9D VR Rides for Sale In Philippines

9D VR Rides for Sale In Philippines

9d VR Rides for sale in Philippines is a new kind of cinema that adopts new virtual reality technology, force feedback technology. It is a kind of integrated innovative amusement equipment with 3D stereoscopic videos, dynamic cinemas, head tracking, multiplayer, numerical control, three-dimensional imaging, animation production and network cloud technology. Watch films in the VR headset. People can enjoy vivid 3D effects and imersive 360 degrees views. The seats are installed on a 3-axis motion simulation platform. When watch films, the seat will move according to the film content to give force feedback. Welcome to buy new 9D VR Rides from Beston Amusement for your business in Philippines.

Beston 9D VR Rides
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New 9D VR Rides
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Beston 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall Features

  • Free Vision Without Dead Angles

125 ° bionic field of view angle, 1080P binocular independent HD resolution, special 9D helmet, bring users a unique enjoyment of all-round virtual world without dead corners: surreal contact takes place here, and the virtual world on the other end is within reach.

9D VR Rides for Sale In Philippines
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  • Dynamic Special Effects Interactive Warehouse

The electric single-seater motion technology has never been surpassed. The movement speed can be arbitrarily adjusted from 10mm / s to 167mm / s. The motion control is precise and delicate, and the sense of presence is improved again. The warehouse also integrates rich special effects such as tremor, tremor, and back to make users’ entertainment experience more exciting and more immersive.

  • Electric Sports Platform

Based on the Beston Group’s electric and electric motion platform, the real movement process can be restored, and the motion postures of various plots in the film can be simulated, such as rocking, lifting, pitching, offsetting, rolling, turbulent, etc. Every advance is a change, every turn is full of surprises, allowing users to fully experience the real space displacement pleasure in the virtual world.

Beston 9D VR Rides
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9D VR Rides for Sale
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  • Head Somatosensory Aiming

Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360-degree head tracking, no longer need to hold heavy weapons, just turn the head gently, you can precisely aim, with the handle of a key to kill, the unique form of this novel, let users like incarnation mythical characters Medusa, at any time, enjoy the ultimate thrill of a spike in the audience.

  • All-inclusive

The independent film research and development team has a large amount of content production experience. On the basis of inheriting its own film research and development advantages, it continuously integrates various entertainment elements to make the user experience in the virtual world more colorful: virtual fighting, virtual shooting, virtual roller coaster, Virtual flight, virtual driving … The endless stream of exciting content is full of surprises.

  • Real-time Wonderful Live Broadcast

The user’s virtual game competition scene will be a live broadcast on the big screen with a lot of attention. It combines self-entertainment and performance to meet users’ two entertainment needs at one time. At the same time, such free live advertisements are also very helpful to attract passersby to watch, gather popularity, and continue to increase attention.

How to Operate the 9D VR Rides In Philippines

Beston 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall is a virtual reality motion theater, which does not require fixed screens and sound insulation decoration. It breaks through the traditional business model’s dependence on the location of the facade. Only 9 square meters of space is required. Attractions, schools around, all kinds of venues, cinema K rooms, airport stations, Internet cafe bars … Any area where people are concentrated is very suitable for business. The imaginative game content allows you to experience various rich possibilities in the virtual world: virtual roller coaster, virtual winged flight, virtual driving, virtual flight, virtual fighting, virtual treadmill, virtual shooting. Are you looking for new 9D VR rides and 7D cinema equipment for Philippines? Try Beston Amusement Now!

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