Battery Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Battery Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Battery bumper cars for sale In Philippines, is a type of amusement equipment for kids that uses the battery to conduct electricity to promote the operation of the bumper car. The battery bumper car is one of the most popular and powerful new “battery bumper cars” at home and abroad. By use the battery, the driver personally drives, rushes left, hits the right, rubs, and bumps. It is extremely defensive and irritating. It is worth mentioning that the battery bumper car is connected to the battery below and will be directly connected by conductive devices. It doesn’t look very obvious, and it’s not easy to recognize. Want to buy some new battery bumper cars for your amusement park? Send your inquiry now!

Battery Bumper Cars for Philippines
BNBC-A Battery Bumper Cars

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Beston New Battery Bumper Cars
BNBC-B Battery Bumper Cars

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The power supply of the battery bumper car is also called battery power supply, a power supply network composed of strip-shaped conductors is a large enough insulation board to arrange a number of conductive strips, the polarity of adjacent conductive strips is opposite, and each conductive The strips are each connected to the same-named end of the power supply in a suitable way. These are performed on a steel plate called a battery bumper car.

Red Battery Operated Bumper Cars
BNBC-C Red Battery Operated Bumper Cars

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Kids Battery Bumper Cars for Philippines
BNBC-D Kids Battery Bumper Cars

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Advantages of Beston Battery Bumper Cars for Philippines

  • Integrated seamless FRP body design, more beautiful visual.
  • The steering wheel is used for steering, and the steering wheel of motor vehicle is used for more reliable performance and more flexible control.
  • Car-grade seat design for more comfortable ride;
  • High-fidelity stereo background music, multiple background music and background sound effects are optional.
  • The front and rear lighting system of the electric bumper car has a brighter vision.
  • Fixed battery design, more stable walking, and can be assembled with large batteries.
  • Use smart charger. The indicator light indicates the charging progress, and the microcomputer controls the charging.
  • The battery does not generate heat or bubbling, which effectively extends the battery life. Fully automatic transfer to floating charge state, supplementary battery self-discharge.
  • The electric bumper uses super wear-resistant polyester rubber wheels, plus a mechanical overload protection system.
  • Dual drive system to enhance the ability to grip, can be adapted to a variety of floors, such as floor tiles, cement floors, etc.
  • Play time 1-30 minutes can be adjusted by you, and you can also customize play time according to your needs.
  • The chariot has two starting modes (remote control and key), which can be easily controlled no matter how many cars you choose.

Therefore, when the battery bumper car is installed and operated in your funfair and park, these connected devices must be very tight. Fully guarantee the normal operation of bumper cars. When an object moves freely in the power supply network, it can draw power or electrical signals from the power supply network through a sliding contact group. This block power supply network can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks. The surface of the bumper car using this power supply method is generally steel plate laying, as the site of the net bumper car activity. Such a battery bumper car steel plate can directly use the ordinary ground to conduct electricity to the bumper car itself. The name of the battery bumper car is also Come from this.

How Do Battery Bumper Cars Work?

Battery bumper cars also have their own rules of play: battery bumper cars for Philippines drivers strive to complete the lap in the field as fast as possible, or across the entire field, of course, the main goal is of course the fellow bumper cars, or bumper cars driven by other players. On the way, you can make a rampage and knock your opponent’s car away. Battery bumper cars, like battery bumper cars, can set the time automatically. The settings of this system can be done by remote control. One remote control can control dozens of bumper cars in the field. When the time is up, the operator puts Power is off. The speed of battery operated bumper cars is usually low, but this battery bumper car is relatively faster, but because the bumper car has a layer of rubber tires around it, it will not damage the car even if the collision occurs.

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