1189 ㎡ Indoor Project In Vietnam

1189 ㎡ Indoor Project In Vietnam
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Latest news! Our company’s indoor park project in Vietnam has been delivered and completed. The project covers an area of about 1189 square meters and is located in a famous apartment building in Hanoi, Vietnam. It took 5 months to receive inquiries from customers on September 24, 2022. At the end of February 2023, the project opened, attracting many children, and there is a large flow of people every day. Hope that the customer business is booming!

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Vietnam Indoor Project Timeline

  1. September 24 to September 30, 2022: Receive customer inquiries, get in touch with customers, and provide customers with preliminary layout plans according to customer needs.
  2. From September 30th to October 15th: According to the detailed requirements of the customer, the 3D design drawings were continuously revised several times to determine the final project plan.
  3. On October 24: We signed the project contract
  4. In December: The equipment production was completed and ready for delivery
  5. January 2023 After communication, the customer chooses to guide the installation online (we also provide on-site installation services)
  6. End of February 2023: The project opened, the flow of people is very high, and the children love it.
Indoor Playground Design for Vietnam Customer
Indoor Playground Design

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Production and Delivery of the Equipment

As soon as we receive the customer’s deposit, we will immediately arrange the factory for equipment production without delaying the delivery time. During the production process, the quality management department strictly monitors to ensure the quality of equipment. Complete the production and delivery of equipment within the time stipulated in the contract.

Indoor Playground Equipment Production for the Vietnam Customer

Packing of indoor playground to Vietnam

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Indoor Playground Online Guidance Installation

Under normal circumstances, we provide customers with a variety of project installation methods. Customers can choose to install by themselves, or our company sends a professional installation team to install on-site according to the situation. Vietnamese customers chose to install by themselves, but we provide timely online video guidance about the indoor playground for customers. Before the equipment leaves the factory, all steel pipes are pre-installed in our factory, and the numbers are complete, so the installation is very worry-free and labor-saving, so the whole installation process is very smooth.

Pre-install of the indoor playground equipment

Installation of indoor playground equipment in Vietnam

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Customer Feedback from Vietnam

The selection of materials for our company’s naughty castle equipment has passed the quality standard, so the quality of the equipment is up to standard. After the installation is completed, it can be opened for business immediately. Since the opening of the Vietnamese customer’s indoor park, it has attracted many tourists from around every day, and the flow of people is very large.

Customer feedback from Vietnam

Feedback from Vietnam indoor playground project

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Other Related Indoor and Outdoor Project

In addition to the Philippines and Vietnam, our company has more than 1,000 indoor and outdoor park projects in more than 80 countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama, Turkey, Qatar, View PostUSA, Canada, etc.

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