Samba Balloon Ride for Sale In Philippines

Samba Balloon Ride for Sale In Philippines

Samba balloon ride is a new kind of family amusement rides which is similar to the physics of chair swing ride, but very different in appearance. The ride with so many colorful hot-air balloons is very beautiful and always very alluring to people of all ages, especially to young children.  So if you want to get more economic benefits, purchase a samba balloon ride for sale in Beston will help your for-profit amusement parks a lot. Contact Beston Amusement for more about the samba balloon rides now!

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Once tourist see the samba balloon ride in fairgrounds, they can’t leave their sight and want to ride on it to experience a wonderful journey. Since the ride accommodate a variety of theme parks, shopping malls, some carnivals, kiddie entertainment center, fairgrounds and some other recreation grounds, they can entertain both adults and kids and are suitable for the whole family to enjoy themselves. That means it will be one of the most popular amusement rides in your entertainment grounds.

Brief Description Samba Balloon Ride for Philippines

Samba balloon ride is a perfect small amusement equipment and can bring passengers a lot of fun. Its biggest feature, also is its most attractive feature is the colorful hot-air balloons connected to the seats, in addition, the balloons can rotate in the air. When it runs, it looks like a lot of balloons are dancing, that’s why people call this ride samba balloon ride.

Amusement Park Samba Balloon Rides
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Samba amusement balloon ride can swing up and down and rotate around the center axis ate the same time, just looks like the swing ride. But its speed and swing range are more moderate, passengers won’t thrown far away like they riding on the yo-yo ride. So the ride allows kids who want to ride in the flying chair but don’t dare to ride to experience the pleasure of swinging.

How Does The Samba Balloon Ride Work?

Samba balloon ride mainly consists of a central turning axis, a rotating platform connected with many beautiful balloons on its edge and a seat is attached to the bottom of each balloon which looks like that hot-air balloons take passengers into the air and allows riders to experience th feeling of riding in hot-air balloons. The number of balloons is the same as the number of seats. The samba balloon ride for sale with 4, 6, 8 balloons are the most common in amusement parks, each cabin can accommodate two to four people. So it’s a perfect ride for the whole family with people of all ages to have fun.

When passengers are seated in the cabin and fastened their seat belts, the operator can start the device. The ride starts to do the rotating motion at a slower speed. Then the speed of rotation begins to pick up and the top platform starts to go up and down, so does the connected gondolas. The lowest and highest position of the seat are between 1 meter and 1.5 meter. One of the most interesting things of Samba balloon ride is that the passengers can control the central disc and to make their own cabins rotate itself which can bring them a lot of fun. It’s a simple but fun kiddie amusement ride.

Considerations Before Buying a Samba Balloon Ride

  • The area of the venue you choose. You need to have a layout of your rides throughout the fairgrounds and choose a suitable location for the ride.
  • Size. Determine the size you need according to the passenger flow. After all, it’s so popular that many tourists will be attractive by it. But no one would like to wait long. So if there are many tourists in your parks, you need to buy one that can take more people at a time. But if the passenger flow is small, buying a larger one will increase your budget and cause waste.
  • Choose the model. Different manufacturers produces a range of different appearance with different seating configurations, height, swing angles and operating speeds. Choose the one depends on your needs.
  • Check out the suppliers. First, you need to find the manufacturer, not marketing representative. Second, choose the experienced and professional manufacturer who can provide you the high quality, safe samba balloon ride for sale with reasonable price. We Beston will be your best choice.

Special Advantages of Samba Balloon for Sale in Beston

  • Excellent quality. Samba balloon ride for sale in Beston is made of commercial grade stainless steel, fiberglass and reinforced plastic which can increase its service life and ensure the safety.
  • Cheap price. It has never meant that you buy the ride at the lowest price, but involves many other factors. Maybe some clients will ask why the rides in Beston are expensive than others. But there are some things we want to tell you. First, our amusement rides aren’t easily damaged, which can help you to save a lot of late maintenance costs. Second, our rides have a longer life that can help you save trouble and expense.
  • Attractive appearances. You can choose the model of the ride you like and it will attract more people to your venue.
  • Customizable. All the rides in Beston can be customized in sizes, colors, appearances according to your needs. You tell us your requirements and we are responsible for designing and producing the products you want.
  • The best pre-sales and after-sales service. We are always ready to solve your questions and serve you.

So if you are planning to build an amusement park or just want to buy a samba balloon ride, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will you more details and price list as soon as possible.

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