Water Park Slides for Sale In the Philippines

Water Park Slides for Sale In the Philippines

The best water park slides for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement for your park in Philippines. Water park slides usually only appear in the water amusement park and theme parks. We generally need to go from the stairs to the ten or twenty meters of the console and then slide down on our own strength. Want to build a water park with new water park slides? Contact Bestobn Team now!

Loudspeakers And Beasts Bowl Water Park Slides for Philippines
BL-22 Loudspeakers And Beasts Bowl Water Park Slides

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Huge Behe Moth Water Slide for Philippines
BL-27 Huge Behe Moth Water Slide

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Types of New Water Park Slides from Beston Amusement

Big Horn Water Park Slides

When take a ride of the big horn water park slides, you will sliding from the beginning of the platform, the flight generally rushes into the huge trumpet slide, as if it is sucked in by the tornado and giving people a feeling of weightlessness. In the rapid glide, the physical examination looks like the beauty of the wind in the wind, especially suitable for the experience to stimulate the novelty. The tourists rose abruptly as they has reached the interior of the horn.

Family Drift and Cyclotron Water Park Slides
BL-23 Family Drift and Cyclotron Water Park Slides

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Medium Tornado Water Park Slides for Philippines
BL-02 Medium Tornado Water Park Slides

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Sky-turning Slides for Philippines

Starting from the sky, after a high-speed traverse of a spiral trough of tens of meters, it rapidly descended to the lowest point of nearly ten meters, and rushed up to the top of a large landslide in the unscheduled time, challenging the limit of gravity, and dive again and calm down. Back to the pool, thrilling, and thoroughly experience the joy of family vacation brought by the thrill of the sky, is one of the most popular facilities in the water park.

Water Slides for Philippines
BL-01 Water Slides

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Middle Behe Moth Water Slides
BL-08 Middle Behe Moth Water Slides

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Rainbow Race Slides for Sale from Beston

It is a very classic water park play slide. It is designed in multiple ways, usually 3~10. You can use the body or floating pad to slide at the same time. The device’s participation and interactivity is so strong that visitors can participate in the competition multiple times to get a unique experience of joy and fun.

Giant Beast Bowl Slide for Philippines

Also known as the vortex slide, the tourists take the leather jacket and slide down from the platform of more than ten meters. After passing through a fully enclosed tubular slide that is several tens of meters long, it will rush into a giant bowl with a diameter of 15 meters. Under the centrifugal force, the tourists seem to be spinning in space, which is dazzling and fascinating. Finally, they are sucked into the hole in the middle of the bowl. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable glide experience, and the screams will accompany the glide.

Spiral Slides You Can Buy

It is one of the earliest developed and commonly used slides. The water park is the most popular and most classic ride. Almost every water park has a combination of spiral slides.

Snow Sled Slide

It is a classic two-way combination slide, which has the characteristics of low cost, small ground and unique experience. They can slide directly with the body, and the slides that are not closed by the barrel slides can not see the black holes outside. They instantly rush into the sinks. They are especially suitable for young people who like adventure and challenge speed. The snow slides are open. The slide has a tendency to throw upwards at the end. When you play it, it will be thrown forward 3~5 meters and then fall into the pool. It is wonderful and unique, especially suitable for young people who challenge the excitement.

Space Plate Slide

From 12 meters of space, the tourists walked through a time tunnel of more than ten meters at a high speed, and suddenly rushed into a large bowl with a diameter of several meters, but found that they were spinning around. After many efforts and impacts, they finally fell into a deep pool. It offers visitors an unforgettable thrill to travel through time and space, and is especially suitable for adventure.

The theme of water park slides is characterized by precise description of the product image which is easy to use, safe and perfect and the theme of swimming with a certain culture and animation. The people who are in the water are innate with water, and the water makes people survive. People get pleasure. Common water park slides mainly include sky-turning, wide-body water slides, flying carpet slides, large horn slides, spiral slides, vortex slides, large spiral slides, rainbow race slides, closed spiral slides, U-shaped wave slides, and snow rafts. Slide.

Common water parks are mainly water buds, water spray buds, water jet pencils, spray watercolor mushrooms, frog slides, water guns, water guns, water cannons, water seesaws, water jets, water jet digital toys. Water spray frog, water spray crocodile, water jet hippocampus, elephant slide, apple house, spray watercolor column, parent-child turtle, water jet hedgehog, water jet whale, water spray kangaroo, water spray shell, self-priming water gun, rainbow Slides, fish and crab spray combination, water jet octopus, water spray dolphins, lotus water spray, water spray frog, water spray shower, water play / duckweed and other water equipment.

The water park slides are derived from human understanding of life and the perception of life. Life is in sports, and sports bring joy in life. If hot springs pay attention to “quietness”, then water parks pursue “dynamic”.

There are three highly consistent areas of design, construction and operation of water park slides with park investors, managers and visitors:

First of all, safety is always in the first place. As a special facility, it must be certified by the competent national authorities, layer-by-layer inspection, and sub-tests before it can be put into operation.

Secondly, the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary and able to experience the fun that is not usually played.

Third, the amusement experience must be diverse and must be adapted to the needs of various groups of people.

Fourth, the amusement project should be timely and innovative, and there should be periodic project updates and upgrades.

Planning to build a new water park with water rides? Beston will help you!

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