Carousel for Sale In Philippines

Carousel for Sale In Philippines

Welcome to buy carousel for sale in the Philippines from Beston Amusement Rides. The best carousel rides that are popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks in the Philippines. There are so many kinds of carousels for sale with 3 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats for you to choose in our company, customize merry-go-round ride here now. Send us your inquiry now to get quotation of carousel amusement park rides.

Park Carousel
BCSA-16D Park Carousel

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16 Seat Carousel
BCSA-16A 16 Seat Carousel

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The carousel, also known as another popular name: merry-go-round ride in the Philippines, is the most common and most widely used spinning carnival ride which can be placed in various theme parks, shopping malls, fairgrounds, family amusement centers, kindergartens, and even your backyard. The shape of the carousel ride is always circle, so people sometimes call it circle carousel and round carousel. The main structure of the carousel is a rotating circle platform with seats for tourists to ride on and enjoy themselves. The seats are usually in the shape of various kinds of horses, now there are many other animal models for the seats. Each horse-shaped seat can rise and fall with music, while the carousel rotates, which can make riders feel like that they are right on the real horses and bring them more fun. The park with carousels will attract more tourists.

New Carousel
BCSA-16C New Carousel

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Grand Carousel for Sale for Philippines
BCSA-16F Grand Carousel for Sale for Philippines

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Kids Carousel for Sale In Philippines

Carousel rides for sale is an amusement ride for people of all ages to ride, especially popular with children. So we specially designed the merry-go-round with small size for young children. This kind of kids carousel for sale has fewer seats and won’t take up too much space, so it can be placed indoors and backyard. If there is a children carousel in front of shops sold children products, it will help the shop attract more customers. In order to make the kids’ carousel more convenient to operate, we manufacture two different kinds: the coin-operated ones and the kind powered by electricity. The coin-operated carousel for sale is usually a self-service ride that people only need to put a coin in, the carousel horse will automatically rotate the specified time and stop when the time comes.

New Fairground Carousel
BCSA-16E New Fairground Carousel

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Amusement Park Carousel
BCSA-24A Amusement Park Carousel

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Different Types of Carousel for Sale for Philippines

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we design and manufacture many kinds of carousel rides. Each kind has its own unique style, and you can choose from them for different purposes. If you don’t know which type fit you and is suitable for your site. You can send us email to tell us your requirements or call us directly, then our sales manager will help you design and choose the most suitable carousel for you.

Fairground Carousel for Sale

The fairground carousel is usually installed in various theme parks and outside the shopping mall which has big size. There must be at least eight seats for this kind of carousel. The more seats the carousel horse have, the more tourists can ride together. Of course, price vary greatly depends on different sizes. You can pick up the fairground carousel for sale according to your budget and passenger flow volume. After all, we need to ensure its utilization rate, so as not to cause the waste or the loss of tourists. In addition to the different number of horses, we also have a variety of fairground carousel rides with different attractive models for you to choose. Each shape will become a beautiful scene in the amusement park and make the tourists linger.

Ocean Theme Carousel
BCSA-24D Ocean Theme Carousel

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Funfair Carousel
BCSA-24B Carnival Carousel

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Double Decker Carousel for Sale

From the name, we can know this kind of carousel has two rotating platforms, which is a luxury ride in Beston. The double-decker carousel with unique appearance and more interesting structure always attract more people to ride. Tourists can experience two feelings in the carousel, passengers who are afraid of heights can sit on the horses on the first floor and riders who like exciting can go to the second floor, and you can see the surrounding scenery more clearly and enjoy the scenery while having fun. The two floors are usually connected by a staircase, but depending on the design, the staircase is in a different position. The double-decker carousel mainly includes two types according to its structure, one is that the two layers are the same size, the other has different size with the second platform is smaller than the first floor. Like any other type of carousel for sale in Beston, you can choose according to your needs, and we can also accept your customization.

Ocean Theme Carousel for Sale

Beston Ocean carousel takes the color of the sea as its main color, which can give riders a feeling of spinning around freely in the blue ocean. In addition, the horses on it are designed to the combination of horses and marine animals, which is more cute and real. These cartoon and funny designs will attract more children’s attention. Meanwhile, the ocean seahorse carousel is very hot in many theme parks now, especially in some water amusement parks.

Features of Carousel for Sale in Beston

  • Great varieties. As one of the highest selling amusement rides in our company, Beston has manufactured many kinds of carousels for customers with different needs to choose.
  • Unique shapes. The more exotic, more interesting the amusement ride is, the more attractive it is to tourists. Our professional designers keep pace with the times, keep innovating all the time and have designed many carousels for sale with unique appearance, which is very popular with a lot of passengers.
  • Bright colors. Advanced spray-painting technology and color fixing materials make the color of our ride bright, not easy to fade. Even though it has been used for a long time, it still looks like new.
  • High quality with cheap price. We use some environment-friendly, safe, corrosion-resistant, stable and good quality materials to produce our carousel which can make the service life of the rides much longer. As a manufacturer, we never raise our price at will. All the customers can buy the rides at a lower price from Beston.

Why Do So Many Customers Buy Carousel for Sale in Beston?

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional amusement rides production service company who has been engaged in product R&D, design, production and installation for many years. We can provide customers with the superior performance products with beautiful appearance, excellent quality, low price and enthusiastic service which help us win the favor of new and old clients from different cities in Malaysia. We have strong technical force, advanced equipment, professional technical team and experienced skilled workers. All the factors make the entertainment rides for sale in Beston have good quality and competitive price. If you don’t find the sample diagram you want on our website, please let us know more about your requirements or provide us with pictures, we can help you customize the most appropriate rides for kids.

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