Indoor Playground Supplier In the Philippines

Indoor Playground Supplier In the Philippines

Indoor playground supplier in the Philippines – Beston Amusement Rides provide all types of new indoor playground equipment with different sizes and appearance. One layer, two layer and even 3 layer indoor playground equipment can be customized for shopping malls, supermarket and other indoor places in the Philippines. If you are planing build a new indoor playground in your city, Choose Beston Amusement Equipment for more information about the price, size and other details of these indoor playground equipment. Our sales team will give you the best instruction on new indoor playground equipment install.
Indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer

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Beston Indoor Playground Equipment Design

In order to create a fairy-tale amusement environment for children and children, Beston Amusement has designed a lot of theme-style Naughty Castle children’s playgrounds. We prefer the naughty castle with themed style. The naughty castles designed by Beston Amusement include forest-themed naughty castles, candy-themed naughty castles, ocean-themed naughty castles, space-themed naughty castles, and ice-snow-themed naughty castles…all of which are themes with good customer feedback. Zhenghan Amusement can be designed according to the customer’s own ideas, to ensure that the styles and styles are not the same, and they are competitive.

Ocean-themed Indoor Playground

Ocean style indoor playground equipment for the Philippines
The design of the this indoor playground is inspired by ocean, including fish, marine life and coral reefs, making children feel like in the ocean.

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Forest-themed Indoor Playground

Forest theme indoor playground equipment in the Philippines
Jungle-themed indoor playground equipment creates a jungle atmosphere for kids with trees, vines and animals like lions and monkeys.

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Castle-themed Indoor Playground

Castle themes indoor soft playground equipment in the Philippines
Castle Style Kids’ Naughty Castle Playground creates a medieval castle atmosphere for kids with features like turrets, towers and drawbridges.

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Space-themed Indoor Playground

Space theme indoor playground equipment in the Philippines
Space-themed naughty castle creates an outer space atmosphere for kids who love space objects, featuring rockets, planets and stars.

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Application of Indoor Play Equipment in the Philippines

Indoor playground equipment business is a combination of various amusement equipment for indoor use which mainly including huge trampoline, marine ball pool, really CS, expansion, rock climbing, etc. Combine the nature of children who like to jump, climb, drill, slide, roll, swing, and shake. Let kids love to play and do not hesitate to play and compete for physical strength, develop intelligence, exercise perseverance, and fully develop the body and mind. Beston indoor playground equipment for the Philippines is a new investment project for indoor places that has just entered the market in the past two years. Since its listing, indoor playground equipment has been widely loved by children and parents. The project is suitable for installation in places where children, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, and communities, are densely populated. Not limited by the size and shape of the site. Low investment, simple management, low loss and high profit. Nowadays, Indoor playground is a good project for investment in the Philippines.

Indoor playground can be used in the shopping mall
Shopping mall
Indoor playground can be used in the indoor playground
Indoor Playground
Indoor playground can be used in the kids amusement center
Amusement Center
Indoor playground can be used in the kids funfair
Kids Funfair
Indoor playground can be used in the airport
Indoor playground can be used in large communities
Large Communities

Unique Projects for the Philippines Indoor Playground

In order to make full use of the limited space and increase the fun and playability of the indoor playground, Beston Rides tend to adopt two or even three layers of structural form when the layer height conditions permit. This indoor playground equipment takes full advantage of the height of the floor and adopts a multi-layer structure, which is different from the trampoline park.

Slide for indoor playground in the Philippines
Trampoline area for indoor playground in the Philippines
Trampoline Area
Climbing area for indoor playground in the Philippines
Climbing Area
Animals merry go round for indoor soft play area
Animals Merry Go Round
interactive games for the Philippines indoor playground
Interactive Games
Coconut tree for indoor soft play ground
Coconut Tree

For the children, the platform of the naughty castle is equivalent to a mysterious and unknown space, waiting for them to explore. After the children are looking forward to entering this space, the fun and fun platform play equipment will naturally bring surprises to the children and stimulate their passion. On the contrary, if the amusement equipment on the platform is too common, it will make them disappointing, thus damaging their amusement enthusiasm.

Therefore, if you want the platform to successfully attract children’s interest in play, it will not become a useless display, we need to carefully consider when choosing platform amusement equipment, try to choose some more unique platform amusement equipment. So, what are the more featured platform amusement equipment?

Indoor Playground Project In the World

As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer for the Philippines market, Beston Rides has established many indoor and outdoor project in the Philippines and many other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Panama, Indonesia, etc. Here show you a part of videos and pictures, welcome to check for details about these project or contact us for details now!

1320㎡ Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

Indoor Playground In Qatar Airport

Ocean theme indoor playground equipment for sale

Turkey Indoor Playground Project Business Site

A few days ago, a customer of our Turkey indoor comprehensive project sent us a video of the indoor playground ...
Indoor Playground Design for Vietnam Customer

1189 ㎡ Indoor Project In Vietnam

Latest news! Our company's indoor park project in Vietnam has been delivered and completed. The project covers an area of ...
Indoor Playground Design for Manila, Philippines

Customized Indoor Playground Equipment to Manila

Latest news, the indoor playground equipment has been installed in the Philippines. It is a 200㎡ indoor playground that customized ...
Ocean Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Good news! After a month of production work, the 46-seat ocean theme double-decker carousel ride order has been produced and ...

Features of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

As a professional indoor playground supplier for the Philippines market, Beston Rides’ indoor playground equipment is known for its high quality, safety features, and engaging design aimed at providing a fun and interactive play experience for children. Here are some features commonly associated with Beston Indoor Playground Equipment:

Price of each square meter for the indoor playground is ranging from 200 to 2000 dollars.
Size can be custozmied from 100 squares meters to 10000+ squares meters and larger.
Professional 3D indoor playground and amusement park designers with rich experiences.


Free instructions for opening the new indoor playground projects and more post-services in different countries, Philippines, Nigeria, Indonesia, USA, Canada, etc.
Different types of indoor playground equipment for sale, space themed, candy theme, ice theme, forest theme and many other indoor playground equipment can be customized.

Why Installed a New Indoor Playground for Kids In the Philippines?

Indoor playground is nowadays a popular indoor children’s playground. There is a constant flow of passengers in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer to avoid wind and sun. The main customers of Naughty Castles are children, so if indoor playground equipment wants to attract children’s attention, the style design needs to enter the children’s psychology.
Comprehensive indoor project in the Philippines

Benefits of Indoor Playground Equipment for Kids

Indoor play equipment from Beston Rides offer a variety of benefits for children. On one hand, the humanized design effectively enhances children’s coordination skills. On the other hand, indoor playground provide a high level of safety for children, reducing parental concerns about their safety. Here are 3 benefits of Beston indoor playground equipment:

The indoor soft playground equipment make child’s hand operation easier, improve hand-eye coordination and imagination, and create a variety of shapes. Soft toys can satisfy children’s mysterious psychology, contribute to emotional stability and attention, brain and limb muscle development, and increase knowledge, structure and application ability through different types of indoor playground games.
Its design is very user-friendly. It seems that a simple naughty castle is designed by designers according to children’s preferences and personality. Children of different personalities like different indoor playground equipment, and the materials of naughty castle are also environmentally friendly. Non-polluting will not cause harm to your child’s health. Parents can rest assured that children can play.
Its role is very powerful, it is the child’s favorite thing, its existence can bring joy and laughter to the children, but also the most loyal playmates of the children. While playing the naughty castle, children can develop their brains to a certain extent, and stimulate the brain’s hidden ability. And it can also help children to leave more beautiful fragments on the growth path; these are not every What parents can do.

Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer In the Philippines – Beston

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, we, Beston Amusement has rich experience in designing and manufacturing different types of indoor playground equipment for sale with small and large sizes. We have exported many sets of indoor playground for different countries, such as Nigeria, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Panama, Canada, Kuwait, Russia, Uzbekistan etc. Our indoor playground projects have got many good feedbacks from our old customers. If you are going to build a new indoor playground in the Philippines. Give us an opportunity, we will try our best to help you build the playground. Now send your inquiry to or contact us +8618569983316. Our experienced sales manager will contact you soon about the price and details of indoor playground equipment and also accept customized solutions for starters!

Indoor Playground Manufacturer's Designer Team
Designer Team
On-site Installation Team for Indoor Playground
On-site Installation Team
Indoor Playground Equipment After-sale Team
After-sale Team

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