Mall Train for Sale In Philippines

Mall Train for Sale In Philippines

The mall train for sale in the Philippines is a new sightseeing amusement equipment which is specially developed and designed by Beston Amusement for large shopping malls. It is mainly used for different shopping malls and shopping centers. The small trains that match the shopping malls are customized according to the requirements of the mall operators. It has a good effect in coordinating various activities in the shopping malls. There are many types of trackless and track trains that is suitable for shopping malls. Which one do you prefer? Contact us for price of these trains.

Mall Train for Sale In Philippines
BNMT-01 Mall Train

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Mall Trackless Train for Sale
BNMT-02 Mall Trackless Train

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Track Trains and Trackless Train for Shopping Mall

Commonly used in shopping malls are amusement equipment for small track trains, and small trains without tracks. There are small track trains. The tracks are composed of high-quality steel rails. The appearance of the small mall trains can be designed and changed according to requirements. The equipped motor box inputs the current to the track for the train to start. . The car body is made of high-quality fiberglass, which is durable.

Beston Mall Trains for Philippines
BNMT-03 Beston Mall Trains

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Wholesale Mall Trains
BNMT-04 Wholesale Mall Trains

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Trackless trains for malls do not need to lay steel rails and move forward on wheels. Trackless trains are much more convenient than tracked trains when arranging the site. In appearance and function, it is no different from a small train. You can choose trackless trains or track trains according to your usage In Philippines.

 Mall Train Rides for Sale
BNMT-05 Mall Train Rides

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Mall Trains for Sale
BNMT-06 Mall Trains for Sale

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Category of Beston Mall Trains for Philippines

Mall trains can be divided into shopping mall trains, square trains, etc. according to their operating sites. The prices of small trains are not the same which maybe ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 to 100,000 USD. The price difference of electric sightseeing mall trains is mainly between batteries and In terms of the difference in appearance design patents, batteries are divided into dry batteries and water batteries. There are also simple and complex appearances. Some products have design patents. This is also one of the reasons for the price difference of trackless trains.

Beston Shopping Mall Trains
BNMT-07 Beston Shopping Mall Trains

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New Mall Trains from Beston
BNMT-08 New Mall Trains from Beston

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Advantages of Beston Mall Trains

The body of the small sightseeing train for mall is made of high-quality fiberglass materials, which can make many features, such as antique style, animal style, cartoon style, and incorporate a variety of elements, which is very interesting and conforms to the characteristics of the city. The mall train driven by a battery is green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It can work continuously for about 8 hours after a full charge. The mall train does bring people a lot of convenience and can even be used as a means of transportation in Philippines market.

Why Operate Trackless Train In The Mall In Philippines

Shopping malls have gathered many merchants. As a place with relatively concentrated traffic, merchants do not want to seize past customers. When the shopping mall trains constantly shuttle in the shopping mall, they frequently appear in front of customers, attracting people’s attention and attracting more people to ride.

The shopping mall train is mainly used for children’s amusement and shopping mall sightseeing. It has the characteristics of novel appearance, safety and reliability, high viewing ability, and many returning customers. It can be customized according to customer requirements to meet different customer needs. Welcome to visit our factory for inspection and purchase!

Now, the main consumer group of the tourist train is children, and they all like the characters and environment in the animation. Therefore, if we make the theme based on a certain animation, it will make them more attractive, and they can really feel the animation. The atmosphere in the film, so this kind of equipment is more popular with children. The trackless train is based on the small train in the cartoon of “Thomas and his friends”, the front of the trackless train and the cartoon Thomas is very similar, very attractive to children in the mall.

Mall Trains Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

Some people would say that a place as small as a corridor in a mall can be passed on? Can it be easy to turn? Don’t worry about this. Normally, a small train in a corridor that two adults can pass side by side can pass, and a small train with a turning radius within 6 meters can easily pass through the right-angle corners of a normal shopping mall. The cost of this small train is reasonable, but due to the huge passenger flow of the mall, the cost can be recovered quickly. If you want to buy new trackless trains and track trains for your mall business in the Philippines. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement Group for details.

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