Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale In Philippines

Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale In Philippines

Dragon roller coaster is a dragon-shaped amusement rides that is popular used in the Philippines amusement parks. We have red dragon roller coaster, yellow dragon roller coaster. The sliding dragon roller coaster made by Beston Amusement is generally composed of 6 cars. The first and last cars are used by 2 people. The other cars are 4 people. Interested in our dragon roller coaster for kids? Welcome to buy or customized dragon roller coaster rides from Beston Rides now!
Dragon Roller Coaster Ride for Sale In the Philippines

Two Models of Dragon Roller Coaster Ride

The dragon slide roller coaster can be customized according to the customer’s requirement. Such as different colors of dragon roller coaster ride, red, yellow, golden etc. We also have dragon roller coaster ride with single ring and double rings. The main difference of these two kiddie roller coaster is the track length and its interesting.

Single-ring Dragon Roller Coaster

Single ring dragon roller coaster ride for sale in the Philippines

Double-ring Dragon Roller Coaster

Double ring dragon roller coaster ride for sale in the Philippines

Applications of Dragon Roller Coaster

The Dragon Roller Coaster is a popular amusement park ride known for its thrilling twists, turns, and drops. It is widely used in many places, such as amusement parks, funfairs, indoor playground, scenic spots, ecological parks, funfairs, fairground, squares and other places. The Dragon Roller Coaster’s widespread presence in these various locations speaks to its popularity and appeal. Whether you’re visiting an amusement park, attending a fair, exploring an indoor playground, or enjoying a scenic spot, encountering the Dragon Roller Coaster is sure to provide an exhilarating experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Theme Park
Dragon roller coaster for resort

Technical Parameters for Philippine Market

Dragon roller coaster ride for sale in the Philippines

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Model Dragon Roller Coaster
Track Length 120 m
Track Spacing 0.5 m
Cover Area 25*18 m
Minimum bending radius of the track 4.25 m
Number of cars 6
Number of seats 20
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Drive rate 6 kw

Successful Installation Case of Dragon Ride

Dragon roller coaster is one of the most popular track ride in the amusement parks and funfairs. So when our customer wants to build a new playground, we always recommend the dragon roller coaster ride and green slide worm roller coaster. The Dragon Roller Coaster and the Green Slide Worm Roller Coaster are highly sought-after track rides in amusement parks and funfairs. Their popularity makes them top recommendations when customers seek to build a new playground. The Dragon Roller Coaster’s thrilling twists, turns, and drops appeal to adrenaline enthusiasts, providing an exhilarating experience. On the other hand, the Green Slide Worm Roller Coaster’s whimsical design and family-friendly features make it perfect for a wider age range. By offering both rides, customers can cater to different preferences and ensure a diverse and enjoyable experience for visitors. These roller coasters add excitement and allure to the playground, guaranteeing unforgettable moments of thrill and laughter.

Beston Dragon Roller Coaster Ride In Kenya
Beston Dragon Roller Coaster Ride In Kenya
Dragon roller coaster in Nigeria
Dragon roller coaster in Nigeria

Advantages of Beston Dragon Roller Coaster Rides

The professional technical team is designed independently, and in strict accordance with national standards.
Domestic well-known brand engines to ensure long-lasting amusement equipment and reliable performance.
Beston designs and develops a variety of product models, which are realistic and beautiful, and are available for customers.
The surface adopts advanced electrostatic spraying technology. The coating is smooth, delicate, non-fading, non-aging and durable.
Adopt green environmental protection paint, no odor, no pollution, no poison, let the children have fun and rest assured.
Provide high quality (pre-sale, sale, after-sales) services for dragon roller coaster rides, so that you have no worries.

Material Selection and Process


The main columns and frame sections are all made of seamless steel pipes, using standard steel materials.


All parts are cut using CNC cutting, primarily laser cutting, to ensure precision of the components.


Key and load-bearing parts are welded by skilled welders to avoid welding cracks and porosity.

Sealed Welding

Sealed Welding
All column sections for the coaster are completely sealed by welding to ensure no internal corrosion, thereby extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive Testing
Key welds and axle pins are subjected to non-destructive testing to promptly identify cracks or defects, ensuring seamless joints in the welding areas.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting
During the rust removal process, ensuring thorough rust removal is achieved, enhancing paint adhesion and preventing paint from fading easily.

Details About Beston Dragon Roller Coaster for the Philippines

The trains of dragon roller coaster are connected by connectors. The horizontal and vertical movements are free. The wheel part consists of a walking wheel, a side wheel and a bottom wheel, and the train is firmly controlled on the track without tipping over. The tracks are made of seamless steel tubes. When the gliding dragon, circling and rising, it makes a sharp turn and dives under the upper track. It is entertaining, interesting and stimulating, suitable for both young and old. The ride brings a novel and happy feeling to the ride.

The elegant dragon shape and the decoration with ethnic characteristics add the interest of tourists, and dragon roller coaster is a kind of amusement equipment that is popular among the masses. The design, manufacture, acceptance, installation and use of the dragon are in compliance with the relevant provisions of “Safety of amusement machines and rides and “General technical conditions for sliding amusement machines.

Dragon roller coaster ride
Kids dragon roller coasters

Two Ways to Operate the Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

  • Self-powered type – A set of transmissions are provided at the front and rear of the train to drive a larger rubber wheel (the wheel is pressed against the pattern steel plate in the middle of the track) to advance the vehicle.
  • Friction-lifting type—The train is on the uphill section, and there are frictional wheels with power on both sides of the track. When the train is going uphill, the friction wheel rubs the friction plate on the side of the train, lifts the train to a high place, and then slides on the obtained potential energy.

Why Choose Beston Rides to Buy Dragon Roller Coaster?

Beston Rides is one of the largest amusement park rides exporter and manufacturer in China. We have office in the Philippines and has exported many sets of amusement rides to Manila, CEBU, EL NIDO, and other different counties in the Philippines. We’re also manufacturing large roller coaster rides and other kiddie roller coasters. You can choose the models that are suitable for your amusement park. Contact us for details.

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