chair Rides
BNCC-12A Kiddie Swing Chair Rides

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Kiddie Carnival Swing Chair Rides
BNCC-16A Kiddie Carnival Swing Chair Rides

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Carnival Swing Rides for Philippines

Carnival swing ride, one of the most popular ride that is used in the carnival and amusement parks. There are many beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs that is suitable for kids and adults. When the swing ride rotates and shakes the head, the hanging chair rotates in the sky. When the swing equipment is turned, the passengers riding on the chair which looks like dancing in the blue sky. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive amusement machines on the playground. It is also the first choice for your carnival in Philippines.

16 Seat Carnival Carousel Rides
BNBC-16A Carnival Carousel Rides

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 Carnival Carousel Rides for Philippines
BNBC-24A Carnival Carousel Rides

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Carnival Carousels for Philippines

Carousel rides, also called merry go round. Carnival carousel is suitable for families and friends to create memories and have fun together. The ride in Beston Amusement has colorful lights, exquisite design and sweet music which is attractive in the Carnivals.

Carnival Pendulum Rides for Philippines
BNCP-16A Carnival Pendulum Rides

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Kids Mini Pendulum Rides
BNCP-6A Kids Mini Pendulum Rides

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Carnival Pendulum Rides

Pendulum rides for carnivals in Beston amusement has many models, large and small pendulum rides are all avaiable.  It is a kind of carnival equipment which makes circular motion along the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of transmission structures, hydraulic and mechanical. While the passengers are inside chairs of the pendulum rides, they will be in reciprocating, dazzling, thrilling feeling and then they cannot help to laugh and exclaim, which greatly improve the playground atmosphere. Beston offer 6 seat mini pendlum rides, 12 seat, 23 seat and 24 seat pendulum rides.

Bumper Cars for Carnival
BNBB-A Bumper Cars for Carnival

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Bumper Cars for Carnival In Philippines
BNBB-B Bumper Cars for Carnival

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Carnival Bumper Cars

Bumper car is an carnival ride that makes collisions without any injury. In the past, bumper car requires a conductive floor and ceiling. But now, battery bumper cars become more and more popular . It is much more convenient. Besides, carnival bumper car is appropriate for people at all ages. Battery bumper cars are cheaper than the electric bumper cars. So, we can say that bumper cars will be your best parnter on the business of Canival.

Get New Carnival Rides from Beston

Beston amusement, carnival rides manufacturer for Philippines, have all the required qualification certificates and other useful certificates. Otherwise, the equipment will be illegal. The product quality is the most important when you want to buy a new ride. In addition, the carnival ride manufacturer you select had better to have a factory. With a factory, you don’t need to pay for agency fee. On the contrary, you will buy high-quality carnival rides at factory prices. Beston Amusement is a large carnival equipment manfuacturer and supplier, our rides has been exported to Philippines to many times. For more about new rides for carnival use? Send your inquiry now.

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