Electric Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale In Philippines

Beston electric bumper cars for sale in Philippines, a type of motorized amusement equipment for kids and adults to play in the amusement parks, funfairs, squares and some other indoor places. Nowadays, common types of electric powered bumper cars from Beston Amusement can be divided into ground-net bumper cars and sky-net bumper cars according to different power supply methods. Which type of electric bumper car rides are you looking for? Contact us for price list of these different types of electric bumper cars now!

Electric Bumper Cars for Philippines
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Types of Electric Bumper Cars forPhilippines

Electric net bumper cars can be divided into ground-grid type bumper cars and sky-net-type bumper cars according to different power supply directions. Grid-type bumper cars are traditional bumper cars that appeared earlier. Grid bumper cars require much more space than battery bumper cars. Because of the need to connect electrical circuits, grid bumper cars require special venues and circuit support. Now let’s learn more.

Electric Bumper Cars
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  • Ground-net Electric Bumper Cars

The power supply of the ground-type bumper car lies in the bottom of the bumper car, which usually can only run on the conductive plate of the special shop. When it is moving, it draws power or electrical signals from the power supply network through the sliding contact group at the bottom of the bumper car. Skynet bumper cars generally use environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforced plastic for one-time molding, iron parts adopt electrostatic spray paint, and are equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing and other functions, while obtaining electricity or electrical signals is through a pole and the ceiling The above power network is connected.

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New Electric Bumper Cars
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  • Sky-net Electric Bumper Cars

Skynet bumper cars are powered by the electrodes on the floor or ceiling. It is extremely stimulating for tourists to drive, punch left, bump right, wipe, and bump. However, because grid bumpers are easily restricted by the venue, The investment is relatively large, including site construction and equipment investment, so it is generally difficult to popularize it. Moreover, there is a more serious problem, that is, the safety problem of grid-type bumper cars is not easy to solve, and accidents are prone to occur.

Electric Net Bumper Cars & Battery Bumper Cars

There are so many different types of electric net bumper cars for sale that is popular among Philippines. The electric net bumper car is driven by a DC motor. The two electrodes for power supply are respectively on the floor and the ceiling on the site. The conductive body on the electric bumper car body and the trailing needle enable the motor to drive the car body to run. When an object moves freely in the power supply network, it can draw power or electrical signals from the power supply network through a sliding contact group. This block power supply network can be directly applied to electric power bumper cars in amusement parks. The ground of the bumper car using this power supply method is generally a steel plate, which is used as a site for the bumper car activity. Such a steel bumper car plate can directly use ordinary ground to conduct electricity to the bumper car itself.

But for battery bumper cars in Philippines. They can be used as long as they are fully charged. This greatly saves the cost of the venue. What’s more, they can directly play in spacious places such as squares, communities, and attractions, and have a wide range of mobility. At present, inflatable bumper cars are a new direction in the field of bumper cars in the amusement industry, and grid-type bumper cars are gradually being replaced.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Electric Bumper Cars?

  • Beston is a large electric bumper cars manufacturer that offer electric-net bumper cars and sky-net bumper cars.
  • Beston bumper cars has been exported to many different countries, except Philippines.
  • Beston electric net bumper cars is cheap with high quality.
  • High quality electric bumper car on sale in Beston amusement is attractive and colorful.

Electric bumper cars are manufacturing and supplying in Beston Amusement. There are many different models of bumper cars that is powered by electricity. Want to get price? Send your inquiry now!

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