Go Karts for Sale In the Philippines

Go Karts for Sale In the Philippines

Looking for new go karts for sale In Philippines from Beston Amusement Rides Group? Here you can find different types of new go karts in our factory. Go kart is new a type of kiddie rides that is similar with bumper car rides. It is a drag racing game that is driven by electricity or an internal combustion engine and operated by passengers. It is named because it looks like a  racing car. The go-kart amusement project is not only an event in the car field competition, but also a mass leisure, fitness and entertainment amusement project, which is loved by adults and children. Want to build a go kart area in your place? Welcome to buy new go karts from Beston Amusement Now!

One Seat Electric Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD01 One Seat Electric Go Karts

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One Seat Electric Go Karts for Kids
BJ-SKD01-1B One Seat Electric Go Karts

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Beston Go Karts Structures In Philippines

The structure of the go-kart is not complicated. It is a kind of kiddie amusement equipment that runs on a circular track through a light steel pipe frame loaded with a 200cc or 100cc or 270cc gasoline engine or a four-wheeled car composed of electric energy. The tourists are both thrilling and exciting during the journey. This equipment is suitable for exclusive track use.

One Seat Go Karts for Sale
BJ-SKD02 One Seat Go Karts

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One Seat Go Karts from Beston
BJ-SKD02 One Seat Go Karts

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Difference Between One Seat Go Karts and Two Person Go Karts

The performance of the one-seat go-kart and the two-seat go-kart are basically the same. The difference is that a single person go kart can only take one person. The size of the whole vehicle is slightly different, and there are some differences in appearance, but in general it is the same model. For these products, a single person can only allow one person to experience the ride, so the safety may not be as high as two people. If you drive it yourself, you need to have a certain driving foundation. At least you must have a certain understanding, otherwise you think it is still open. The two can take care of each other.

One Seat Gas Powered Go Karts
BJ-SKD03 One Seat Gas Powered Go Karts

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Two Seat Gas Powered Go Karts
BJ-SKD03 Two Seat Gas Powered Go Karts

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Although the single-person go-kart amusement equipment can only take one person, it is more exciting, allowing passengers to experience drift, rotation, and other actions that cannot be completed while driving. They fully appreciate the passion of racing and are deeply affected by various people. This passenger’s favorite. This kind of equipment is suitable for a variety of playgrounds, squares, parks, but more suitable for venues such as fitness parks.

Category of Beston Go Karts for Sale

As a leading amusement park rides manufacturer for Philippines, Beston has many different types of go karts for sale in our factory. We have electric go karts, gas powered go karts, one person go karts, two person go karts, 100cc go karts, 200cc go karts and 270cc go karts. Which go karts are you looking for? Contact Beston Amusement!

Two Person Go Karts
BJ-SKD04 Two Person Go Karts

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Two Person Go Karts for Sale In Philippines
BJ-SKD04 Two Person Go Karts

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Technical Parameters of Beston Go Karting

Model One-seat Go Karts Two-seat Go Karts
Size 1.98*1.45*0.97m 2.16*1.58*0.97m
Working Voltage DC48V DC48V
Motor Power 400W 600w
Motor Speed 3000rmp 6.6kw/3600rpm
Foot Switch Carpet-Type Adjustable Speed Carpet-Type Adjustable Speed
Battery Type Lithium Battery for Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery for Electric Vehicle
Maximum Speed 20km / h /
Driving Range 40km /
Transmission Mode Chain type (428 high-speed chain) Chain type (428 high-speed chain)
Brake Method Rear disc brake Rear disc brake
Braking Distance 1.5m 1.5m
Tire Specifications 10 × 4.50-5 (front wheel) 11 × 7.10-5 (rear wheel) 10 × 4.50-5 (front wheel) 11 × 7.10-5 (rear wheel)
Charging Method Standard charging interface Standard charging interface
Frame Standard Entertainment Model Standard Entertainment Model
Seat belt Three-point car seat belt Three-point car seat belt
Maximum Load 150Kg 200kg
Vehicle Weight About 145kg, including battery and motor About 165kg, including battery and motor

How to Use the Throttle and Brakes of Go Karts

The premise is to pass the curve at the fastest speed. On a fast-changing curve with a large arc, it is best to step on the accelerator for a long time without braking. However, this often occurs at the rear wheel exit of the curve. Slipping causes damage to the rotation of the wheels. To prevent this, don’t press the accelerator all the way down, but step on it slowly. These words are difficult to express clearly. It requires drivers to experiment more in daily practice and find their own feelings, but it is impossible to use brakes absolutely.

What are the Characteristics and Structure of Go karts?

The go-kart structure is very simple and consists of a steel pipe frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain cover, driver’s seat, and bumper bumper. Go karts are easy to operate. Drivers wear protective helmets and gloves. They only need to remember the left foot brake and the right foot gas pedal. The steering ratio is 3: 1 to 5: 1 and they can ride the field. The go-kart chassis is very low, only 4 centimeters above the ground, and the runway is smooth and flat, which makes the rider feel galvanized and roaring, and realizes the fun that is usually not experienced. Once off the runway, the go-kart will automatically stop and stop moving without overturning, which guarantees the safety of the driver.

Beston Go Karts Manufacturer In Philippines

Go kart is a special category of motor sports. It is not only used as a project for car field competitions, but also a mass leisure, fitness and entertainment project. Because the structure of the go-kart is simple, it uses a light steel pipe frame, is equipped with a 50cc, 80cc, 100cc, 125cc, 250cc, 270cc gasoline engine, and is assembled into a 4-wheel single-seater mini racing car. Driving on a winding road. Beston go karts have many different models on sale. Our go karts has been delivered to many countries, Australia, USA, UK, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa and Philippines. If you are planning to buy some new go karts for your business. Contact Beston Team, the detailed quotation of these go karts will be sent to you soon!

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