Wandering Earth Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Wandering Earth Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Wandering Earth Rides for Sale In Philippines, a gyro-type amusement equipment which is produced recently. This amusement equipment is inspired by a sci-fi movie starring and directed by Wu Jing in 2019-Wandering Earth. This movie has won a very large box office in the country. Beston amusement equipment, In order to meet the needs of the market, the company specially invited professional animation and designers to create this gyro-type amusement equipment to satisfy the majority of movie fans. Want to try this amusement ride for your amusement park? Welcome to contact us for details!

Wandering Earth Rides for Sale In Philippines
BNWE-16A Wandering Earth Rides

Technical Parameters

Model: BNWE-16A
Cover Area: φ7.5m*H3m
Height: 3m
Capacity: 16
Power: 10kw
Voltage: 380v

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Playing with the Wandering Earth-New amusement equipment refers to equipment that can provide amusement and play. The amusement equipment is a new kiddie item carefully designed for the naughty characteristics of children. Its novel concept, unique overall shape and scientific and technological content are a comprehensive amusement facility that integrates jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swaying, rolling, and shaking.

Application of Beston Wandering Earth Rides

  • Small playgrounds, parks, squares, shopping malls and supermarkets, cultural festivals, temple fairs, baby products exhibitions, scenic spots, food festivals, beach cultural festivals, large communities, and kindergartens.
  • Large playground, mobile water park, cartoon water world, fifth-generation culture + technology theme park, cartoon carnival, cartoon element theme park

After the Wandering Earth movie fire, many aerospace hobbyists emerged. Many students have obsessed with such themed products, entertainment facilities, and peripheral products. This Wandering Earth can accommodate 48 people at a time. When the music sounded, the three astronauts slowly stood up and waved to the people in the field. The player followed the earth to spin from slow to fast, followed by a 360° spherical roll. The rhythm of turning and rolling only had to sit up and play once. You can experience the fun. Want to install this ride for your amusement park? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement Equipment.

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