Installation Case of Indoor Playground In Indonesia

Installation Case of Indoor Playground In Indonesia
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Exciting news! The space-themed indoor playground project for our Indonesian customer has been completed and is now open for use. Covering a spacious area of 153 square meters, this project boasts an array of captivating features, including soft play equipment, a trampoline park, playground slides, building blocks, and a ball pit, among others. Our customer is extremely delighted with both the quality of our equipment and the level of service we provided. The entire process was executed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. If you too have an interest in investing in indoor playground projects in Indonesia, we invite you to contact us for innovative online solutions tailored to your needs.

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Solution for Indonesia

From the initial customer inquiry in November 2022 to receiving operational feedback, the entire process spanned approximately five months. We diligently gathered all the necessary information to understand our customer’s specific needs and preferences. With their project style and game requirements in mind, we swiftly developed a customized interior design scheme. We are delighted to present the customer’s project design drawing as follows:
Beston indoor playground equipment design for Indonesia

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Indoor Playground Equipment Production

Within a timeframe of around 10 days, we have successfully completed the production of all the required equipment for the indoor playground. Once the production phase was finalized, we took the initiative to conduct a pre-installation of the customer’s naughty castle structure within our own factory. This meticulous step not only ensures the integrity of all the components but also serves as a guarantee for a smooth installation process at the customer’s site.

Production details of indoor playground equipment

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Indoor playground equipment production

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Customer Feedback from Indonesia

Upon the completion of the installation, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the project’s overall color scheme, the exceptional quality of the equipment, and the captivating visual display. As a gesture of their contentment, they graciously shared with us a series of pictures and videos showcasing the finished installation in all its glory.

Customer feedback from Indonesia

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Indonesia installation feedback

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Successful Indoor Playground Project

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