Carousel for Sale In the Philippines

Carousel for Sale In the Philippines

Welcome to buy carousel for sale in the Philippines from Beston Amusement Rides. The best carousel rides that are popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks in the Philippines. It is one of the most popular, classic, and high attendance amusement equipment. You can find a variety of carousel rides from our factory. Send us your inquiry now to get quotation of carousel amusement rides.

Carousel Amusement Rides Sale In the Philippines

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Two story carousel ride for sale In the Philippines

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Types of Carousel Rides for Sale for the Philippines

We have a full size of carousel rides for sale with 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, 38 seats, 46 seats and 68 seats, including single decker carousel ride and double-decker carousel ride. We also accept customize order on the appearance, color, theme, logo, lighting about our carousel ride. Customization according to the country and park style is our strength.

  • 16–68 Seats Carousel Rides for the Philippines

Our carousel has a complete range of shapes and a variety of seats for customers to choose from. In addition to the following 4 types of carousels, we also have carousels with 20 seats, 38 seats, 46 seats, and 60 seats for customers to choose from.

16 Seater Carousel Rides

16 seater kiddie carousel ride

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24 Seater Carousel Rides

24 Seats Carousel Rides for the Philippines

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36 Seater Carousel Rides

36 Seats Carousel Rides for Sale In the Philippines

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68 Seater Carousel Rides

68 Seats Carousel Rides for Sale In the Philippines

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  • Carousel Rides Divided By Floor Number

Regarding the selection of carousel layers, we currently sell single-layer and double-layer carousels. The double-layer carousel can accommodate a large number of tourists at the same time. Customers can choose single-layer or double-layer carousels according to the park’s passenger flow.

Single Decker Carousel Ride

Single Decker Carousel Ride for the Philippines
Single decker carousel ride has only one level, where the animals or seats are attached to a circular platform that rotates around a central axis. The animals or seats move up and down as the ride rotates, providing a fun and exciting experience for riders. They have less capacity than the double decker carousel ride.

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Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Grand Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale
Double decker carousel ride has two levels, with the upper level located above the lower level. The upper level also rotates around a central axis, while the lower level remains stationary. The animals or seats on the upper level move up and down as the ride rotates, while the animals or seats on the lower level remain in a fixed position.

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  • Carousel Rides Divided By Usage and Applications

Except different capacity of carousel rides, we also have different carousel rides for kids and adults which popular used in the amusement park, fairground, square, shopping center, events and etc.

Kids Carousel for Sale In Philippines

Kids Carousel Rides for Sale In the Philippines
Carousel rides for sale is an amusement ride for people of all ages to ride, especially popular with children. So we specially designed the merry-go-round with small size for young children. This kind of kids carousel for sale has fewer seats and won’t take up too much space, so it can be placed indoors and backyard. If there is a children carousel in front of shops sold children products, it will help the shop attract more customers. In order to make the kids’ carousel more convenient to operate, we manufacture two different kinds: the coin-operated ones and the kind powered by electricity. The coin-operated carousel for sale is usually a self-service ride that people only need to put a coin in, the carousel horse will automatically rotate the specified time and stop when the time comes.

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Fairground Carousel for Sale

Fairground Carousel Rides for Sale In the Philippines
The fairground carousel is usually installed in various theme parks and outside the shopping mall which has big size. There must be at least eight seats for this kind of carousel. The more seats the carousel horse have, the more tourists can ride together. Of course, price vary greatly depends on different sizes. You can pick up the fairground carousel for sale according to your budget and passenger flow volume. After all, we need to ensure its utilization rate, so as not to cause the waste or the loss of tourists. In addition to the different number of horses, we also have a variety of fairground carousel rides with different attractive models for you to choose. Each shape will become a beautiful scene in the amusement park and make the tourists linger.

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  • Carousel Rides for Sale Divided By Themes

Carousels of different styles and themes are suitable for different scenes.We provide customers with carousels including but not limited to ocean models, classic models, and European styles. We also accept customizations from customers, including customizations for various festivals.

Classic Theme Carousel

Classic Theme Carousel Ride for the Philippines
The classic theme carousel ride is a traditional amusement park ride that consists of a rotating circular platform with a series of decorated horses or other animals attached to it. The platform rotates around a central axis, while the horses move up and down as the ride progresses. It is one of the most popular carousel ride in the amusement parks.

European Theme Carousel

European Style Carousel Ride for the Philippines
A European-style Carousel ride typically refers to a classic carousel with ornate decorations and hand-carved wooden animals. These carousels are often found in European cities and towns, as they have a long history and are a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.One of the distinguishing features of European-style carousels is their attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Ocean Theme Carousel Rides

Ocean theme carousel ride for sale in the Philippines
Beston Ocean carousel takes the color of the sea as its main color, which can give riders a feeling of spinning around freely in the blue ocean. In addition, the horses on it are designed to the combination of horses and marine animals, which is more cute and real. These cartoon and funny designs will attract more children’s attention. Meanwhile, ocean carousel is hot in many theme parks.

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Application of Beston Carousel Rides In the Philippines

Whether in the Philippines or other countries, carousels are the most common type of amusement equipment. They are widely used in parks, playgrounds, squares, scenic spots, theme parks, indoor parks and other areas. As long as you want to invest in amusement equipment, the carousel is basically a must. Various venues can be placed.

Carousel for amusement parks
Amusement Park
Carousel ride can be used in the city park
City Park
Carousel rides for carnivals
Carousel ride for theme park
Theme Park
Carousel ride for shopping mall
Shopping Mall
Carousel ride can be used in the square

Working Videos of Beston Carousel Rides

Videos present you more about the equipment. So if you need to get more information about the carousel rides, you can check our videos about carousel rides. For more about the carousel rides, you can contact us for more related videos in our factory:

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Recent Cases of Beston Carousel Rides

Carousel rides for the Philippines is the best-selling equipment of our company, and basically every month, many sets of carousel equipment are exported to all over the world. For example, the ocean-style double-decker carousel and 24-seat carousel exported to the Philippines, and the 16-seat carousel exported to Nigeria, etc. Our carousels are well received by customers in terms of shape and quality.

Ocean Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Good news! After a month of production work, the 46-seat ocean theme double-decker carousel ride order has been produced and ...
Beston 24 seats carousel ride installed in the Philippines

Installation of 24 Seater Carousel In the Philippines

Congratulations to the successful installation of the Philippine customer's 24-seat carousel ride! It is installed at one of the leisure ...
Double decker carousel ride in the amusement park

68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia

Congratulations! The 68-seat double-decker European-style carousel, customized for our Russian client, is now in operation. We have upgraded the carousel ...

Materials Selection of Beston Carousel Rides

Whether it is the structure of the carousel ride, the floor, or the carousel horses, we use the best quality materials to ensure that customers receive the most value-for-money carousel equipment. Our carousel equipment has a low failure rate and a good riding experience .


Noise reduction chassis for carousel ride
The material of our carousel ride is patterned steel plate or aluminum embossed plate, and the pattern on it has anti-skid effect. In addition, a layer of bamboo plywood is added under the checkered plate, which effectively reduces the noise of the equipment.

Steel Materials

Quality steel for carousel ride
All steel materials for carousel rides in our factory are purchased from well-known domestic brands, and after polishing by professional workers, anti-rust spray paint and final topcoat to prevent corrosion and rust of our amusement park equipment.

FRP Horse

Quality fiberglass horses for carousel rides
We have FRP production workshop, the thickness of FRP is 5mm. There are pre-embedded iron parts in each FRP. The painting is carried out 3-5 times according to different temperatures to ensure bright and durable colors.


Attractive lights for the carousel ride
The lighting of the carousel is purchased from Guangzhou LED lights, which are quite cool. The light will not fade after three years of use. 100% waterproof, so don’t worry about the problem that the lights will be broken when encountering rain and snow.

Features of Carousel for Sale in Beston


The popular product in the park has a high attendance rate and is the main product with a high return on investment.

Quality Steel

All steel materials are purchased from well-known domestic brands, preferably Chinese standard Q235B steel, first-line brand components.

High-quality FRP

FRP is three-stick and two-cloth, smooth, flat and durable, and the paint color is bright. Shape can be customized.


Novel Shape

the mechanical structure is relatively simple, and each link is marked after leaving the factory, which is convenient for installation and transportation.

Low Maintenance Cost

Lower maintenance cost, better safety performance, more comfortable experience wuth long service life of the carousel amusement equipment.

Dream Lighting

The colorful light source with high-quality LED chips and high-quality sound system make tourists feel like they are in a colorful fairy tale dreamland.

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Costs and Benefits of Carousel Rides in the Philippines

Carousel rides has been one of the most popular amusement park ride in the amusement parks, funfairs and theme parks. On the one hand, the investment cost of the carousel is relatively low. On the other hand, the carousel has a high attendance rate, quick payback, and high income. It is the most suitable equipment for investment in amusement parks at present. The following is the investment income statement of the customer’s 24-seat carousel (for reference only).

Profit Analysis of 24 Seats Grand Carousel Rides

Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent1000$/month
Cost of the Ride55000$Site Area81
Maximum Capacity24pOperating cost50$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow225p/dayStaff salary300$/month
Ticket Price2$
10:00 am - 6:00 pm5 days on weekdays150 people × 2$ × 5 days = 1500$
Weekend 2days300 people x 2$ x 2 days = 1200$
Weekly profit1500$+1200$=2700$
Monthly profit2700$*4-300$-50$-1000$=9450$
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 8 months of the year)9450$*8=75600$

Why Do Customers Buy Our Carousel Rides?

Beston Rides produces the most attractive carousel equipment with the most exquisite craftsmanship, continuously updates the appearance design of the carousel, and provides customers with high ROI equipment, at the same time, we also own professional designer team, installation team and maintance team to promise the value of our carousel rides for customers in the Philippines:

Creative Appearance Designer Team

Creative appearance designer team

Professional Installation Team

Professional installation team

Comprehensive After-sale Service

After-sales team

More Information About Carousel Rides In the Philippines

The carousel, also known as another popular name: merry-go-round ride in the Philippines, is the most common and most widely used spinning carnival ride which can be placed in various theme parks, shopping malls, fairgrounds, family amusement centers, kindergartens, and even your backyard. The shape of the carousel ride is always circle, so people sometimes call it circle carousel and round carousel. The main structure of the grand carousel is a rotating circle platform with seats for tourists to ride on and enjoy themselves. The seats are usually in the shape of various kinds of horses, now there are many other animal models for the seats. Each horse-shaped seat can rise and fall with music, while the carousel rotates, which can make riders feel like that they are right on the real horses and bring them more fun. The park with carousels will attract more tourists.
New carousel rides for the Philippines

Carousel Rides Buy and Sell Manufacturer for the Philippines

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China, Beston Amusement has many types of carousel rides and other amusement rides for sale. In order to meet the needs of different customers, we design and manufacture many kinds of carnival carousel rides. Each kind has its own unique style, and you can choose from them for different purposes. If you don’t know which type fit you and is suitable for your site. You can send us email to tell us your requirements or call us directly, then our sales manager will help you design and choose the most suitable carousel for you. Except the carousel ride, we also provide whole park project solutions to business owners who want to start business with amusement park business.

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