7D Cinema Equipment for Sale In Philippines

7D Cinema Equipment for Sale In Philippines

Welcome to buy new 7D cinema equipment for sale from Beston Amusement. For your business in Philippines. Different types of 7D Interactive Cinema is available in our factory. You are also welcomed to customized the 7D cinema equipment. A brand new invention that is based on 5D interactive cinema. An extent of 5D cinema equipment that is popular these days for indoor playground. Contact us for quotation now!

BNCE-9A 9 Seat 7D Cinema Equipment for Sale
BNCE-9A 9 Seat 7D Cinema

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7D Cinema Equipment Price
BNCE-24A 7D Cinema

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Composition of 7D Cinema System

The 7D cinema equipment mainly including the main control system, projection system, audio system, 6 degrees of freedom dynamic seat system, environmental effects simulation system and interactive tools. The main control system mainly refers to the software in the computer to control the operation of the entire theater. The projection system includes a screen and a projector. Phantom Star 7D Cinema uses dual projection technology, which makes 7D and 5D easy to convert and play. This is something that no other home can’t achieve. This is a phantom star improvement based on the actual cinema operation. This cinema architecture is more suitable for this. The operation of the 7D interactive cinema is easier for the franchisees to operate.

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Layout of the 7D Cinema for Sale In Beston Amusement

Four major animation sound effects upgrade: screen upgrade, screen upgrade, size upgrade, sound upgrade,

Two Features of 6 Seat 7d Cinema

6 Seat 7D cinema equipment has hydraulic-type and electric-type. Here are some features of Beston 7D cinema equipment for Philippines.

  • Hydraulic 7D Cinema Equipment Features

It an be installed in a platform 6, 8, 9, 12 seats, the standard power supply is 380V (plus inverter can be applied to 220V).

It will eliminate the problem of large noise and high energy consumption of the pneumatic seat, the action range becomes larger, 6 degrees of freedom control, can achieve multiple angles of movement, 12 orientations, 36 combinations, 72 movements, the action is delicate and realistic . More action and longer life.

The design and manufacture of the whole platform frame is reasonable: the 6 cylinder support points are accurately calculated by professional mechanical engineers, and the welding error is less than 0.02 mm, which can realize the free expansion and contraction of the individual cylinder without interlocking with other cylinders.

The tightening, fastening, nut and valve group installation of each tubing joint are independently installed by technical engineers with more than 5 years of hydraulic assembly experience to ensure perfect equipment technology.

Material selection of 7D Cinema Systems: The core components of Phantom Star are imported brands. The brand of the motor is Taiwan Group Policy.

  • Features of 6 Seat Eelctric 7D Cinema Equipment

It can be installed in a platform 6, 8, 9 seats, the standard voltage is 220V.

Electric cylinder is a well-known electric servo cylinder, servo control, the action is very precise and realistic.

The magnitude of the action can be freely set, both young and old, invisibly widening the source of customers.

The most feared thing about the dynamic theater is that the noise is too much to affect the sound effect, but the noise of the electric platform is very small, and it has almost no effect on the sound effect.

You can choose all kinds of seats which including 6 seat, 9 seat, 12 seats or you can customized according to your requirement from Beston Amusement.

Why Choose 7D Interactive Cinema Equipment for Your Business In Philippines

Interactive cinema 7d is a smart combination of gaming entertainment and interactive technology which is popular used for indoor these days. This high technology cinema equipment allows viewers to become the real roles in the film and interact with the characters. The interactive cinema seats of 7D cinema equipment will move before and after, up and down and then audience fire at the enemy with guns. At the same time, the 7D cinema equipment will create some natural phenomenon and special effect such as wind blowing, raining, snowing, thunder, lightning,etc when there appears wind, snow, thunder in the movie. Then, the audience can be totally involved in the movie and feel funny and thrilling 7d cinema experience through their five sense organs.

7D Cinema Equipment Price and Cost

For the whole cost of a set of 7D cinema equipment, you can contact Beston team for details. Price will be ranging according to your delivery site, scale of the equipment. Send your inquiry to sales@amusementrides.ph. Quotation will be reply to you soon.

7D Cinema Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

As one of the most professional amusement park rides and VR rides manufacturer that can provide both cinema equipment and video content, Phantom Star Motion Cinema combines 3D interactive movies with dynamic cinema technology. “Interactive film” itself has new media attributes, is a new trend of entertainment, global innovation to introduce multi-player 3D interactive concept into the theater. We had exported many sets of 7D cinema equipment to different countries, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, South Africa and etc. Except for the 7D cinema equipment, we also have 5D and 9D cinema systems for sale. And you can also find some amusement park rides in our factory.

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