Slingshot Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Slingshot Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Slingshot rides for sale, with many other names, such as slingshot thrill ride, slingshot roller coaster ride, ball slingshot ride, bungee slingshot, reverse bungee catapult, catapult ride is a new type of thrill ride in Beston. The new human slingshot ride was improved on the basis of the traditional slingshot ride and becomes more thrill and exciting. The thrill ride is the combination of bungee and slingshot that passengers in the cockpit can be catapulted from the ground to the high air in an instant and then dropped at the speed of free fall, again and again. Contact us for more details and quotation now  for your park in Philippines.

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New Human Slingshot Rides
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The Human Slingshot Ride for Philippines

The process of repeatedly rising and falling can bring people extremely thrilling experience and sensory shock. The slingshot ride for sale in Beston will help your amusement parks and fairgrounds attract more tourists, especially those who like adventure and thrill ride. The name comes from the physic of slingshot ride, for that the cockpit is launched from the ground to the high air and the speed is as fast as the rocket. The composition of slingshot ride is very simple, the two tall, symmetrical towers of dozens of meters are important supports for the whole equipment, a round and unenclosed cockpit is usually available for two passengers.

Slingshot Rides
GF-36A Slingshot Rides

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Human Slingshot Rides
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The two sides of the cockpit are fastened by two bungee cord and safety wire rope respectively to keep safe and the gondola is fixed by the electromagnet base on the ground. The human slingshot ride is a very thrill amusement program, so the safety is and important issue that we should take into consideration first. Beston is a professional manufacturer of various amusement rides with more than twenty years of experience, the slingshot ride for sale in Beston is high quality, absolutely safe with competitive price.

How Does the Slingshot Ride Work?

When the passengers enter the cabin, the staff needs to help riders fasten the seat belt and make sure everything is all right. Then the operator can start the device. At first, the mechanical equipment of the two sides of the towers begin to start up with the steel wire rope and bungee cord are constantly stretched and tightened, while the the cockpit is held in place by magnets. The cockpit is ready to launch until the bungee cord is controlled for maximum tension.

At this time, the operator cut off the electromagnet power, the electromagnetic absorption of the fixed cockpit disappears. The cockpit was catapulted to dozens of meters of high air in an instant. Then driven by the bounce of bungee cord and the inertia of the weight of cockpit and passengers, the cabin bounced up and down more than ten ties in the air until the bungee cord is gradually balanced and stabilized in the air. Then the operator will activate the device that can put the cockpit back on the ground and put it back on the position on the ground. The passengers’ experience of slingshot ride is over.

Considerations of Buying A Human Slingshot Ride

  • Firstly, you should search the Internet to get the information and know more about the slingshot ride, such as how it works and some details. You can also consult your friends and check out the local amusement parks.
  • Secondly, you need to make a simple plan, think about your budget, and pick your favorite pictures and the size you want.
  • Thirdly, you need to choose the suitable site according to the size of the slingshot ride and its covering area.
  • Fourthly, you can look for the suitable manufacturer by various means. Quality, price, installation, transportation time are all factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer.
  • Finally, install the slingshot ride and make a test run. Then it can bring you benefit.

Advantages of slingshot ride for sale in Beston

  • High quality production materials. We compared several raw material manufacturers and choose the best factory to provide us with the excellent materials. The steel with good quality we use to produce our amusement rides makes all our rides more durable.
  • Advanced technology and machines. We keep learning and improving, so we have the most advanced technology and machines which has greatly improved our production efficiency and the precision of each part.
  • Attractive appearance and bright color. There are so many kinds of slingshot rides for sale in Beston. You can choose the one you like. We can also accept your customization according to the drawing and size you provide. We use the advanced spray painting technology to increase the brightness and durability of the color that make the color difficult to fade.
  • Reasonable price. While ensure the good quality of slingshot rides, we also give our customers a competitive and reasonable price that can help you reduce costs.
  • Simple to install. You can quickly install it yourselves according to the installation drawings and videos provided by us. If you need, we even can even send a professional installer to help you.
  • The best pre-sale and after-sale service. If you have any question, you are welcomed to consult us at any time and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Where to Buy the Human Slingshot Ride for Sale?

Amusement rides are always large devices. Before buying the human slingshot ride, you will certainly compare multiple manufacturers and choose the most suitable one. As the top and professional manufacturer of various entertainment rides, such as, thrill rides, kiddie rides, train rides, spinning rides, indoor rides, Beston has more than 20 years production experience. During the twenty years, we have introduced advanced technology and production machines.

The most important is that we always adhere to the principle of quality and safety first which makes our company keep growing. Now, our amusement rides have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world. While developing new customers, we also retain many old customers to buy our products continuously. If you want to buy slingshot ride for sale with high quality and cheap price, please feel free to contact us or send us email directly for more quotation and price list.

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