Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In the Philippines

The self-control plane rides for sale In the Philippines, also called self-control aircraft rides, kiddie plane rides. It belongs to a very classic amusement equipment that is popular used in the amusement park, funfairs. It consists of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. The aircraft revolves around a central column, and passengers can freely control the ascent and descent of the cabins. For children, the sense of participation is extremely strong. It is one of the most popular kiddie rides in the amusement park. Planning to install a new self-control plane ride in your park? Contact Beston Rides for details!

Kiddie self-control plane rides for sale in the Philippines

Different Models of Self-control Plane Rides for the Philippines

As a professional manufacturer of amusement park equipment, we currently produce various models of self-controlled aircraft for customers to choose from, including 8-arm 16-seat self-controlled aircraft, 10-arm 20-seat self-controlled aircraft, and 12-arm 24-seat self-controlled aircraft, etc. In addition to the aircraft designs, the cabins of self-controlled aircraft amusement equipment can also be transformed into various other shapes, such as bees, dinosaurs, bears, kangaroos, and many other beloved shapes for children. Below are some of the self-controlled aircraft designs produced by our company, and we also accept customizations from customers.

Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides for the Philippines

Christmas theme kiddie plane rides for sale in the Philippines

New design kiddie self-control plane rides for the Philippines

Working Videos of Beston Self-control Plane Rides

The working videos of Beston’s Self-Control Plane series in the Philippines are truly exhilarating. Our amusement park equipment is designed to provide exciting and enjoyable experiences for visitors of all ages. The Beston Self-Control Plane, which is similar with the carousel rides, is not only a symbol of innovation but also a paradigm of safety, ensuring riders a thrilling yet controlled adventure. In these videos, you’ll witness captivating spins, twists, and rolls, bringing laughter and joy to our guests. Our equipment isn’t just for entertainment; it represents the perfect fusion of excitement and safety. Join us in exploring the vibrant and dynamic world that Beston’s Self-Control Plane brings – every moment is a delightful journey into the joy of amusement.

Application of Our Self-control Plane Rides

As a classic and popular kiddie amusement rides, the self-controlled plane is suitable for all kinds of large playgrounds, squares, amusement parks and other venues in the Philippines. If you are planning to build a new park in the Philippines, you can come to our factory for choosing some rides. So which types of plane rides you need? Talk with Beston Team directly now!

Kiddie Plane Rides for the Philippines amusement park

Kiddie plane rides for the funfair in the Philippines

Kiddie self-control plane rides for the resort

Recent Cases of Kiddie Plane Rides for the Philippines Market

As one of the most popular kiddie rides in our factory, our company’s self-control planes are well-loved by customers from various countries, both in terms of design and quality. Currently, our self-control planes have been exported to over 60 countries worldwide, including the Philippines, Nigeria, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, and Moldova for indoor and outdoor amusement park projects. Here are some selected export cases:

Plane Ride In the Philippines

Kiddie plane ride in the Philippines
This is a self-control plane purchased by a customer in the Philippines. The customer also acquired 24-seat carousel and teacup ride equipment for use in the square. The customer is highly satisfied with the quality of our equipment.

Kiddie Plane Ride in Moldova

Kiddie self-control plane ride in the Moldova park
This is part of a city park project located in Moldova. We were involved in the entire process, from design and production to delivery and installation, providing the customer with over 10 different amusement rides.

Kiddie Plane Ride in Nigeria

Self-control kiddie plane ride in the Nigeria funfair
This is a comprehensive hotel amusement project in Nigeria. The customer, who owns a hotel with available land, wanted to invest in an amusement project. They approached us, and we provided the entire park project solution.

Selling Point of Our Self-control Plane Rides in the Philippines

Our self-control plane rides not only come in a variety of types but also prioritize quality. We strive to offer our customers the most competitive products in the market. The selling points of our self-control plane rides in the Philippines are numerous, making them a standout choice for amusement park enthusiasts:

High Playability

The spacious cabin accommodates both an adult and a child, allowing passengers to control ascent and descent. The enlarged cabin ensures a comfortable ride for passengers.

Durable Paint Finish

Our self-control plane equipment undergoes meticulous painting, incurring higher labor costs. However, the paint finish is resistant to fading, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant appearance.

Versatile for All Ages

Suitable for children, teenagers, and adults, our self-control plane rides offer an engaging experience, particularly appealing to kids.

Visually Striking

The entire rides exudes a high-quality aesthetic, complemented by luxurious lighting, leaving a lasting impression on passengers.


Our self-control plane rides, crafted using experienced production techniques, offer a low price point with guaranteed quality and a long lifespan.

Working Principles of Kiddie Plane Rides

The self-controlled plane ride is a Beston self-controlled amusement device. It consists of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical systems. It is a kind of amusement equipment that rotates around the centre of the vertical axis and moves up and down freely. The aircraft rotates around the centre rocket or other styling decoration in Beston Rides, and freely controls the ascent. The tourists hold the joysticks to lift and lower at random during the flight, chasing and shooting each other. It is a kind of amusement facilities that visitors can control their own lifting. The self-controlled aircraft has 6-arm, 8-arm, 12-arm and other models. The central rocket and the boom are equipped with lanterns. The current self-controlled aircraft are self-controlled pneumatic aircraft and self-controlled hydraulic aircraft.

Working Principles of Kiddie Plane Rides

Working Principles of Self-control Plane Rides in the Philippines

Cost of Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides

The cost of kiddie self-control plane rides in the Philippines varies based on factors such as the manufacturer, specific design features, materials, and customization options. Prices are also influenced by the size and complexity of the ride. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact manufacturers or amusement park equipment suppliers directly. They can provide detailed quotes tailored to specific requirements, ensuring you get the most relevant information for your budget and preferences.

12 Seater Kiddie Plane Rides USD14000-16000
16 Seater Kiddie Plane Rides USD16000-18000
24 Seater Kiddie Plane Rides USD50000-60000

Kiddie Plane Rides Manufacturer- Beston Rides

Beston Rides is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We have offices and exhibition ball in the world, such as, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, etc. We are aiming to provide on-stop service for our customers who want to start business with amusement rides. Our kiddie self-control plane rides will keep updating. If you want to get kiddie plane rides for your amusement park business in the Philippines, welcome to contact Beston Rides now!

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