Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale In Philippines

Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale In Philippines

Looking for new indoor amusement rides for sale in Philippines? Welcome to Beston Amusement for different types of new indoor amusement rides. High quality indoor amusement park rides with cheap prices for customers in Philippines. A great place for kids to play that is popular among kids. Send us your inquiry to buy indoor amusement rides from Beston!

Indoor Playground Equipment for Philippines
BNR-01 Indoor Playground Equipment

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Kids Indoor Playground Equipment
BNL-01 Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

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Types of Indoor Amusement Rides for Philippines from Beston

  • Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground equipment is one of the most popular amusement rides for indoor amusement parks, funfairs. It is a combination of different types of kids toys, such as slides, tubes, balls and etc. It is a large paradise for kids to play. In Beston Amusement, you can get the indoor playground equipment with an area of 50 to 1200 square meters. You can also customized accoding to the size of your place in the Philippines.

Beston Indoor Kids Excavators for Sale
BNKE-01 Beston Indoor Kids Excavators

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Beston Indoor Kids Excavators for Philippines
BNKE-02 Beston Indoor Kids Excavators

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  • Indoor Coin Operated Kiddie Rides

With smaller size, indoor coin operated kiddie rides are popular used in the shopping malls, indoor parks. Beston mainly offer these indoor coin operated which including kiddie excavators, kiddie passenger-carrying robot rides, le bar car rides, and some 3-6 seat carousel rides. These 4 types of new kiddie rides will be your best choices of mechanical rides that is used in the indoor parks.

Christmas Track Train for Indoor Use
BNTT-12A Christmas Track Train

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Ocean Themed Indoor Track Train
BNTT-14A Ocean Themed Indoor Track Train

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  • Indoor Carousel Rides

When it comes to carousel rides, you may think of large carousels with 24 seats and even 36 horses. But usually, the carousel rides that is suitable for indoor use usually comes with 3-6 seats. They are suitable for kids to play in the funfair and indoor shopping malls.

  • Indoor Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines
    BNIB-A Indoor Bumper Cars

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    Indoor Inflatable Bumper Cars
    BNIB-G Indoor Inflatable Bumper Cars

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    Indoor Bumper Car Rides for Philippines

Bumper car is a classic rides which is suitable to indoor and outdoor use. Generally speaking, when you need to open an indoor business, you can choose inflatable bumper cars and some battery bumper car with new design. Bumper cars can be comes with one and double seat. You can choose these according to your requirement.

Beston Indoor Go Karts for Sale
BNGK-01 Beston Indoor Go Karts

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Beston Indoor Go Karts
BNGK-02 Beston Indoor Go Karts

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Using Location of Indoor Amusement Rides In Philippines

Indoor amusement parks are generally selected to open in several types of business districts (the same brand does not necessarily cover all types of locations, the accuracy and grade of site location determines the development strategy and grade positioning of the indoor children’s park brand):

  • First of all, square or shopping center, shopping malls. Such venues are of a high grade and attract groups with high consumption power. Mostly for young parents to bring children to play.
  • Second, large supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, Auchan and other large supermarkets. Such venues have a large passenger flow, and middle-aged and elderly people (grandparents, etc.) also take up a considerable part of the game with children.
  • Last but not least, community, early education center, etc. In communities near large residential areas, small business districts with guaranteed passenger flow are also an option.

Advantage of These Indoor Amusement Rides for Kids

Not subject to the geographical environment: Even if there is no good outdoor natural environment, as long as there are several hundred square meters in the room is enough to open a children’s playground.

Unaffected by the outside weather: Whether it is windy or snowy outdoors, the indoor children’s playground can provide a comfortable environment for children.

Getting started with operations management is relatively easy and does not involve complex content such as inventory management.

Coin Operated Le Ba Car Rides
BHC-04 Le Bar Car Rides

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Le Bar Car Coin Operated Rides
BHC-03 Le Bar Car Coin Operated Rides

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Some Tips for Choosing New Indoor Amusement Rides

  • Unique Creativity and Endless Fun

In order to attract customers especially kids to choose creative and fun. Of course, there are a wide variety of playground equipment, and there are many choices, and new equipment is often expensive. Therefore, after a full preliminary investigation, you can choose a combination of indoor equipment and new equipment that is not available locally, which can reduce costs and attract customers.

  • Science Sports, Health and Education

In today’s early childhood education, the development of intelligence and physical fitness have become the most important educational points for parents. Through the use of scientific sports, health and educational playground equipment, children can effectively carry out scientific sports, exercise healthy physique, and vigorously develop brain intelligence, which has been well received by the market. It can be seen that the science and sports and health playground equipment market is very popular in the market.

  • Cool Fashion, Beautiful and Generous

Children are very sensitive, colorful, cool and stylish children’s indoor playground equipment can attract children’s attention in the first time. Moreover, the cool and fashionable, beautiful and generous equipment can also cultivate children’s aesthetics from an early age, and has the function of aesthetic education and music, and is also very popular among parents.

Leading Indoor Amusement Rides Manufacturer In Philippines – Beston Group

Looking for different types of new indoor amusement rides for your indoor parks in Philippines? Want to get price list from Beston Group? Welcome to send us your inquiry, then our sales manager will contact you soon with detailed price quotation. We have professional sales team and desiners who will help you planning to new special indoor playground. We have office in the Philippines. Our amusement rides has been popular used in different cities in the Philippines. You are also welcome to our office for discussion.

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