Dodgem Cars for Sale In Philippines

Dodgem Cars for Sale In Philippines

Want to buy dodgem cars for sale for your business in Philippines? Let’s get more about these new dodgem bumper cars in Beston Amusement. Dodgem bumper cars can collide, but the specific rotation is not completely entertaining. Dodgem cars are a kind of mobile amusement equipment suitable for all ages. Welcome to contact us for price of these new dodgem cars now!

Beston Dodgem Cars for Philippines
BNDC-01 Beston Dodgem Cars

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New Dodgem Cars for Sale
BNDC-02 New Dodgem Cars

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Why You Choose Beston Dodgem Cars In Philippines?

First all, Beston dodgem cars are diversity. We have electric dodgem cars, battery dodgem cars, water dodgem cars and inflatable dodgem cars. You can choose whatever you like.
Second, we have large, medium and small dodgem cars for choose. Different colors of these dodgem cars can be painted by Beston Amusement. Also you can customized new cars for your funfair.
Third, Beston has rich experience in exporting dodgem cars to different countries, we have many countries in Philippines. If you are new to export, we will be your best partner on this.

Red Dodgem Cars
BNDC-03 Red Dodgem Cars

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Cheap Dodgem Cars
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Several Dodgem Cars from Beston Amusement for Philippines

Dodgem bumper cars from Beston are divided into single-person bumper cars and double-person bumper cars. Most of single-person bumper cars are played by adults. One person can play faster, while double-person bumper cars are played by an adult and a child.

Beston dodgem cars can also be divided into ground-net bumper cars and battery bumper cars. The ground-net dodgem cars are generally fixed. The bottom is a steel plate, which is wired and supplied directly. No charging is required. The travel time of each round of tourists is carried out through the control cabinet. Timing, and there are fewer mobile and fold-able ground net bumper cars. Fairground dodgem cars generally don’t need a special venue, they only need to be fully charged, which is more convenient to use, and then pair with audio equipment to play some more dynamic music. There are colorful lights on the body of the bumper cars, which look very gorgeous. It is very attractive to tourists.

Wholesale Dodgem Bumper Cars
BNDC-05 Wholesale Dodgem Bumper Cars

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Dodgem Bumper Cars for Philippines
BNDC-06 Dodgem Bumper Cars

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Features of Beston Dodgem Cars

The appearance of glass fiber reinforced plastic, streamlined structure, beautiful and generous.
Equipped with remote control operating system to facilitate and manage with you.
Start mode: manual or remote start (remote start can control multiple cars at the same time)
The internal battery design is fixed and stable, and there are maintenance measures for the battery, so that there is no worries about collision.

Feedback of Beston Dodgem Cars from Different Countries

Dodgem Cars Cases
BNDC-09 Dodgem Cars Cases

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Inflatable Dodgem Cars Cases
BNDC-10 Inflatable Dodgem Cars Cases

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Dodgem Car Parts

Generally speaking, dodgem car parts mainly include operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, body, chassis, rear wheels, cushion tires, seat belts, conductive rods, and electrical switches.

Its Combination

The front of the dodgem bumper cars is equipped with a picture screen or LCD animation, dynamic animation, etc., and it is also equipped with MP3, and there is music accompaniment while swinging, so that children have both vision There is also the enjoyment of hearing. Since bumper cars can collide with each other, when many people are playing together, they can find a sense of excitement and forget all the unhappy things in their hearts.

Inflatable Dodgem Cars
BNDC-07 Inflatable Dodgem Cars

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Inflatable Dodgem Bumper Cars
BNDC-08 Inflatable Dodgem Bumper Cars

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Why Called Dodgem Bumper Cars

The reason why they are called dodgem bumper cars is that the fun is driven by driving this small car to collide with each other. There is a rubber protective layer on the periphery of the bumper car, which can play back and forth. The effect of slowing down the impact, many people play together, relieve the pressure in the collision, and laugh presumptuously.

How to Choose Reliable Dodgem Car Manufacturers In Philippines

When choosing new dodgem cars for Philippines, you may confused how to choose a reliable dodgem bumper cars manufacturer. When purchasing these new equipment, users are faced with many different choices.

  • First of all, you should consider the technical level of the bumper car manufacturers. The technical level of the bumper car manufacturers are definitely a strong backing to ensure the high quality of the products, and we have a comprehensive understanding of the technical level of the dodgem car manufacturers.
  • Second, you should consider dodgem car manufacturer’s quotation, the importance of quality is undeniable, but the price cannot be ignored. Users should choose a few bumper car manufacturers to compare and filter their quotations.
  • Last but not least, you should also consider the size and reputation of the dodgem bumper car manufacturer, the professional introduction of the technical staff of the bumper car manufacturer, the workshop on-site viewing of the manufacturing process, and the feedback from customers. That’s all, if you want to know more about Dodgem Cars, you can send your inquiry to Beston Amusement. Welcome to buy new dodgem cars from Beston Amusement for your business in Philippines.

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