Fairground Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Fairground Rides for Sale In the Philippines

Fairground rides for sale In the Philippines, also known as the names, amusement rides, theme park rides, funfair rides, carnival rides, is the general term for all kinds of equipment in amusement parks. To cater to the preferences of different tourists of all ages, a for-profit theme park must be equipped with many different types of fairground rides, such as, thrill fairground rides, the most thrilling amusement park rides, funfair rides for kids, family rides, and some electric fairground rides. Only such well-equipped fairgrounds can be loved by people and the owners can get more profits.

custom fairground rides for the philippines

Fairground carousel rides for the Philippines

List of Fairground Rides from Beston Rides

As a professional fairground rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has many types of fairground rides for sale, including common type, thrill type, kiddie ride and custom type according to customer’s requirement. Which type of fairground rides are you looking for? Contact Beston Rides for details now!

Common Fairground Rides

common fairground rides for the Philippines
Common fairground rides, such as, roller coasters, Big wheel, swing chair ride, merry-go-round ride which have been around for many years and are still very popular. So these kinds of fairground rides are the must-have items in the fairs.

Thrill Fairground Rides

thrill fairground rides in the Philippines
The most thrilling rides, such as, drop tower ride, 360-degree pendulum ride, Kamikaze ride are the favourite of young people who enjoy a rush of adrenaline. As young people are one of the biggest groups in the amusement parks.

Kiddie Fairground Rides

kiddie fairground rides in the Philippines
Varieties of kid rides for children of different ages are specially designed and manufactured for children according to their nature, preference and physical conditions. They are usually very beautiful and interesting in the case of absolutely safety and not too exciting for children. If you have the idea to build a playground for kids, Beston can give you a lot of help.

Custom Fairground Rides

Fairground rides for sale in the Philippines
Except the common fairground rides, thrill fairground rides and kiddie fairground rides, we are constantly learning and innovating to design some new amusement park rides with unique shapes and more interesting projects which can infuse your old parks with something different and fresh.

Successful Installation Cases of Beston Fairground Rides

Being professional fairground rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has installed many sets of fairground rides in the Philippines, we also helped the Philippines customer built new amusement park project. Here is a list of park project, for more information about this project? Welcome to contact Beston Rides.

Ocean Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

Good news! After a month of production work, the 46-seat ocean theme double-decker carousel ride order has been produced and ...
Beston 24 seats carousel ride installed in the Philippines

Installation of 24 Seater Carousel In the Philippines

Congratulations to the successful installation of the Philippine customer's 24-seat carousel ride! It is installed at one of the leisure ...
Double decker carousel to Russia

68-seat Double-decker Carousel Installed in Russia

Congratulations! The 68-seat double-decker European-style carousel, customized for our Russian client, is now in operation. We have upgraded the carousel ...

Features of Beston Fairground Rides in the Philippines

Beston Rides, a renowned manufacturer of amusement rides for different type of fairground, offers a diverse range of attractions suitable for various markets, including the Philippines. Here are some notable features of Beston Fairground Rides that make them suitable for the Philippines market:

High-Quality Construction

Beston Fairground Rides are known for sturdy construction using high-quality materials. This ensures durability, safety, and longevity, even in demanding environments like those in the Philippines where weather conditions can be challenging.


Beston Fairground Rides are committed to safety, adhering to stringent safety standards, including international regulations such as CE, ASTM, and ISO. This unwavering commitment to safety is particularly significant in regions with strict safety regulations.

Variety of Rides

Beston offers a wide variety of fairground rides suitable for different age groups and preferences. From thrilling roller coasters to gentle kiddie rides, there’s something for everyone, making them attractive for the diverse demographic in the Philippines.

Customization Options

Beston Fairground Rides can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients. This flexibility allows amusement park owners in the Philippines to choose rides that resonate with their target audience and complement the theme of their park.

Attractive Designs

Beston Fairground Rides feature eye-catching designs and vibrant colors, enhancing their visual appeal. This is essential for attracting visitors, especially families and tourists looking for memorable experiences in the Philippines’ bustling amusement parks.

Ease of Maintenance

Beston rides are designed with ease of maintenance in mind, featuring accessible components and user-friendly mechanisms. This is advantageous for park operators in the Philippines, as it helps minimize downtime and ensures smooth operation.

Fairground Rides Price from Beston Rides

Price of Beston fairground rides are all competitive with ranging from 10000 dollars to more than 100 million dollars. Prices can vary depending on factors such as the type of ride, its size, features, and any customization options you might want. It’s best to reach out to Beston Rides for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

How to Choose Suitable Fairground Rides

Assess Audience Preferences

Understand your target demographic’s age range, thrill tolerance, and interests. Families may prefer gentle amusement rides, while teens seek adrenaline-pumping attractions. Choose a mix to cater to diverse preferences and ensure everyone finds something enjoyable.

Consider Space and Budget

Evaluate the available area and financial resources. Larger rides require more space and investment, while smaller options might fit tighter budgets. Prioritize rides that maximize entertainment value within your constraints to optimize the fairground experience.

Ensure Safety

Prioritize fairground rides with excellent safety records and straightforward maintenance requirements. Regular inspections and adherence to safety regulations are crucial. Investing in well-maintained rides enhances visitor satisfaction and minimizes risks.

Buy Best Fairground Rides for Sale in Beston

If you are planning to purchase some fairground rides or just have the idea to build an amusement park in your area. You must have already searched on the Internet to get more information, including a comprehensive comparison of multiple fairground rides manufacturer, but still struggle with which company to choose. I am sure you have seen our company and amusement rides and what I can tell you is that Beston will be your ideal partner in all aspects. With more than twenty years experience in the production of amusement equipment, Beston Rides has developed into a leading professional manufacturer which has advanced machines, technology and skilful workers.

We are a comprehensive manufacturer integrating design, production and sales. In terms of design, we have professional, innovative and up-to-date designers who can constantly design new models of rides, as well as draw up the design plan that conforms to the requirements proposed by clients. On the production side, we have thousands of square meters of workshop, which can guarantee the production of multiple rides at the same time. In addition, the experienced workers and advanced machines can help improve production efficiency while maintaining the good quality and safety. When it comes to sales, we have a complete sales system, a specialized e-commerce team is responsible for product promotion and different sales teams are responsible for different countries and markets which makes our staff more professional. Now, the fairground rides for sale in Beston have been exported to a lot of countries and regions all over the world and have received high praise from clients at home and abroad.

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