Tagada Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Tagada Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Tagada rides for sale in Philippines, also known as disco tagada ride, space disco, it is a common amusement equipment that is popular used in many large amusement parks, funfairs, kiddie parks. It is a large disc that can be tumbled and rotated for more than a dozen movements. Passengers sit on the sofa on the big disc around the equipment, accompanied by rich music, and their bodies follow the disc. Disco turntable is a gyro-type high-speed turning large-scale amusement equipment. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the hoisting box on which the tourists ride is rotated at high speed, as if being pushed into a celestial body that transcends time and space. Want to install a large or small tagada ride in your park in Philippines? Contact Beston Amusement now!

Beston Tagada Rides for Sale
BNTR-16A Tagada Rides

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Disco Tagada Rides for Philippines
BNDT-24A Disco Tagada Rides

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Advantages of Beston Tagada Rides for Philippines

We have large tagada ride and mini tagada rides for sale. The mini tagada ride is a relatively cheap disco carousel amusement equipment, which is suitable for indoor operation as well as shopping malls, parks and other places.

The tagada ride uses the principles of sound, light, water, electricity, machinery, and color for a scientific and reasonable combination. It satisfies people who love nature such as climbing, sliding, and touching. It is essential for children in the early psychological growth process.

Kids Mini Tagada Rides
BNTR-B Kids Mini Tagada Rides

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Tagada Rides for Philippines
BNTR-16M Tagada Rides

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The motors and standard accessories produced by regular manufacturers are adopted, and the durable failure rate is low. All glass fiber reinforced plastic products use automotive baking paint, the paint surface is smooth and delicate, and the color is bright, and it is not easy to fade. The tagada equipment is meticulous in workmanship, safe and reliable, and is well received by customers at home and abroad.

Steps for Riding the Tagada Rides In Philippines Amusement Park

  • Cylinder is inflated by air compressor. Passengers took off their shoes in the waiting area and put on socks.
  • Open the door, passengers enter in an orderly manner, and sit and support.
  • After waiting for the tourists to finish the game, you must start playing the game. The staff need to check the equipment, and the door can be closed after the check.
  • Wait for the tourists to sit firmly before starting the equipment. During the game, you can’t stand, you can’t stick your head and hands out of the device to prevent abrasions.
  • When the equipment is turned on, the turntable is rotated a few times before the cylinder supplies air to the two hydraulic columns. The device starts to rotate. After 3 or 4 laps, it starts to perform rhythmic movements (one up and one down). After that, the rotation stops and the rhythmic movement is directly performed. Lasts 3 times.
  • Visitors need to return to their seats immediately after the equipment stops with rhythmic movement and starts to circle. At this point, the music stops and security announcements begin.
  • When the equipment is stop. Passengers need to get off the device immediately.

More Information About Beston Tagada Rides

Beston tagada ride is equipped with high-power audio, DJ console, flashing lights, colorful lights and various stage equipment. The tagada amusement ride brings innovative music, shocking music and interaction with the control personnel to bring endless passengers. Excitement and joy. The effect is more outstanding under the night with the flashing lights!

Beston new tagada rides for Philippines market are bright in color, realistic in appearance, cute and eBay, and are loved by children and young people. The equipment suddenly rises and lands during operation. It is like waves in the sea, bumps and bumps, and it is like a flying saucer. It changes endlessly, fast and slow. At the same time, it is accompanied by a strong and shocking disco music. Tagada rides brings endless excitement and joy to passengers with novel stimulation. Welcome to contact us for price of these new tagada rides and other thrill rides for your business in Philippines!

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