Energy Storm Ride for Sale In Philippines

Energy Storm Ride for Sale In Philippines

Energy storm ride also known as the names, storm fair ride, high energy ride can be classified as thrill rides which can bring passengers very exciting experience. In addition, it also belongs to the spinning ride, for that the cabins can rotate around the axis. The energy storm ride for sale in Beston is a new designed and now is very popular in many amusement parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, family entertainment centers and them parks. Different types of this ride in colors, appearances, sizes can be manufactured. So if you are planning to buy an energy storm ride, Beston will be your ideal choice, for that we can supply you high quality rides with competitive price. And all the rides can customized according to your needs.

Beston Energy Storm Rides for Philippines
BNES-40A Energy Storm Rides

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Energy Storm Rides for Sale
BNES-40B Energy Storm Rides

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The Brief Introduction of Energy Storm Rides

  • The principle rotation axis is the center of the whole device, which can drive the operation of the ride and the rotation of the main arm.
  • The rotating main arms are connected with the center rotation axis and drive the cabins to rotate around the center axis.
  • One end of the link arms is connected to the main arms and the other end is connected to the seats. The connecting rod arms are more flexible which can turns the seats up and down 180 degrees.
  • Seats. There are generally four cabins hanging from each connecting arm, each of which can seat two passengers. There are energy storm ride for sale with three, four, five arms in Beston which means the cabins can be 12, 16, 20 and can take 24, 32, 40 passengers at the same time. Customers can choose the suitable size depends on their requirements.
  • LED light. Bright and colorful lights are decorated in all parts of the ride. With the ride running, even the lights become a beautiful view and can attract more passengers.
  • Double safety protection.

How Does The Energy Storm Work?

The energy storm ride, which mainly consists of a central axis, swing arms, link arms and cabins looks like a big deviant octopus in appearance. And it has the similar operation physics with self control plane ride which mainly adopts hydraulic and motor drive mode to make the device run as intended. When the passengers sit on the seats, fasten the safety belt and the over shoulder restraint, the operator can start the ride. The rotating main arm rotates around the rotating shaft driven by the motor. At the same time, the connecting rod arms drive the cabins to make 180 degrees of semi-circle tilting around the rotating shaft of the connecting rod from bottom to top driven by the hydraulic power system. And the rotary actuator at the seats of the cabins drive each set of seats to rotate around the the secondary axis of rotation. When the suspension arms connected the seats spin up and down, the cabins are also rotate up and down operated by the energy. The incredible speed and double rotation produces the effect of energy storm, that’s why the ride is called energy storm ride. Various movements of this equipment, such as, the super acceleration and vertical and inverted rotation can give riders the thrilling experience of multiple sports modes.

Advantages of Beston Energy Storm Ride

  • Beautiful appearance. First, the color is very bright and beautiful. Second, LED lights are decorated in all parts of the ride which can make it more attractive at night. Third, the cartoon characters people like can be found on it.
  • Customizable. The sizes, colors, appearances can customized according to your needs.
  • Safety first. We choose the high quality production materials. All the workers are experienced and skillful. The strict quality inspection department conducts a comprehensive inspection of all the amusement rides.
  • Competitive price. The better the quality is, the higher the price is. However, Beston as a professional manufacturer, we promise that our rides are with lower price.

Why So Many People Buy Energy Storm Ride in Beston?

Beston is a top and professional manufacturer of all kinds of amusement park rides in China. We have devoted in this industry for more than twenty years and have designed and manufactured hundreds of rides, including thrill ride, family rides, amusement rides for kids, carnival rides and some other large and small equipment. Except the most popular rides, such as, roller coasters, Ferris wheel, pirate ship ride, swing ride, carousel horse, etc… We are also committed to innovation and have designed a lot of more interesting rides. All of our rides have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world and have been highly praised by our customers because of the high quality and reasonable price. The energy storm ride for sale in Beston is not only affordable, but also the good quality increases its service life and less the maintenance costs. That’s said, it can save your budget and help you make more money. So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to purchase a energy storm ride to add new life to your theme parks, Beston will be your best option. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more details, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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