Successful Installation of Eagle Amusement Park In Nigeria

Successful Installation of Eagle Amusement Park In Nigeria
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Latest news, the Eagle Amusement Park in Nigeria has been in operation for some time now. From installation to opening, it has been approximately a year. Currently, the project is running smoothly, and Eagle Amusement Park has gained the love of many visitors in the surrounding area, bringing in a good income for the clients. Let’s take a look at the entire project’s service process.

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July to November 2021, Requirement Understanding and Communication

In early July 2021, we received an inquiry from a customer who expressed their interest in building a new amusement park in Nigeria. After a period of communication with the customer, we gained a clear understanding of their specific requirements.

December 2021, Solution Design

By December 2021, we had formulated a project design based on the customer’s needs and our understanding of the project. After several revisions, the final design plan was confirmed.
Eagle Amusement park design

January 2022, Contract Signing and Receipt of Payment

In January 2022, we received the customer’s deposit and invoice confirmation, marking the official start of the project. The next phase involved the production of all the equipment required for the project.

March 2022, Equipment Production and Testing

Between February and March 2022, we commenced equipment production and testing in accordance with the contract requirements. Within approximately two months, all the equipment was manufactured and underwent installation and testing at our factory to ensure its integrity and reduce any potential issues during installation.

amusement equipment production and testing

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Equipment Production and Testing for Eagle park

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June 2022, Packaging and Shipment

In June 2022, after several months of production and preparation, we began the packaging and shipping process as per our agreement with the customer. Once all the equipment was packaged, it was swiftly shipped to Nigeria.
Amusement rides packing

August 2022, Online Installation Guidance

In August 2022, the customer received all the equipment and chose to proceed with self-installation. However, our company provided online video installation guidance, which made the installation process very smooth.

Eagle park installation

Amusement rides installation in Eagle park

October 2022, Project in Normal Operation

Finally, in October 2022, after thorough testing, all the equipment reached operational status, and the customer’s amusement park had a grand opening. During the initial opening, Eagle Amusement Park attracted numerous visitors, both children and adults, who were extremely delighted.

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