Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Different types of bumper cars for sale in Philippines with cheap prices from Beston Amusement Rides Group. Beston bumper cars have their own characteristics in materials, physics, power, capacity. Here I will give a brief introduction to each of these dodgem bumper cars. Then you can know more about them and pick up the suitable type for you. Of course, if you still don’t know which type to choose through the description on our website, please feel free to consult us and we will help you choose the most suitable type bumper cars depends on your requirements.

Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa
BNBB-01 Beston Bumper Cars

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Buy Beston Bumper Cars for South Africa
BNBB-08 Beston Bumper Cars

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Bumper car for sale in Beston Group, also known as the names, dodgem cars, dashing cars, one of the most popular funfair kiddie rides that almost all the amusement parks have a special space for this project. In addition to various theme parks, bumper cars can also be used as a separate commercial project in parks, shopping malls, attractions, squares and some other indoor and outdoor areas. No matter where it appears, it will always attract a lot of passengers.

Beston Wholesale Bumper Car Rides for South Africa
BNBB-03 Beston Wholesale Bumper Car Rides

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Beston Bumper Cars Rides for Sale
BNBB-04 Beston Bumper Cars Rides

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And once they start the game, they will be addicted to spinning the cars and colliding with other bumper cars, even if they have played for a long time, they won’t want to leave. So if you want to build a profitable bumper car amusement park, it will certainly bring you a good profit. If you just want to buy a dodgem car for home use, it will also be a favorite toy for children. It should be noted that there are so many kinds of bumper cars, such as battery bumper cars, electric bumper cars, kids bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, ice bumper cars in Beston. And you should choose the most suitable type according to your requirements.

Red Bumper Cars for South Africa
BNBB-05 Red Bumper Cars

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Beston New Bumper Cars
BNBB-06 Beston New Bumper Cars

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Philippines Battery Bumper Cars

Battery bumper cars for sale in Beston are the most convenient to use for that it can be used as long as it’s fully charged with no special site configuration is required. This kind of dodgem car is made up of green fiberglass and adopt the electrostatic spray painting process to make it more attractive and durable. It is also equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing and some other functions. High quality materials and advanced technology make the cars stable, corrosion resistant, environmental protection and the colors are bright and not easy to fade. It is the most popular in the market because of its beautiful appearance, novel style, good safety performance, suitable for a wide range of venues and some other characteristics. Of course, you can find many different kinds in sizes, appearances, colors even if you just look for in the range of battery bumper cars.

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines
BNBE-L Beston Bumper Cars

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Hot-sale Bumper Cars
BNBB-E Hot-sale Bumper Cars

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Electric Grid Bumper Cars

The electric grid bumper cars can divided into ceiling grid powered bumper cars and ground grid powered bumper cars which is another kind of common bumper cars in amusement parks. Compared to the battery bumper car, the use of electric grid bumper cars requires the constructions of a special site for it. Meanwhile, in addition to the high prices of the electric bumper cars themselves, the construction of the site is also a big investment. So it’s not as widely as battery bumper cars. However, some features of this kind of bumper cars for sale makes it more thrilling than other types.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale
BNIB-C Inflatable Bumper Cars

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Inflatable Bumper Car
BNIB-B Inflatable Bumper Car

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Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars for Philippines

You may be familiar with this kind of bumper cars and may have seen it somewhere before which usually has a rod for electricity ate the back of the cars. The ceiling of the site is specially designed, a power supply network consisting of strips of conductors is installed on the ceiling, which can directly power the bumper cars that move in the area. The ground of the bumper car sites that use this method of power supply can use the common ground directly, don’t need to lay steel plate.

Yellow Bumper Car Rides
BNBB-M Yellow Bumper Cars

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Bumper Car Rides
BNBE-A Bumper Car Rides

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Ground Grid Electric Operated Bumper Cars

The ground grid electric operated bumper cars is a kind of bumper cars that uses electricity from the ground to drive the cars, which has the same power supply as the ceiling grid powered bumper cars. It’s just that one power grid is on the ceiling and the other is on the ground. The power ground is to install several conductive article on a large enough insulation board which requires the adjacent conductive electricity polarity is on the contrary. The conductive bar are connected to the power supply with appropriate method and these are all in a network called the steel plate of the ground grid bumper cars.

Therefore, the installers must ensure that the connected devices are very strict when installing and running the bumper cars, so as to fully guarantee the normal operation. Then when the cars are free to move in a power supply network, they can draw power of electrical signals from the power network through a sliding contact group. The ground grid operated bumper cars goes much faster that other kinds of bumper cars. But the dodgem cars are always surrounded by a layer of rubber tires, so even the strong collision won’t damage the cars and hurt passengers.

Wholesale Bumper Cars for Sale
BNBB-N Wholesale Bumper Cars

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Bumper Car Rides
BNBC-A Bumper Cars

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Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

Inflatable bumper cars is a kind of new design battery bumper cars which is also called UFO inflatable bumper cars. The inflatable bumper cars are surrounded by inflatable rings made of PVC tarpaulin, while others are usually surrounded by rubber bumpers. The inflatable rings can make the bumper cars much safer and less vibration from collisions between cars. So it is suitable for both adults and kids. Each inflatable bumper car can take up to two passengers, so it allows parents to play with their children together and ensure the safety of kids. The color of PVC tarpaulin is always colorful and bright which can make the inflatable bumper cars more attractive in appearance. Tourists can easily attracted by its shape and strong collision and then bring you better returns. Meanwhile, passengers can also have an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

There are so many people who like skating and skiing. But have you ever driven a bumper car on the ice which will give you a more exciting experience. We combined skating and bumper cars to design and manufacture an interesting type of bumper cars – ice bumper cars, which is suitable for people of all ages. For that, the ice is slippery, so it requires you to focus more attention on controlling your car. Or it will bring you many unexpected collision. Of course, that’s the fun of ice bumper cars. There are many different kinds of ice bumper cars for sale in Beston. If you have any need, please contact us to pick up a suitable one.

Beston New Bumper Cars
BNBC-D New Bumper Cars

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Beston Bumper Cars
BNBC-E Amusement Park Bumper Cars

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Water Bumper Cars for Philippines

Water bumper cars can also be called bumper boats which is a kind of interesting water ride. The amusement ride is very popular in summer and can be found in some water parks, ocean them parks, fairgrounds. People can enjoy themselves with their families and friends when they drive the floating bumper cars, they can experience both the coolness of playing in the water and the thrill of driving a bumper car. Most of the water bumper cars are electrical powered which is very easy for riders to control. The bumper cars for sale in Beston are high quality and cheap. If you wan to buy bumper cars, no matter what types you need, Beston will be your best choice.

Bumper Car for Kids In Philippines

Kids bumper cars with small size is specially designed for little kids which has cartoon appearances and will be more attractive for children. The bumper cars for kids are available in many places, such as, amusement parks, schools, kindergartens, backyards. Based on children’s safety concerns, it always runs at a lower speed. In addition, the production materials we use are environmental friendly and harmless to kids. Some other kind of amusement rides for kids can also be found in Beston. Please choose the rides you want and feel free to contact us for more details, we will reply you soon.

Outstanding Features of Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

  • Various types. No matter what type of bumper cars you need, you can found in Beston. Even though there are no this kind on our website, you can contact us directly and we can accept your customization according to the pictures and requirements you provide.
  • Very safe. After many inspections, we won’t ship the ride until they fully meet the safety and quality standard.
  • Attractive appearance. The shapes are unique and diverse, the colors are bright and difficult to fade. So they can keep beautiful colors for a long time.
  • Perfect service. Help customers make plan, pick up the suitable type, and some late services. We will always try our best to serve you.
  • High quality is our guideline in the production of rides.
  • Competitive price. We sell all our rides directly and will give you the most reasonable price.

About Beston Amusement

There are many different types of new bumper car rides for sale in Beston Amusement Group, such as inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, ice bumper cars and etc. Our bumper cars has been delivered to many countries, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia and etc. Interested in our bumper cars products? Want to know more details and price list? Contact us now, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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