Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale In the Philippines

Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale In the Philippines

Kiddie roller coaster ride is a specially designed amusement ride for children to play on. Typically, they are smaller and lighter than adult roller coasters to accommodate children’s size and strength. It is a similar device to large roller coasters. Want to buy kiddie roller coaster for sale In the Philippines? Welcome to Beston Amusement Rides! Different types of kiddie roller coaster rides will be shown to you here in our factory. We supply kiddie dragon roller coaster, slide worm roller coasters and mini shuttle kiddie roller coaster rides for sale. Different types of new kiddie roller coaster rides with cheap price. Welcome to buy your new kiddie roller coaster for amusement park in the Philippines!
Kiddie roller coaster rides for sale in the Philippines

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Popular Types of Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides

Being a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, we had more than 6 types of kiddie roller coaster rides for customers to choose, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor funfairs. The most popular 3 types of kids roller coaster ride mainly include dragon roller coaster, wacky worm roller coaster, mini shuttle roller coaster.

Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster for the Philippines

Dragon roller coaster ride for sale in the Philippines
Dragon roller coaster, also known as the small roller coaster, is a kind of amusement rides for electric vehicle-powered rail-type amusement facilities to make compound plane movements. We have red dragon roller coasters, golden dragon roller coasters for sale. The group car uses the traditional “dragon” as the overall shape, the elegant dragon shape and the decoration with national characteristics add up the interest of tourists.

Slide Worm Kiddie Roller Coaster for the Philippines

wacky worm roller coaster ride for the Philippines
The wacky worm kiddie roller coaster ride is a large-scale children’s amusement equipment product with a large wacky worm as the main body. The entire train is driven by two front and rear transmission units and travels along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling upward and sometimes falling rapidly. It is both entertaining and interesting. Sexual and irritating; the elegant green worm shape and the decoration with cartoon characteristics also add to the tourists’ interest.

Mini Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coasters for the Philippines

Mini shuttle kiddie roller coaster ride for the Philippines
Mini-shuttle roller coaster is a new type of track-type amusement equipment that runs on interchange tracks. It consists of 10-15 beautifully-shaped and different-style cars, each driving synchronously and shuttled on the track along the track direction Equipped with colorful lanterns, audio and children’s cartoon drawings. Let the children experience the feeling of climbing mountains and leaping through time and space.

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Working Videos of Kiddie Roller Coaster In Beston Rides

The operation of each type of children’s roller coaster equipment is generally similar, but there are many differences as well. If you want to buy kiddie roller coaster ride for your project in the Philippines or want to learn more about the operation of our kiddie roller coaster, you can watch the operation videos of the following equipment or contact us for more information.

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Successful Installation Cases of Beston Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides

Our kiddie sized roller coaster ride has been exported to many countries in the world, which including Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kenya, the USA, etc. We can customize according to customer’s special requirement. Here is a part of successful installation cases about Beston kiddie roller coaster rides:

Beston kiddie wacky worm roller coaster ride installed in Nigeria
Kiddie Roller Coaster In Nigeria
Kiddie dragon roller coaster ride for the USA
Dragon Roller Coaster in the USA
Kiddie roller coaster for indoor use
Kiddie Roller Coaster for Turkey

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Features of Beston Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides

Beston Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides are designed with several features aimed at providing a safe, thrilling, and enjoyable experience for children. Here are some common features of Beston kids roller coaster rides:

Compact Design

Beston Kiddie Roller Coasters are typically designed with a compact layout, suitable for installation in amusement parks, shopping malls, and other entertainment venues with limited space.

Colorful Themes

These rides often feature vibrant and eye-catching themes that appeal to children, such as cartoon characters, animals, or fantasy worlds. The colorful design enhances the visual appeal and creates an immersive experience for young riders.

Kid-Friendly Safety Features

Safety is paramount in Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides. They usually incorporate kid-friendly safety features such as low-speed operation, gentle slopes, secure lap bars or seat belts, and smooth transitions between track elements to ensure a secure and comfortable ride experience.

Small-Scale Layout

Unlike larger roller coasters designed for adults, Kiddie Roller Coasters have a smaller scale layout with gentle curves, smaller drops, and age-appropriate speed to cater to the needs and comfort levels of young children.

Interactive Elements

Some Beston Kiddie Roller Coasters may include interactive elements along the track, such as sound effects, light displays, or animatronic characters, to enhance the ride experience and engage young riders throughout the journey.

Customizable Options

Manufacturers may offer customizable options for Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides, allowing buyers to tailor the ride’s theme, color scheme, and other elements to suit their specific preferences or match the overall theme of their venue.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Kiddie Roller Coaster Ride?

The cost of buying a kiddie roller coaster ride for the Philippines amusement park project can vary depending on various factors such as track length, size and features. In the Philippines, a small, basic kiddie roller coaster ride could start at around $30,000 to $10,000 USD for a new one that manufactured by amusement rides manufacturer – Beston Rides, while larger or more elaborate roller coaster rides could cost significantly more. Used rides might be available at lower prices, but condition and maintenance history would need to be carefully considered. Factors like shipping, installation, and any necessary permits or licensing should also be factored into the overall cost.
How much does the kiddie roller coaster ride cost

3 Reasons to Add a Kiddie Roller Coaster Ride for Your Project

Kiddie roller coaster is a necessary amusement ride for kids in the amusement parks. So adding a kiddie roller coaster ride to a park project in the Philippines could be a great idea, here are several reasons:

Appeal to Families

The Philippines is a family-oriented culture, and a kiddie roller coaster ride would attract families with young children to your park. Parents are always looking for safe and enjoyable activities for their kids, and a kiddie coaster would provide just that. It adds to the variety of attractions available in the park, making it more enticing for families to visit and spend time together.

Enhanced Value

Incorporating a kiddie roller coaster ride adds to the overall entertainment value of the park. It provides an exciting experience for children who may be too small or nervous to ride larger coasters, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster in a safe and controlled environment. This enhances the park’s appeal to a wider range of visitors in the amusement park.


In the competitive leisure and entertainment industry, offering unique attractions sets your park apart from others. While there may be other parks in the area, not all of them may have a kiddie roller coaster ride. By including one in your park project, you distinguish your park as a destination that caters to families with young children, giving you a competitive edge, attracting more visitors.

Kiddie track ride- kiddie roller coaster for kids

Kiddie Roller Coaster Rides from Beston Rides

The children’s roller coaster is characterized by small investment, wide audience, family group play, and small area. The children’s roller coaster is cute and fashionable. Especially in line with the aesthetics of young people today. The representative shapes are: Chinese dragon shape, cute green bug shape, marine big shark shape and so on. Its styles are diverse and meet the needs of different audiences. There are many styles of children’s roller coaster amusement equipment in Beston Rides. The entire train is driven by two front and rear transmission units, traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling upwards, and sometimes falling rapidly. It is both entertaining, interesting, and stimulating. Suitable for all ages. Bringing tourists a novel and happy feeling during the ride. The elegant shape and decoration with national characteristics add to the interest of tourists, and it is a kind of amusement machine loved by many people. Welcome to contact Beston Rides for details.

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