Funfair Flying Car Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Funfair Flying Car Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Funfair flying car rides for sale in the Philippines is a novel product designed by Beston Amusement, we also call them “rockin tug ride”. There are many different styles of this ride, like boat and car. The cockpit of this flying car rides rotates forwards and backwards in the sliding on the curved guide rail, and the movement is smooth and smooth. Want to invest a new flying car ride for your business in the amusement park in the Philippines? Contact Beston Rides for price list!
Carnival flying car ride for sale in the Philippines

Different Models of Flying Car Rides

We have single-peak, double-peak and mobile type flying car ride for sale. Double-peak flying car will integrate circular rotation and sliding movement along the track into one body: the shape adopts the shape of F1 racing car, the image of glass fibre reinforced plastic model is realistic, the overall appearance is beautiful, and the colour is bright. When tourists take the F1 speeding car, the cockpit disc rotates smoothly, and the car glides smoothly along the track, accompanied by realistic, beautiful music and flashing lights, allowing passengers to enjoy unlimited joy.

Single-peak flying car ride for sale in the Philippines

Double hump flying car ride for sale in the Philippines

Mobile type flying car ride for sale in the Philippines

Difference Between Single-peak and Double-peak

The Single-peak flying car ride is typically a rotating amusement ride, often consisting of a central pillar and one or more seats rotating around it. The Double Hill Joyride is typically a roller coaster-style amusement ride, comprising two hills (or peaks) and a track connecting these hills. The main difference between these two equipment is the track length. Additionally, except the track length, the working mode is also different.

Successful Installation Cases of Flying Car Ride

As a professional flying car ride manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has ability to design and produce different types of flying car rides. We had exported many sets of flying car ride to all over the world, including Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Nigeria, the Philippines, etc.

Indoor Project In Ethiopia

Flying car ride in Ethiopia
In Ethiopia, we’re spearheading an exciting indoor project featuring a flying car ride and over ten other thrilling amusement attractions. Originally considering an outdoor park, our client meticulously researched suppliers before selecting us based on factory inspections and comparative analysis. Our commitment to quality and innovation stood out, earning their trust and partnership. We’re thrilled to contribute to their vision and elevate the entertainment landscape.

Flying Car Ride to Russia

Flying car ride to Russia
Our latest venture in Russia involves the installation of a flying car ride as part of a park project. Initiated two years ago, the client reached out via our website, prompting swift communication and the presentation of multiple park schemes tailored to their requirements. After careful consideration, the client selected a scheme and proceeded to procure the equipment necessary for the project. We’re excited to bring our expertise to enhance the leisure offerings in Russia.

Features of Funfair Flying Car Rides

Funfair flying car ride is full of exciting dynamics and safe and comfortable enjoyment. It is the amusement equipment sought by the majority of young people. More features of this type of amusement ride:

Innovative Shape

The innovative and aesthetically pleasing shape of the flying car rides adds an element of novelty and beauty, drawing people in and increasing their desire to participate in the experience.

Attractive Lights

Adorned with dazzling arrays of colourful lights, the flying car rides become enchanting spectacles, captivating the attention of onlookers and enhancing the overall ambiance of the attraction.

Thrilling Flight Experience

The flying car ride offers a thrilling experience as passengers soar through the air, simulating the sensation of flying. The twists, turns, and dips add an adrenaline rush, making it a must-try for riders.

Thrill Feelings

As passengers embark on their journey within these illuminated vehicles, they are enveloped in a sensation reminiscent of floating through the cosmos, heightening the thrill and allure of the experience, particularly for tourists seeking unique and captivating adventures.

Customizable Themes

Many funfairs flying car rides come with customizable themes, allowing operators to tailor the experience to different audiences or events. Whether it’s a space adventure, a magical journey, or a retro-futuristic theme, the ride can be transformed to enhance the immersive experience.

Interactive Controls

Some flying car rides offer interactive controls for passengers, allowing them to control the height or tilt of their individual car. This adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement, giving riders a sense of control over their experience and making each ride unique.

Movement of Flying Car Rides

The flying car ride’s movement is characterized by the combination of circular rotation and sliding movement along the track: beautiful appearance, bright colour, and realistic image of glass fibre reinforced plastic model. When tourists ride and play, the cockpit disc rotates smoothly, the car body slides smoothly along the track, and accompanied by realistic, beautiful music and flashing lights, let passengers enjoy the feeling of drifting cars!

The funfair flying car rides, also known as the rotating speeding car, is a relatively classic playground equipment with various shapes. The company mainly produces Bugatti and bmw-shaped cars. The lights of the new interstellar car models are even cooler. Of course, there are various other shapes, which can be designed according to customer needs. Speeding car playground equipment is amusement equipment suitable for children and adults above 1.2M. This equipment is suitable for playgrounds, parks, squares, cultural centres and other places.

More About Beston Rides

An excellent investment option for amusement facilities in parks, amusement parks, and youth palaces. Beston Amusement has many different types of new amusement equipment for sale, including ferris wheel rides, bumper cars, carousel rides, trackless trains, etc. It is a children’s amusement equipment company integrating professional research and development, production, sales, installation, transformation, maintenance and after-sales service. Our rides have been exported to many different countries.

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