16-seater Carousel Feedback Video from El Salvador

16-seater Carousel Feedback Video from El Salvador
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Not long ago, Salvadoran customers received 16 carousels and began installing them online. After multiple test runs, these 16 carousels were put into operation. After running for a while, the customer sent us operational feedback in the form of a video. The Salvadoran customer is very satisfied with the appearance and quality of our carousels. Here is the operational video sent by the customer:

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16-seat Carousel Transaction Process

After receiving an inquiry from Salvadoran customers on our website, our project manager promptly contacted the client to understand their interest in purchasing either a 16-seat or a 24-seat carousel equipment. Based on the client’s requirements, our project manager provided the customer with a quotation for both the 16-seat and 24-seat popular carousel models. After careful consideration, the Salvadoran customer expressed a keen interest in the 16-seat classic carousel. Our sales manager provided the customer with operational videos of the carousel and various details. After approximately a month of communication, the customer requested some customization for the seats and lighting of the 16-seat carousel and ultimately confirmed the order.

16 seater carousel ride to El Salvador
Completed 16-seater Carousel

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Successful Cases of Beston Carousel Rides

Currently, Beston Rides’ carousel equipment has been exported to several countries around the world. In addition to the Philippines, it has also been delivered to countries like Russia, Nigeria, Guyana, and more. Some of these carousels are used in parks and amusement parks, while others are installed in shopping malls and indoor children’s play areas. Customers from these various locations have expressed high levels of satisfaction with our carousel equipment.
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Except the 16 seater carousel ride, we also have many different models of carousel rides for customers to choose. For the Philippine market, we can customize it according to customer needs and the preferences of local residents, making it more suitable for the aesthetics and requirements of local Filipino customers in terms of appearance and riding experience.

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More About Beston Rides – Project Solution Provider

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston Rides’ carousels are loved by customers from multiple countries. We not only produce carousels but also other attractions like pirate ships, swing rides, flying chairs, and more. Additionally, we have a dedicated team that can provide comprehensive indoor and outdoor amusement project solutions for our customers. We welcome you to get in touch with Beston Rides for all your amusement needs.

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