1320㎡ Indoor Playground Installation Details in Saudi Arabia

1320㎡ Indoor Playground Installation Details in Saudi Arabia
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“Great News! The indoor playground project located at Central Park Hotel in Bisha Shopping Center, Saudi Arabia, is now open for business. This indoor project is part of a larger shopping center development aimed at attracting more foot traffic and boosting the hotel’s customer business. The investment in the indoor playground equipment provides children with additional recreational options. Given the hot local climate in Saudi Arabia, people generally have a preference for ocean and snow-themed attractions. Our business manager recommended an ocean theme to the client, as it is more popular among the local population and is conducive to the long-term success of the client’s project.”

Project Details and Indoor Playground Design

From receiving the customer’s inquiry in April to May 11, we thoroughly understood the customer’s requirements. The customer’s investment in this indoor playground is primarily aimed at boosting the development of their hotel. This will be the largest indoor amusement project in Bisha, Saudi Arabia, and we have learned that the shopping mall has already been constructed and is currently in the decoration phase. The project is also quite urgent. Through various means of communication such as phone calls and video meetings, we quickly finalized the layout and design of the indoor playground project.

Sales and Design Team of Beston Rides

Indoor Playground Design for Saudi Arabia

Equipment Production and Shipping Details

After signing the contract and receiving the customer’s deposit, we promptly initiated production in our factory. Due to the substantial scale and numerous pieces of equipment involved in the project, the entire production process took approximately two months, with completion achieved from May to early July. As per the contractual agreement, we scheduled the shipment for mid-September, with an estimated transit time of around one month. By the end of August 2022, the customer received all the goods.

Production of the indoor playground equipment to Saudi Arabia

Packing and Shipping Details of Saudi Arabia indoor playground equipment

On-site Installation of Saudi Arabia Indoor Playground

According to the customer’s requirements, we dispatched installation engineers to Saudi Arabia for on-site guidance and installation. The installation commenced on October 21st and was successfully completed on November 18th. Throughout the entire installation phase, the customer expressed utmost satisfaction with our company’s services and the provided indoor playground equipment. Below are some on-site installation photos:

On-site installation of the Saudi Arabia indoor playground

Indoor playground equipment on-site installation

Indoor playground equipment installation in Saudi Arabia

Entrance of the Saudi Arabia indoor playground

Music slide installation in Saudi Arabia indoor playground

On-site installation of Saudi Arabia indoor playground

Get to Know More About Beston Rides

Beston Rides not only manufactures amusement equipment but also provides comprehensive one-stop solutions for indoor and outdoor projects. Our services encompass site planning and design, equipment production, installation, after-sales support, and project operation. We currently have offices in the Philippines and several other countries worldwide. If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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