Drop Tower Ride for Sale In the Philippines

Drop Tower Ride for Sale In the Philippines

Drop tower ride is a common large mobile amusement equipment in many amusement parks and theme parks which is one of the most thrill rides and welcomed by young people who like to pursue excitement. It is mainly composed of a high upright tower and a circle gondola around the tower, and sometimes the cockpit is horizontal and installed on one side of the tower. The ride can instantly take you up to tens of meters in the air and send you plummeting at top speed. When passengers fall from the top, they first experience free-fall, then experience rapid heavy deceleration. The gondolas of some drop tower ride for sale in the Philippines can rotate around the tower, some even can bounce several times. So many types of drop tower rides can be manufactured in Beston Rides and the height of the tower can be customized, contact us to get more details now.
15 meters drop tower ride for the Philippines

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Types of Drop Tower Ride from Beston Rides

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has 4 types of drop tower ride for sale in our factory, including mini 5 meter high drop tower ride, 10 meters drop tower rides, 15 meters drop tower rides and 30 meters drop tower rides. Among of them, 5 meters and 10 meters is suitable for indoor shopping malls and 15 meters, 30 meters drop towers usually used in the outside.

30-meter Drop Tower Ride

30 meters drop tower ride for sale in the Philippines

15-meter Drop Tower Ride

15m drop tower ride for the Philippines

10-meter Drop Tower Ride

10 meters customized drop tower ride for the Philippines

5-meter Drop Tower Ride

5 Meters Kids Drop Tower Ride

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Parts of Drop Tower Ride for the Philippines

Drop tower ride, also called free fall drop, sky drop ride, vertical drop ride, is a kind of flying tower amusement equipment with jumping as its major operation mode. The ride consists of a gondola with different capacity, a sliding frame, a vertical frame, a base support, a driving system, a pulley block and an electric system. All the configurations have their own functions to make the whole equipment work properly. Each seat has a safety belt and a U-shapes shoulder harness, which can play dual protection to passengers and make them much safer. As a professional manufacturer, Beston use the high quality material to produce these parts. In addition, there are a variety of drop tower ride for sale in the Philippines with different height, passenger capacity, lift types and brake types for you to choose in Beston. It covers a small area, is an essential stimulant in rides in amusement parks.
Parts of the drop tower ride

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How to Install the Drop Tower in the Philippines?

When you received the rotary drop tower ride, then you can start the installation process. But how to install the rotary drop tower ride. Before the installation, you need to know that, the rotary tower consists of the base, the lower tower body, the upper tower body, the cockpit and the top shape decoration. The installation sequence is also assembled by the base, lower tower body, upper tower body, cockpit and top shape, then we can start the installation process, here is the installation videos:

How Does Drop Tower Ride Work?

When the ride starts up and begins to run, the gondolas carrying passengers begin to rise slowly along the sliding frame on the center tower. Then the device starts accelerating and takes riders to the top of the tower. The process of ascent maybe the only time that passengers can overlook the surrounding landscape, but most people may be too scared to open their eyes. When the gondolas reach the top, it will pause for a few seconds as if to tell you to prepare for the descent. Then it’s time for riders to do a free-fall at an extremely high speed with constant screams.

When the gondolas approach the bottom of the ride, brakes activate to slow it. However, don’t think this is the end, some drop tower rides are designed for you to go up and down several times. Even some designs expend on this concept with features of rotating gondolas or several bounces before it stops completely. Drop tower ride for sale in the Philippines is the amusement ride that need the shortest time to run a time. But these few short minutes will leave you with a memory you will never forget.

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Drop Tower Ride Physics And G Force

Drop tower ride is the name given to the free fall amusement rides, which use the phenomenon of free fall in physics to allow passengers to eliminate fear and anxiety in the case of sharp fall. So it always attracts many tourists to experience, especially those who like excitement. The ride is more thrilling than roller coaster, so people who are going to play the sky drop ride need well physical and metal qualities that accords with condition. Otherwise, please don’t try it easily.

The operation of drop tower ride is divided into three stages: the ascent, suspension and fall stages. In the first stage, people exert external forces to lift the gondola to the top of the tower. As for the size of this external force, it depends on the wight of the gondola and the passengers on the cabin. The external force is provided by the motor and the cabin are equipped with built-in safety preload which can cope with the change of riders’ weight. In the second stage, the tourists will be suspended in mid-air for a short time and then suddenly fall down, begin to accelerate to the ground under the influence of the earth’s gravity. As Galileo and Newton put it in the free fall theory, the lightest passenger falls at the same speed as the heaviest passenger.
Working principles of drop tower ride

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However, if you make the tourists hit the ground at the speed of falling and suddenly stop, that will inevitably cause serious injury to passengers. Therefore, the designers of drop tower ride for sale solve this problem by making an export track, the crane is connected to the track and the track gradually bends toward the ground. A straight track allows the crane to slow down and brake when it approaches the ground, then control the brake at the bottom to protect passengers from getting hurt.

Where to Buy Drop Tower Ride?

Beston Rides is a top manufacturer of a variety of amusement rides in China. As a manufacturer with decades of production experience, he has conquered many customers in many countries around the world with his professional and high-quality rides. We always use high quality materials and all the rides are inspected again and again before delivery to ensure the safety. We keep injecting new things to our rides, introduce advanced technology and machines which makes the appearance and design of our rides are more attractive.
Drop tower ride in Beston Rides
In addition, all of our fairground rides can be customized in sizes, colors, shapes to meet your various needs. As there is no middleman to raise the price, you can purchase the rides you want at a very competitive price, which can reduce your investment budget. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us for more details, the drop tower ride for sale in Beston will be your perfect choice for your amusement parks. Interested in our products?? Want to know more details and price list?? Contact us now, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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