Pendulum Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Pendulum Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Pendulum rides for sale in the Philippines, a type of thrill amusement equipment which is composed of four giant pillars, a large bracket similar to a swing frame. The pendulum hangs on the bracket. Passengers sit facing the periphery for a week. When the equipment starts, the large pendulum rides carry the passengers linger like swing rides, accompanied by dynamic music, and a large 360-degree rotation of the large pendulum itself, bringing passengers an unprecedented thrill and exciting experience. Planning to install a large or small pendulum rides for your amusement park? Contact Beston Amusement now!

Pendulum rides for sale in the Philippines

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Mini pendulum amusement rides for sale in the Philippines

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Different Models of Pendulum Rides from Beston

Our company produces a variety of swing hammer devices, including 24-seat, 22-seat, 12-seat, and 6-seat swing hammers. We also offer different configurations for customers to choose from, including regular and deluxe swing hammers. These swing hammers can be used in both indoor and outdoor amusement parks. The design, lighting, music, and other features can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. If you are interested in purchasing swing hammer equipment, please feel free to contact Beston Rides.

24 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale
24 Seats
11 Seats Mini Pendulum Rides In the Philippines
11 Seats
22 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale In the Philippines
22 Seats
12 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale
12 Seats
24 Seaters Pendulum Rides for Sale
24 Seats
6 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale In the Philippines
6 Seats

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Pendulum Rides Installation Cases

Our company’s pendulum rides has already been exported to several countries, including Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, and many others. Some customers use it in parks, while others deploy it in squares and shopping malls. Here are some selected case examples:

Beston Big Pendulum Ride In Uzbekistan Park
Big Pendulum Ride In Uzbekistan

This large pendulum is one of the amusement equipment installed in the park in Uzbekistan. We provide customers with a complete set of park project solutions, including all amusement equipment and subsequent project operation suggestions.

Mini pendulum ride in Algeria
Mini pendulum ride in Algeria

This is a 6-seater small pendulum purchased by an Algerian indoor playground customer. In addition to this pendulum, the customer also purchased 6 other equipment, including carousels, flying chairs, self-controlled airplanes, and joyful flying cars.

Working Videos of Beston Pendulum Rides

Welcome to the exciting world of Beston Pendulum Rides! In these engaging videos at work, you’ll get a front-row seat to the thrilling and captivating pendulum rides produced by Beston, a renowned leader in the rides’ industry. These videos showcase the heart-pounding excitement, impressive engineering and stunning visuals of our pendulum rides. Every piece of equipment we manufacture is crafted using high-quality materials and undergoes multiple tests before leaving the factory. This ensures that our customers receive equipment that functions flawlessly upon arrival, without causing any delays.

Features of Beston Pendulum Amusement Equipment

Strong Sensation

Dual thrill feelings with 360° horizontal and vertical rotations with our pendulum amusement rides.


Multiple safeguards including seatbelts and safety bars for different types of pendulum rides.


Maintenance of the swing hammer equipment is straightforward, with a low failure rate.

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Application of Pendulum Rides

Beston big and mini pendulum ride is suitable for various indoor and outdoor fields such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, and residential quarters. This popular equipment is made of environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforced plastic materials. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability and beautiful appearance. It is a popular amusement facility which is popular with children and children. If you want to buy these new pendulum rides from Beston for your business in the Philippines. Welcome to send your inquiry to us.

Theme Park

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Manufacturing Details and Materials of Pendulum Rides

We strive for excellence in the selection of materials and craftsmanship, and the manufacturing of Beston Pendulum Rides reflects a commitment to excellence and a focus on rider enjoyment and safety. The combination of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing ensures that these rides not only provide a thrilling experience, but also stand the test of time in terms of durability and reliability.

Welding Process

Welding Process for big pendulum rides
The key contact points are welded, and post-weld processing ensures that the contact surfaces remain smooth, reducing vibrations.

Shot Blasting and Rust Removal

Shot Blasting and Rust Removal for pendulum rides
Shot blasting enhances paint adhesion, and after shot blasting, the steel will not rust for up to 10 years.

Steel Material

Steel materials for pendulum ridesQ235B steel is primarily selected due to its excellent welding properties, good plasticity, and superior formability.


Unfade paint for pendulum ridesAn independent paint booth ensures a smooth finish, bright colors, and resistance to fading.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing for pendulum amusement ridesThe overall weld is subjected to non-destructive testing, and the white spray residue is from the magnetic powder used during testing.

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Pendulum Rides Price

The cost of pendulum rides in the Philippines can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the manufacturer, model, size, features, and where you purchase them. To get accurate and up-to-date pricing information, Welcome to contact Beston Rides directly. We can provide you with quotes and details specific to the pendulum ride you’re interested in for the amusement business in the Philippines.
How much does the pendulum ride cost in the Philippines

Pendulum Rides Manufacturer – Beston Rides

As a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Rides’ market has been spread to all over the world, except the Philippines, our park project all wildly installed in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, etc. We have a professional team, including installation team, sales team, maintenance team, operation team to offer whole project solutions for customers from all over the world. If you are planning to start business with amusement rides, welcome to contact Beston Rides.


About the installation, Beston Rides will dispatch 2 engineers (one for electrical and one for mechanical) for guidance, along with 5 workers. The installation period is 15 days. Customers can also installed by themselves.


Generally speaking, one-year limited warranty is provided for our pendulum ride. If any damage occurs within the first year, damaged parts and components can be shipped free of charge for our customers.


To eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure operational quality, the electric motor should undergo regular inspections. We recommend a minor inspection every three months and a major inspection once a year.

FAQ doe Beston Pendulum Rides in the Philippines

Production Period

45 working days (for the 23-seat pendulum ride)

Installation Options for the Pendulum Ride

On-site installation with guidance or remote guidance via video, with installation typically completed within one week.
Provision of foundation drawings and a list of vulnerable components.

After-Sales Services for the Pendulum Ride

One-Year Warranty: The warranty period begins from the date of equipment delivery.
Handling of Daily Equipment Issues: Response to customer queries within 24 hours and providing a solution within three working days during regular equipment usage.
Periodic Equipment Performance Reviews: Regular visits to assess the operation of the equipment.
Training of Operators: Providing training for the personnel operating the pendulum ride.

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