Indoor Playground Project In Qatar Airport

Indoor Playground Project In Qatar Airport
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This is a Qatar customer’s investment in indoor amusement equipment at two airports in Qatar, primarily to welcome the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar. The entire project mainly includes two sets of indoor soft-play amusement equipment and interactive projection. Installed at both the new and old airports in Qatar, the project has been operational for some time now, and the customer is satisfied with the project customization, product quality, on-site installation, as well as our service and support.

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Project Consultation and Plan Determination

Due to the urgent timeline of the entire project, our project manager quickly contacted the customer after receiving their inquiry on July 4th. They understood the customer’s requirements and, in collaboration with our designers, provided a two-dimensional design plan based on the customer’s site conditions. By July 14th, after approximately 10 days, the final solution was confirmed with the customer. A contract was signed with the customer on July 29th, and we received the customer’s prepayment on August 1st.

Space theme indoor playground design for Qatar

Indoor playground design for Qatar

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Equipment Production and Shipping Stage

Upon receiving the customer’s prepayment on August 1st, we immediately arranged for the factory to start equipment production. The entire production process took approximately 20 days, with equipment production being completed by August 22nd. We then began preparations for shipping. Around September 20th, all goods arrived at the port and cleared customs. The three containers all arrived at the port in Qatar on September 25th.

Indoor playground equipment ready for shipping to Qatar

Indoor playground equipment shipping to Qatar

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Indoor Playground On-Site Installation In Qatar

In October and November, our installation engineers first completed the installation of the 1320 square meter indoor play structure project in Saudi Arabia and then proceeded immediately to Qatar for on-site installation. The installation work for the first airport took approximately 10 days, and the installation work for both airports in total took around one month. All projects were successfully installed.

Indoor playground installation in Qatar

Indoor playground installation in Qatar airport

Trampoline areas installation in Qatar

On-site installation of indoor playground in Qatar

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