Flying Octopus Rides for Sale In Philippines

Flying Octopus Rides for Sale In Philippines

Flying Octopus Rides is a gyro-type amusement equipment. It changes people’s horrible impression of a big octopus in the deep sea. The cartoon style design adds a bit of childishness. On this device, it uses a back-to-back cockpit design, which can bring visitors a stronger rotational stimulation experience when the entire device is started. Not only that, under the cooperation of brilliant lights and dynamic music, it creates a joyful atmosphere for tourists. Now it can be seen in major parks and squares.

16 Seat Flying Octopus Rides for Sale
BRD-TP16 16 Seat Flying Octopus Rides

Technical Parameters

Model: BRD-TP16
Cover Area: φ8m
Height: 4m
Weight: 3.8t
Capacity: 16
Power: 12kw
Voltage: 380v

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Operating Principles of Beston Flying Octopus Rides

From the operating principle of the flying octopus rides, it is like the top we played when we were young, it is a drifting amusement device with an unstable center. The lifting method of the octopus flying is realized by hydraulic and pneumatic co-sitting. The whole process is accurate and coordinated, and the operation is stable and reliable. What’s more characteristic is that when it is tilted, the lower part is five centimeters from the ground. The fun, exciting and joyful gameplay experience has naturally won a large number of loyal fans. If you also like to challenge yourself to a game of the brave, then you might as well experience the fun of flying octopus!

From the production principle of Flying Octopus, it uses high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics and national standard steel from large manufacturers, and the combination of automobile paint technology brings a more vivid and realistic appearance. This amusement device that pursues excitement and speed naturally pays attention to safety issues. The dual guarantee of seat belts and hydraulic rods conveys joy to tourists without worries. Under the strong discovery momentum of the amusement industry, Flying Octopus amusement rides has won praise from customers for its cost-effective and quality advantages.

24 Seat Flying Octopus Rides
BRD-TP24 24 Seat Flying Octopus Rides

Technical Parameters

Model: BRD-TP24
Cover Area: φ9m
Height: 5m
Weight: 7.5t
Capacity: 24
Power: 11kw
Voltage: 380v

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From the appearance point of view, there is a lively octopus shape in the middle of the turntable. From a distance, it looks like an octopus jumping out of the water. The vivid and realistic shape attracts many tourists. Not only is it decorated with a variety of marine animal and plant patterns, coupled with the dazzling lighting effects, this amusement facility is a unique landscape whether placed indoors or outdoors. In the cockpit, the children seemed to have come to a world of sea elves, which became unforgettable memories in the children’s childhood life.

From the consideration of more humane production, only from the cockpit aspect, the stainless steel handrails and safety belts in front of the cockpit are double-protected, allowing visitors to experience joy without worries. The high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic adopts the automobile baking paint process, the color is bright, wear-resistant, sun-proof and does not change color. Every detail consideration for excellence will satisfy tourists and investors. If you also want to know more information about top amusement equipment, you are welcome to communicate directly with our online customer service, Beston Amusement will serve you wholeheartedly.

Flying Octopus Ride is a gyro-type children’s amusement equipment. Its design style is based on the ocean theme. The complementary yellow color combination gives people a refreshing feeling. When it is running, it resembles a spinning top, and visitors move up and down in the cockpit as if swimming in the sea. From an investor’s point of view, this device is suitable for places with large traffic such as parks, squares, amusement parks, and communities, and low-cost investment can achieve faster return on costs and profits. Want to buy a set of new flying octopus rides for your amusement park? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement Equipment.

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